Chapter 285.1

Kasser had his one hand wrapped around her ankle, while he sucked on Eugene’s tongue. And before long, his hand swiftly traveled along her calf all the way up to her thigh. Despite her reflex to close her legs together, he managed to put one of his in between her knees, just in time.

“Open up.” Kasser whispered, licking at Eugene’s ears.

Stunned by his low, subdued tone of voice, her faintly trembling knees parted in a slow manner.

After groping the insides of her thigh, his hand slid up and pressed mound hidden under the thin fabric. He placed his firm yet long middle finger between the lips of her privates and caressed over her undergarment while he moved his pressed lips from her under chin to her cleavage.

Eugene’s body sprang up with a startle when one of her breasts got swallowed whole into his mouth. The inside of his mouth, sucking on her nipple intensely, felt warm against her skin. The stimulation transpired as he fondled her breast was enough to make her fingertips tingle. When her hands flinched reflexively, he easily stilled them down with his other hand.

The constant rubbing of his finger against her privates have engorged her cl!toris in full. And as if longing for more sensation to come, her open thighs have started to throb while her undergarment clung to her privates, drenched in the liquid flowing out of her body. Pushing aside her wet undergarment, he intrusively shoved his whole finger into her body.


Then, as if thrusting his manhood into her privates, he ran his finger around her inner walls until her sticky liquid trickled along his wrist. Her warm inner flesh was indeed very much soft yet tight.

Kasser gasped involuntarily every time her inner wall squeezed around his finger. His mouth felt dry when he tried to catch his breath. However, the sight of her hips being helplessly swayed in response to the movement of his fingers, has driven him completely beyond the point of his patience.

The waistband of her undergarment easily snapped off with a slight pull. As he further pulled down the undergarment from her, a transparent yet slimy discharge hung out along the fabric, while her scarlet inner flesh invitingly revealed itself.

Lowering his pants in haste, his manhood, which has been forcefully suppressed within, was brought into light at last. Having adjusted his wet end to her small opening, he promptly thrusted up his waist against her body.


Eugene uttered a piercing cry at once. Light exploded behind her eyes when he deeply shoved himself to her end. The vivid sensation of his massive mass filling and stretching against her inner wall has driven her to the brink of breathlessness.

Kasser suppressed a moan from escaping as he panted for breath. The overpowering pressure of her wall contracting against his flesh was intense enough to make him all dizzy. In fact, he barely managed to support himself, placing a hand right next to her face.

“I… may have rushed a little. Does it hurt?”

Eugene shook her head in answer while gasping for breath, feeling the pain of her insides being forcefully stretched apart coming as a great stimulation to her. Besides, the satisfaction of being intimately united with him was pleasurable enough to make her forget all about the pains.

When the muscle on her inner walls seemed to have eased around a little, he took his chance to pull away from her and gave another hard, deep thrust into her insides.


Eugene struggled to grab on his wrist next to her face for support, as her whole body swayed up and down helplessly at his every shove.

“Ah! Ahh! Hmmp…”

Her insides narrowed reflexively every time he slipped out from her, and was stretched to her limits again when he shoved back in. As his penetrating flesh grazed her labia and pressed against her swollen clitoris, she uttered a coquettish shriek as a wave of tingling sensation washed over her. Her mind went completely blank by the inexplicable, painful yet sensual sensation.

“Aargh! Ah! Hnnng!”

Reaching the climax, her waist jolted up involuntarily along with her chin while she blankly gazed into space with her dilated eyes. Nothing but the sound of her heavy breathing escaped from her slightly parted lips.

Kasser, who seemed to have finally halted his movement, rubbed against her insides once again in a languid manner. Worn out by the incessant stimulations, Eugene whimpered until a tear trickled down her face from her teary eyes. The vivid sensation of the man’s warm seeds being poured into her insides, sent a chill down her spine.

Once and for all, her whole body trembled against her will. Her flinching, convulsing opening has indeed maximized her senses in the moment he slipped out from her body. Biting her lips into a tight line, Eugene squeezed her eyes shut.

Her body went limp as she closed her eyes. Overcome with lethargy, she felt like she was sinking deep into the bed.

All of sudden, she had a thin blanket spread over her body. Putting one arm behind her back and the other under her legs, Kasser easily lifted her up from the bed. She peeled her eyes open upon realizing this. Despite being well aware of the fact that he has the strength surpassing those of ordinary men, it still amazes her when he easily lifts her up as if picking up a feather from the ground.

Overwhelmed by his superhuman strength, her heart pounded naturally by instinct. She felt like she could somehow understand why the male was made to be physically stronger than the female in nature.

“Do you want to try using that tub?” Kasser asked Eugene, whose body was wrapped in a blanket and in his arms, kissing her forehead over a few strands of her hair.

“A tub?”

“The one you showed interest in last time.”

Eugene struggled hard to recall her memory while Kasser walked out with her in his arms. He was about to turn the knob of the door when she called out to him in haste.

“Do you mean the marble bathtub?”

“It’s ready to be used. So, I’ve asked them to fill it up.”



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