Chapter 285.2

When Eugene was exploring around the manor a few days ago, she came across a bathroom which reminded her of a sauna. A bathtub built in a hole of the low ground, tiled with marbles, was nothing like any bathtubs she’s seen being used in this world.

Indeed, Eugene bathed in a round wooden bath barrel back in the kingdom. And even such baths were deemed a luxury which only the queen were allowed to enjoy.

Since it was hot all year around in Hashi Kingdom, the people had no reason to raise their body temperature by taking a hot shower. In fact, the people in Hashi Kingdom simply poured the water from the well over their body, as an expedient of bath.

Therefore, a hot bath, which consumes large amounts of energy just to heat up the water, was deemed an extravagant culture for the nobles to care for their skins.

Although the wooden tub Eugene used was deep enough for her to soak her whole body, it was, however, narrow. Therefore, the marble bathtub, which seemed wide enough for her to stretch out her legs in it, took her fancy at first glance.

But since it hasn’t been in use for a very long time, a thick layer of dust has settled on the surfaces. Also, a thorough inspection of the drain seemed necessary to make sure it wasn’t clogged up. Doubtless Eugene would have been more delighted to hear the bathtub was good to be used at last, if it wasn’t for a slight problem.

The bathtub was, in fact, located on the first floor while Eugens’s bedchamber was on the second. In other words, she would have to walk past a long hallway to get there.

“You mean right now, looking like this?” Eugene asked, half in doubt, to Kasser who seemed like he was going to walk out to the hallway, at once.

“We better hurry before the water gets cold.”

“But someone might see us!”

Eugene was indeed stark naked if it wasn’t for a thin blanket wrapped around her body. In fact, one shall easily tell from the sight of her arms and her bare feet revealed in between the covers that she was without anything beneath. Kasser didn’t look any better, as he too, had nothing on but a loose nightshirt. Their such loose attire strongly hinted that they just spent an intimate time as a husband and wife.

“I’ve already warned them not to wander around at this time of the night.”

With that said, Kasser flung open the door at once, without hesitation. Eugene couldn’t help but to scream inside, abashed to hear that he has given out forewarnings as such. She felt her face flush with embarrassment when she imagined the maids and servants filling up the tub with hot water before scurrying back to their own rooms at the king’s command.

“I don’t care. I’m not going to open my eyes up.”

Pulling the blanket all over her head, she buried her face down to his chest as she rather be oblivious to her surroundings than to risk meeting eyes with anyone who might be passing across the hall. Hearing his laughter coming over her head, she gave a reproachful sidelong glance at him within the blanket.

Eugene stayed curled in his arms while he walked out to the hallway and descended the stairs. She only peeked out of the blanket when he seemed to have halted after having opened the door and entered the bathroom.


What first came into her sight was of course, the bathtub. All filled up with hot water, it was steaming nicely in the brightly lit bathroom. She was so glad as it closely resembled a proper bathroom, just as she remembers.

Kasser let her down on the floor when she gave a light push at his chest and squirmed in his arm. As Eugene let go of her grips, the blanket easily slipped down from her body and fell onto the bathroom floor.

She then drew near to the bathtub and carefully dipped her one foot in the water. A satisfying smile broke across her face since the water felt warm against her skin. Before long, she soaked herself in the bathtub, with her legs fully stretched out.

‘This feels so good.’

She thought to herself as she playfully slapped the water with her palms. Then, when there came a big splash behind her, she reflexively turned her head around and saw Kasser getting into the bathtub himself. But since she was sitting on the tub, her eyes naturally leveled to his lower body.

‘Oh my god.’

Eugene hurriedly turned back to face the front, wondering just how long he had been staying in such a state. His manhood, which reminded her of a sturdy pillar, was in fact, fully erected to the point it nearly touched his lower belly.

Despite this wasn’t her first time witnessing it, she felt like she could never get used to it no matter what. Moreover, she couldn’t quite believe how such massive flesh had managed to enter her body earlier.

The water was somehow starting to feel hot on her skin, despite it being warm to her liking until just a moment ago. While fanning her flushed face with her hand, she felt like she had felt a faint tingle in between her legs.

As Kasser entered the tub, the water roiled more loudly and slopped all over to its sides, compared to when Eugene alone entered. Both her body and mind seem to sway along with the fluctuating water, overwhelmed by his huge presence behind her. She gasped involuntarily when his hand was put round her waist from behind.

“Is the water too hot for you? Should I tell them to bring in cold water?” Kasser, who held her to him in a warm embrace, asked as he kissed on her flushed nape of her neck.

“No. I’m fine.”

His hands then traced up along the curves of her waist and gently grabbed both her breasts. Eugene moaned faintly as she rested her head on one of his shoulders. With his firm chest clasped to her back, he placed her nipple in between his fingers and caressed it while he nibbled and licked at her ears.


Eugene closed her eyes and enjoyed his affectionate caresses felt all over her body. The ticklish yet tingling sensation was heightened further along with the splash of water felt against her skin.

Her body heated up once again, easily with lingering sensations from the earlier climax. She felt warm liquid trickling down between her legs as he rubbed against her sensitively erect nipples with his palm.

“Shall we go out together tomorrow?” Kasser asked, after he gave a smacking kiss on the nape of her neck.

“To where?”

“We can have lunch outside.”

“Maybe next time. As I have a prior engagement.”

His hands, which were fondling at her breasts, flinched for a moment before he continued.

“With Lady Arse?”

“No. I have a regular gathering of Anika to attend tomorrow. And later in the afternoon, I have an appointment with the head of the Scan firm.”

Eugene let out a short shriek when she was bit at the nape of her neck by Kasser all of sudden. Though it didn’t hurt, she turned her head around in great surprise.

Eventually, she came to meet eyes with Kasser, who clearly was wearing a dissatisfied look on his face.

“When are you going to make time for me?”

“But you’ve been busy as well. Besides, I was told that you have a hectic schedule due to the endless audience requests from.”

“I’m not busy at all.”

The expression he wore and the way he spoke just now, has indeed made him look like a little boy craving for parents’ attention. Eugene chortled lightly before she stretched out her hand to give him a stroke at his cheek.

“Let’s have dinner together again tomorrow.”

Kasser narrowed his eyes as he stared at his wife, who suggested dinner as if she were coaxing a crying baby with candy. He definitely wasn’t a child who could be satisfied with mere candy.

He wondered if she would have any idea how much he was now wishing to keep her confined in their bedchamber for three or four days at least to satiate his desire for her.



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