Chapter 288.1

Many of them were still curious to find out about the truth of the Lark tree rumors.

“I’ve heard that Anika Jin has married the Desert King to help cure Lady Arse’s illness.”

“Oh, I’ve heard about it too. But frankly, I think it’s just a rumor. She could have asked His Holiness for such help. Or perhaps do you think a king could have done something about it when His Holiness couldn’t?”

“From what I’ve heard, Anika Jin has actually fallen in love with the Desert king after going out with him. Anika Jin had in fact insisted on marrying the king despite His Holiness’s opposition.”

“No surprise. Everyone indeed thought it was odd for Anika Jin to marry a king.”

While some of them were rather curious about the untold stories behind Anika Jin and the Desert King’s marriage.

“It seems like Lady Arse has been catching up on social meetings lately. I thought she wouldn’t get herself engaged in social activities anymore, after having lived in seclusion for so many years.

“It seems only evident that the rumor about her suffering from a serious illness has been nothing but a false rumor after all. In fact, I was surprised to see her timeless beauty has not faded after all this time.”

“You’re right, indeed. But apart from everything, I was especially stunned by her overpowering aura which captivates her surroundings. Everyone in the room falls silent as soon as she speaks.”

Anikas, whose interest was much inclined to social activities, responded sensitively to Lady Arse’s return to high society.

Despite the slight discrepancies in the topics of conversation depending on their personal interests, it was true that every conversation in the hall revolved around the Jin Family.

On a platform set in one corner of the hall, the musicians took their position and played soft, soothing tunes. Meanwhile, the tables set up throughout the hall were filled with various fruits, sweet refreshments, and all sorts of delicacies.

In their own respective groups, Anikas of the same significant black hair carried on with their conversations in soft voices, occasionally breaking into laughter. The overall atmosphere was peaceful, except for when their gazes in unison would direct to the entrance whenever someone new appeared, as if waiting for their prey to show up.

Having swept their eyes over the new attendee, they would all go back to their respective conversations if the person appeared was not someone they all have been waiting for.

Later on, the ladies had been lucky for the person who just entered the hall was a good enough ingredient to spice up their conversation, even though she wasn’t the appetizing prey they all patiently waited to arrive.

“Anika Katie is here.”

“Shouldn’t we call her Lady Wallfred?”

There was a clear hostility in the eyes of the Anikas as they turned their gazes at the middle-aged lady.

Despite the scandal about Katie having a child with the man she was having affair with is something constantly gossiped about. Even so, No one really condemned her for it as such deed was not considered a crime among Anikas. They did no more than to click their tongues as they sympathized with her for having to marry a king, and take a commoner lover afterwards.

Anikas had tried to be understanding even when Katie insisted on being called Lady Wallfred, willing to give up on all her privileges as an Anika. And since Katie’s parents were notorious for being fanatical about her, there were even people who rooted for her decision to finally become independent from her parents.

If only Katie had quietly disappeared after that, Anikas would have eventually forgotten about her and refrained from further gossip. However, not only did Katie come back out of nowhere, but she also even requested Sang-je to reclaim her Anika status, as well as the privileges she had given up when she left ten years ago.

Upon giving up all of her privileges as an Anika, the pension granted to Katie’s parents was deprived a well. But after she had once again gained her rights as Anika, the same pension was granted immediately to Hogen Wallfred. Therefore, it had become obvious to everyone that Katie had only come back because she needed the money. And her such reason was what angered the other Anikas.

“His Holiness had been too lenient with her.” One of the Anikas muttered dismissively while she stared at Katie. They think it was bold and shameless for her was to show up here.

Ever since reclaiming her status as an Anika, Katie frequented herself to this outbuilding. One distinct change in Katie after she returned was that she no longer seemed to be bothered by undertone whispers around her. She had been very much self-conscious about what others thought about her before.

Anikas who had been giving dismissive glares at Katie, soon lost interest in her, when someone they had been waiting all along finally showed up at the entrance.

“Anika Flora.”

“Welcome. Anika Flora.”

Flora was soon surrounded by younger Anikas in the hall.

“Did you come with Anika Jin?”

“No, I didn’t. Has Anika Jin arrived yet?”

“She has yet to arrive.”

“Anika Flora. We have saved you a seat.”



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