Chapter 293.2

Eugene mumbled, “Not busy, my ass,” as she walked in. She had never seen him waste time. He was always either working, meeting someone for work, or just leaving to go to work. It was always one of the three.

He was so busy, but he acted like he had all the time in the world when they hung out. She smiled as she remembered how he had asked her out on a date. She was itching to tell him about how her day had been. She knew he’d come back before dinner because they were meant to eat together.

She sat on the sofa and examined the gift Hitasya gave her. Even though she had already looked at it for a long time, she still couldn’t find anything.

“Ah, I really can’t tell!” Eugene put the items down and leaned back against the sofa. She ended up lying down.

Maybe Hitasya gave me a clue, but I didn’t notice it?

She fell asleep as she remembered her meeting with Hitasya. When she finally opened her eyes, she felt her body floating. Eugene’s back hit the bed when Kasser put her down.

Eugene thought she had only dozed off for a moment, so she was surprised to see him.

“When did you come?” she asked.

“Just now,” he told her.

She blinked slowly as she hugged his neck. She was still sleepy. Slowly, Kasser lowered himself and moved towards. When Eugene noticed, her laughter was contagious. He joined in on her laughter as he wrapped his hand around her back.

“Did you dream about something funny?” he asked.

Eugene sighed. “I didn’t even sleep that long.”

“I heard that you’ve been taking a nap for over three hours.”

“Really? I guess I fell into a deep sleep.” She smiled. “It felt great seeing you when I opened my eyes though. I had a tiring day, but it seems my fatigue melted away when I saw you.”

Kasser’s eyes were soft. What worries he had left in his heart were gone the moment he heard her words. There was no way she could have known how he felt, but she consoled him with what he wanted to hear the most anyway.

He had met Stone King Pered today for the same reason he had conducted a secret meeting with a king. He easily got what he wanted; the stone king didn’t seem to care why Kasser wanted a pass or who was going to use it.

“A pass? I’ll give it to you if you need it. It’s not that hard,” he had said. Pered had looked at a man standing behind him. “You heard right?”

The man nodded. “Yes, Your Majesty.”

Pered turned back to Kasser. “I’ll send it to the 4th king’s mansion in a few days once it’s ready.”

The pass Kasser wanted was special. It didn’t examine the holder so it was hard to trace. If it was used for terrible purposes, things wouldn’t be good. The prime king’s decision to hold it back had been the right one.

Kasser also would’ve thought very carefully if someone asked him for that favor and thought of the worst possible scenario in his mind. But the stone king just passed it on to his subject like it was something that annoyed him.

Even though Kasser got something he wanted, it was worse than being rejected. He was angry that the stone king was so frivolous. He heard that the stone king had no interest in politics, but, when he witnessed it himself, he only became annoyed.

It wasn’t on the other king’s agenda to care about how other kings ruled their nation, but Kasser’s pride was hurt because he was one of the six kings. There are only five people in the world who were in the same class as he was, so if one of them did a bad job, it seemed to bring his own name down.

It also didn’t help when he learned where the stone king spent his time. When he requested a meeting with the stone king, he was told to go to where the stone king was. He turned out to be in the biggest gambling house in the kingdom.

There happened to be a huge fight planned there when he arrived. He could see inside the ring as he was escorted to the stone king because it had been made of glass wall. Two muscular men were fighting and bleeding and people surrounding the ring were screaming.

Thankfully, all of that could barely be heard inside the room. It was a special room with soundproofing. It had a one sided transparency—people outside could not see the king inside, who could well see them as if looking through a glass.

Kasser didn’t know how the betting place was run, but he assumed that the room wasn’t given to just anyone. He understood that the stone king was a regular at that place.

There were many occasions where Kasser wished he had two bodies because he always had so much to do. He found the stone king’s hobby pathetic.

As he started to look at the stone king, everything annoyed him. Unlike Kasser, who came with a robe on, the stone king didn’t seem to have any intention of hiding his purple hair nor did he wear a robe. Kasser didn’t show any of his emotions as he was the one who had come there for a favor.

He left as soon as he got the pass he needed, partly because he wanted to and partly because the stone king didn’t seem to want him there.

As Kasser was leaving the conversation with the stone king, the fight reached its peak. It was easy to see who was going to win.

But then something happened. The man who was meant to lose used the last of his strength and started attacking again. The man who was supposed to win got hit in the head and fell and didn’t get up.

The room went silent at such surprise turn of events. Kasser also had to stop and look.

The man couldn’t get up. As the referee declared a winner, everyone around the ring erupted into cheers and curses. You could tell who won and lost their bets just by looking at their faces.

One of the bettors near the window was laughing hysterically. Kasser looked away because he thought it was pathetic. As he was about to leave the room, he could hear the stone king scoff and mumble, “Hogan, it seems like that man won big.”



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