Chapter 288.2

Flora followed the Anikas to the sofa and took a seat. As usual, Anikas left the center seat empty for Flora.

Despite returning people’s greetings with her genial smile, Flora was growing restless inside. Last night, she finally had her long-awaited lucid dream. However, there were yet again some slight changes compared to the lucid dream she had about two months ago.

In her last lucid dream, despite having the feeling that there had been a decrease in water level, she convinced herself that she must have been mistaken. But to her disappointment, there was a noticeable change to the water in her lucid dream last night.

The water level has indeed shown a clear decrease. She could clearly make out the subsided border of her once overflowing lake which was unmistakable evidence that her Ramita has become weaker.

‘It can’t be. That’s hardly possible.’

Indeed, Ramita was considered an inborn ability of Anika. Flora has never heard that one’s Ramita level could ever be diminished.

What added to her concern was the fact that it took two months and a week for her lucid to reoccur, well past her usual two months cycle. The delay she’d ever experienced in the past was two days at most, and never as long as a week like this time.

To be honest, Flora didn’t really feel like coming to today’s gathering. In fact, just the thought of everyone asking her about Jin was tiresome to her.

Flora, however, hesitated a little when she heard about Jin having confirmed her attendance two days before the gathering. No doubt rumors would arise about her if she didn’t attend. Despite such worries, Flora was much inclined not to attend after all, determined to turn a blind eye to whatever people have to say about her.

She soon ended up changing her mind at the last minute, after she had her lucid dream last night. But look on the bright side, she would be able to find out about the truth behind the lark tree rumor once and for all. Flora felt like she could only feel eased once she reconfirmed the fact that Jin still does not possess any Ramita.

Ever since they were young, it was always Jin who had everything Flora ever wanted in her life. In fact, Flora used to weep bitter tears of disappointment growing up, unable to deal with such harsh reality.

‘But what’s the point of all that? When she is without the most important thing?’

An Anika without Ramita. Anika Jin was nothing more than an impostor. If there’s even a slightest conscience left in her, she should give up on her status as Anika.

Indeed, Flora thought she had shown enough mercy for Jin, for she kept her secret to Sang-je ever since she had first found out.

But Flora’s patience is nearing end. She felt like she couldn’t overlook Jin’s cunning deception any longer.

‘It’s only a matter of time before her lie gets revealed today.’

Even without her intervention, people would demand the truth behind the Lark tree rumor from Jin herself.

Just by Flora’s appearance in the hall, the atmosphere seems to have taken a new turn. Anikas, who sat in small groups of their own, soon united around Flora as the pivotal figure. Indeed, Flora’s overpowering Ramita was enough to subside self-important Anikas into silence.

All of sudden, the quiet atmosphere was once again distracted with a short commotion before the hall fell into utter silence. In fact, there was a clear surprise in Flora’s eyes when she turned her head and saw Eugene walking into the hall by herself.


“Good heavens.”

Exclamation of adoration broke out involuntarily among Anikas in small whispers.

Indeed, there had never been any dispute about Jin’s beauty since the past although there were differing opinions as several found Flora, who was a beauty with contrasting charms, much more beautiful than Jin. And she was more likeable too.

Yet, at this moment, no one could possibly deny that Anika Jin, who appeared in public for the first time in three years, was looking absolutely stunning. Beautiful enough to transcend various personal preferences. She was indeed in her prime beauty, an enchanting aura seemed to envelope her.

Having accompanied Dana to various gatherings for the past few days, Eugene naturally came to think she wanted to take after her mother in terms of the expression she wears, as well as her dignified demeanor. She especially admired her mother’s soft yet sophisticated smile, her refined manner of her speaking, and also her dignified gestures.

Therefore, of late, Eugene has been imitating Dana’s behavior without realizing it. And since one’s countenance could affect one’s entire impression, the significant aura she gave off was enough to captivate her surroundings.

While Eugene looked around at her surroundings, everyone seemed fully absorbed in her every delicate movement with bated breaths. Eugene fixed her gaze on Flora and slowly walked towards her.



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