Chapter 284.2

“No. It’s just that… It feels like I’ve come upon a cold reality.”

A hollow laughter escaped her now that she realized her communion with two Hwansus had been all because of her dominance in power over them.

At the same time, Eugene reflected her self-conceit for thinking that she knew about Hwansus like the back of her hand. No matter what, she wouldn’t be as knowledgeable about the ecology and the characteristics of larks than the king who hunts them down and subordinates them as his Hwansus.

“Have you ever thought of ways other than just to command over them? Like sharing communion with them?”

“Never.” Kasser shook his head without even giving a thought.

“But the relationship solely based on one’s dominance over another, also means that it could be reversed any time should there’s a change in power.”

“The weak have no choice but to obey. As it’s obvious for the strong to lord over.”


Eugene was astonished by the radical values he was holding. It was, however, quite understandable since it’s obvious for the strong to have the highest chances to survive in a world with constant threat from the larks. On account of that, the six kings are known as the strongest human beings in this world.

“I bet Abu will be torn between me and you when we give him commands at the same time.” Eugene obviously has meant it for a joke since Hwansus will without doubt prioritize the command from the king whom he’s subordinate to.

“He wouldn’t. He will listen to you obviously.”


“You are much stronger than me.”

“I am?”

“Aren’t you?” Kasser whispered as he leaned forward to steal a kiss from her.

Eugene burst into laughter as he held her up in his arms and moved her from the sofa to their bed. She continued to chortle while he pressed down his lips all over her face.

As Kasser persistently showered Eugene with kisses, she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and pulled him in closer. His upper body nearly pressed down on her whole body as he meekly leaned forward. She then gave him a kiss as she swallowed and sucked on his lower lip.

“I want you to lie down.” Eugene said while looking into his eyes, now filled with eagerness to come at her at once.


“The weak should obey the strong.”

Kasser gave her a subtle look before he sat up and lay on his back on the bed with a chuckle. Even with the undignified position he was in, he remained calm and this had somehow provoked Eugene. He was still in authority, just meekly obeying her words to please her.

Determined to entice him until he was flustered, Eugene seated herself astride on his stomach.

‘Ah. This isn’t what I imagined…’ Abashed, Eugene felt a warm blush rise to her cheeks. He was indeed a huge man. In fact, unlike her original intention to take back the initiative by sitting on top of him, she felt like she’s become a small animal who climbed over a gigantic predator.

It must be because of the change in the viewpoint, but the way he lies on the bed with his scattered blue hair and gazes at her with the same blue eyes has never felt so erotic to Eugene before. She couldn’t help but to look in admiration at his clear-cut features.

Eugene, however, jumped up with a start when she felt a hand brushing across her ankle and all the way up to her calf.



“I didn’t allow you to touch me.”

Despite his disapprovingly raised eyebrows, Kasser obediently withdrew his hand from her.

Eugene felt so abashed to face his incredulous look as his eyes seemed to be asking her ‘What are you trying to pull here?’. She may have begun with great eagerness, but she couldn’t help but to feel embarrassed to actually behave like a skillful woman. In fact, all her initial confidence seemed to have vanished completely within her.

She was, however, startled once again as she moved in an attempt to retreat from his stomach. Her face went crimson at once when something hard was felt against her hips. And as soon as the image of his intrusive manhood, brushing against her inner walls, flashed across her mind, she felt her lower stomach tightened involuntarily.

‘I want to kiss him.’

Washed over by her desire for him, she no longer felt hesitant nor abashed of her feelings. In fact, all her attention seemed to have focused solely on his lips. Eugene felt like she could finally understand why people tend to fall prey to their impulsive instincts, as her body too, has now started to move on its own accord. With her palm placed over his chest, she leaned forward for his lips.

After having engulfed his lips with hers, she shoved her tongue between his lips with a strong desire to bewitch him, just the way his hot, devouring kiss has always bewitched her.

However, like always, she was just being over-ambitious. In fact, she just passively brushed across his tongue while she lightly sucked on his inner flesh and licked across his lips.

Being driven almost to his breaking point by her tantalizing kiss, Kasser clenched his flinching hands into a tight fist. He was indeed struggling hard to resist his impulsive desire to caress and lick her all across her body, while he refrained himself from thrusting his upset manhood deep into her hot inner flesh.

He didn’t feel like disturbing her right now since he was finding it quite enjoyable to see her making the initial move. Besides, he was absolutely enraptured by her strong desire for him.

Nevertheless, he was running out of patience, fast. And the sensation of her small tongue rubbing against him was enough to make his hair stand on end.

Eugene gave a last suck on his whole lips as a finishing touch before she leaned back from his chest and gasped for breath. It wasn’t easy for her to take the lead in kissing while he responded rather passively. Still, the sense of accomplishment from having taken the initiative during the entire kiss, was extremely rewarding.

Satisfyingly, Eugene beamed at him with her flushed cheeks. Her smile as a trigger, Kasser’s patience snapped once and for all.

As soon as a low guttural growl was heard from the back of his throat, and even before Eugene could react to it, their positions on the bed were switched in a flash. In a swift manner, he raised himself from the bed and grabbed Eugene by her waist to gently lay her down. Her whole lips were devoured by him in the blink of an eye.


He kissed her a familiar yet bewitching kiss, which always drives her to her limit until her mind goes completely blank. Her eyes closed against her will when his tongue intruded deep into her mouth and wrapped around hers.

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