Chapter 320.1

According to the report, Myung King was leading a grand procession. It was said that Myung King, riding on a horse, personally escorted a large and magnificent carriage. Kasser speculated on who might be riding in that carriage.

“Could it be the former queen?”

Since Myung King was still unmarried, the only important guest who could be so highly regarded by the king would be his birth mother. Anika Liza, the former queen of the Kingdom of Flake, had stayed in the kingdom instead of returning to her homeland. To be precise, she had returned to the Holy City a few years after giving birth to her child, but she came back to the kingdom when the previous king of Flake passed away.

When the former king of Flake left this world, the current Myung King was only ten years old. Anika Liza must have appeared as a caring mother to the young son who had been left alone. It was a contrasting behavior to another Anika’s indifference towards the king’s child. Anika Liza’s maternal love was exceptional, something that had never been seen before.

That’s why Myung King was known for his deep filial piety towards his mother.

“The former queen of Flake is coming to the Holy City?”

As far as Kasser knew, Anika Liza had never visited the Holy City after going to the Kingdom of Flake. So there were rumors that Anika Liza had become severely ill, or that Myung King was preventing his mother from going to the Holy City. There were various speculations going around.

There were other concerning aspects in the report as well. The number of warriors accompanying Myung King on this journey was unusually high. Even when Kasser came to the Holy City, he brought a considerable number of warriors, but Myung King’s entourage consisted of more than twice as many. The presence of so many warriors accompanying them on the way to the Holy City raised suspicions.

‘Even if it’s for the protection of Myung King’s mother, it seems excessive.’

Kasser speculated on two possible intentions of Myung King. Either he was bringing important individuals who needed strict protection, in addition to the former queen of Flake, or he had some negotiations or displays of power to make with Sang-je.

There was no concrete reason to lean towards either one. It was an excessive expectation to hope for more detailed information from his subordinates. With dozens of warriors keeping watch and being alert, it would be impossible to get close.

Upon hearing the contents of Kasser’s report, Eugene’s heart raced. If Myung King’s mother was riding in the carriage he was escorting, then the reason would be correct. It seemed that Myung King’s situation matched the story’s plot.

“Can I meet Myung King before he arrives in the palace?”

Kasser shook his head.

“Not a good idea. There are not enough accommodations in the vicinity of the Holy City to accommodate such a large number of people at once. So they would probably be staying in a nearby, easily accessible place. If we go to meet Myung King, it will draw attention. Myung King is coming with so many warriors, and Sang-je won’t be unaware. Perhaps the knights are observing from a distance, showing respect.”

“Then is there really no way to meet Myung King before he meets Sang-je?”

“Well, then…”

Kasser paused for a moment, lost in thought, before speaking.

“We should meet before Myung King enters the palace, after he arrives in the Holy City.”

“Will there be enough time for that?”

“We can request him to adjust his speed of arrival. If Myung King arrives in the Holy City very late, he would meet Sang-je the next day. However, it’s uncertain whether Myung King will accept that request.”

“While sending a messenger to Myung King, add my message. Say that I know a way to melt frozen blood, and if he wants to hear it, he should meet us first.”

Eugene’s additional words had an effect. The messenger who delivered the letter to Myung King swiftly returned with a reply. Kasser read the rather lengthy letter, furrowing his brow, and handed it to Eugene.

“Your guess was correct. It seems like Myung King’s mother is in a critical condition.”

Eugene read the letter written in elegant handwriting. The letter contained Myung King’s complex emotions. There was a desperate anticipation, a fear of being disappointed by the expected contents, and a polite threat that he wouldn’t let it go if he had been deceived with lies.

Eugene let out a bitter smile. She felt sorry for using Myung King’s desperate longing for his mother’s treatment as a bargaining chip.

“A disease where blood freezes. I’ve never heard of such an illness before.”

“It’s a rare disease that affects only a few people.”

She could tell because it was a disease mentioned in the novel. Eugene hadn’t told Kasser about the novel yet. When she mentioned the rare disease, Kasser didn’t ask for more details. He probably thought she had heard it from Alber.

“So Myung King intends to meet Sang-je in order to find a way to cure his mother’s illness.”

Kasser understood why Myung King had come to the Holy City with such a grand procession during this ambiguous period when half of the year had passed. Considering the comfort of the patient, Anika Liza, the people and supplies accompanying her would not be insignificant, and they would have moved slowly to accommodate her long-distance travel.

“But meeting Sang-je would be pointless. That monster has no ability or knowledge to cure illnesses.”

In the novel, by the time Myung King appeared, Anika Liza had already passed away. Myung King was angry at Sang-je for not curing his mother.



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