Chapter 29

Chapter 29

He put on his overcoat and pulled the rope to call a maid. Whenever the king and queen slept together, maids were never called at this time of night. Therefore, this was such a rare occurrence for the servants. One immediately came towards the royal couple’s chamber nervously. 

“Get me a towel.” He ordered nonchalantly.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

After a while, the maid came in with plenty of warm towels. She also put a tray of wet towels on the side of the bed and hurried off. Even if the lights were dim, one could still tell the red hue on her cheeks as she noticed the heat filling the chamber. Nonetheless, from the moment she came in, she kept her head bowed and didn’t once spare a look at the spent queen on the bed.

As soon as the maid left, Kasser began wiping his wife’s body, which felt sticky with sweat. He carefully wiped her face, arms, and legs.

He had never thought of himself as a gentle and caring person. Him doing this was ridiculous.

What’s even more ridiculous was how he was reacting to her unconscious state. Wiping her body filled him with a desire to touch her more. He had a handful of her wrists and ankles; his movements wary as he knew just how frail she was.

Eugene was curled up on her bed. In order for Kasser to clean her sensitive part, he had to stretch out her legs. But to his surprise, his action was met with resistance.

As soon as he uncurled her legs, she wriggled from his grasp and conformed again to her fetal position. Kasser raised his eyebrow and looked at her face, only to be met with her wide-open eyes. Surprise evident in her dark irises.

He chuckled. “Were you only pretending to be asleep?”

Eugene shook her head, her cheeks flushed at the accusation.

“… I just woke up.” She replied.

She fell asleep only for a moment. And perhaps could have slept soundly all night, if not for the feel of the moist towel grazing her skin which stirred her up.

Kasser tried again to stretch her legs but failed to do so, as she began to tense up at his touch.

“Don’t do it.”


Eugene quickly picked herself up and took the towel from his hand.

“Why? Don’t you like it? Don’t you want me to touch it?” There was a hint of anger in his voice.

“Are you asking because you don’t know?” Eugene quickly said. 

When she saw his somber expression, she realized he was indeed clueless about what she felt. She glanced at him and muttered. “That’s not what I meant. I am only embarrassed.” Then she sat with her back facing him.

She could hear him laughing from behind and Eugene grumbled inwardly at the realization. Kasser, the powerful king, was anxious that she would say she regretted what happened between them.

Such an irony!

She wiped the inside of her sticky legs with the wet towel. Accidentally, she glanced at it and let out a startled scream.


“What’s wrong?” Kasser’s concerned voice sounded but he didn’t move a muscle to respect her desire for privacy.

He waited patiently, looking at her back. But it was not long until his patience quickly ran out. He took her by the shoulder.

“What’s going on?”

Her face turned completely red. Frightened, she looked at Kasser and hid what she had in her hand in a direction he could not see.

Eager to satisfy his curiosity, he drew his arm to dig around for what she was hiding from him. Then, a draught knocked down the towel in Eugene’s.

Two sets of eyes trailed to look down at the same time and saw red bloodstains on the pure white towel.

Eugene covered her face with her hands, burning with embarrassment. She looked up to him with teary eyes–shocked by the amount of blood.

However, this scenario appealed differently to Kasser. There was a serious look on his face. He had suspected it–she was too tight. Yet, her mischievous and coquettish nature made him think otherwise. At this moment, even if their marriage was a hoax, he felt a surging pride within him.

He laid her down and captured her lips in a searing kiss. The man weighed heavily on her fragile frame.

A hand took her breast, and warm moist lips sucked on one of its peaks… At the same time, his other hand started its descent towards her abdomen, caressed her inner thighs before finally touching her folds and putting pressure on her most sensitive part.

Eugene was distracted by the various stimuli he was suddenly feeding her. Not long after, she felt the unmistakable hard thing against her entrance. But before she could protest, he pushed his way through her inner walls.


The friction inside her quivering walls felt blazingly hot and furious. He acted feral.

This was not what they agreed to! Eugene punched him in the chest and shoulders.

But to no avail, he instead captured her hands, put it above her head, and pressed it down with his own, and the latter was left helpless. All her screams were swallowed by the lips that came upon her mouth. Biting her flesh and sucking her tongue, he kept ramming inside her incessantly.

He was conscious of his overzealous state, but he could hardly stop. For the first time, he understood those that coveted pleasure.

His reasons, no matter how firm and hard it was as steel, crumbled into dust at the sound of her moans.

The air in the bedroom, which had cooled for a while heated up another notch.




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