Chapter 322.2

“Has another official arrived from the kingdom?”

As Eugene reached the door of the office, the attendant promptly opened it without uttering a word. Stepping inside, she locked eyes with Kasser, who rose from his seat and approached the desk.

“Did I interrupt something earlier?” Kasser asked, wearing a casual expression.

“No, thanks to you, everyone seemed to be in good spirits. What happened earlier?” Eugene inquired.

“Well… it’s a bit complicated,” Kasser sighed, proceeding to explain the unexpected turn of events. He described how Sang-je had ascribed great significance to this year’s Celestial Festival. Unlike previous ceremonies, Sang-je had claimed to receive a divine revelation. Moreover, he had designated two individuals, supposedly born under divine will, to assist him in attaining the sacred completion of the festival.

“It means that it would be quite troublesome if you don’t participate in the Celestial Festival,” Kasser conveyed.

During her time on Earth, Eugene had never embraced any religion and had no reliance on the existence of a god. Therefore, the symbolic importance of the Celestial Festival didn’t resonate with her. Upon hearing that Sang-je would announce a divine revelation during this year’s event, she felt more guarded than angry, pondering, What kind of scheme are they attempting?

“How troublesome could it really be?” Eugene questioned.

“If you choose not to participate in the Celestial Festival, Sang-je will hold you responsible should the ceremony fail. The majority of the kingdom’s people will likely criticize you,” Kasser responded, emphasizing the potential consequences.

“Do I care?” Eugene responded dismissively. She had no regard for individuals lacking integrity who would insult or criticize her. Her purpose was to return to the kingdom and establish her life there.

While she did have concerns for her parents and siblings, the thought of her mother’s unwavering strength dispelled even that small worry.

“My mother would never yield to unjust pressure,” Eugene affirmed.

“Do you recall when I mentioned that I had already made arrangements to return to the kingdom?” she asked Kasser.

“Yes, I remember,” Kasser replied.

“The date and time have been set. That’s why I came here to confirm our synchronization,” Eugene explained.

“Are you truly fine with accompanying me?” Kasser questioned, his expression serious.

Eugene frowned at his persistent inquiry. “Why do you ask that again? Wasn’t it already settled?”

“Previously, I believed we could manage even if you didn’t participate in the Celestial Festival. However, I didn’t anticipate Sang-je devising this particular plan,” Kasser explained.

“If you’re concerned about the blame directed towards me, I couldn’t care less,” Eugene affirmed.

“It’s not merely about blame… There may be those who assert that you are not Anika,” Kasser added.

“Just because someone makes such a claim doesn’t mean I’m not Anika,” Eugene replied firmly. The denial of her identity as Anika did not significantly affect her. If she were an imposter, it might have been a significant shock.

“There’s a strong possibility that Sang-je is orchestrating things behind the scenes. He might attempt to create controversy regarding your identity as Anika and try to strip you of your privileges first,” Kasser explained.

“Ah… how conniving. But even if he were to do that, he will still remain. Regardless, it doesn’t matter. Even if I am seen as Anika, what difference does it truly make? Do I really need those privileges?” Eugene responded with a nonchalant tone.

Observing Eugene’s expression closely, Kasser chuckled when he sensed her genuine indifference. He approached her and pulled her into an embrace.

“I hate to admit it, but it seems things have worked out for the better since your soul has changed,” Kasser remarked with amusement.

Eugene chuckled softly, having thought the same thing on multiple occasions. “I couldn’t agree more.”

The two of them remained in each other’s embrace for a brief moment before Eugene spoke again.

“So… when is it?” she inquired, referring to the date of her departure.

“On the first day of the Arse Manor reception. I will depart first,” Kasser answered.

“Then I will leave two days later, on the third day of the reception,” Eugene decided.

Like a coin with two sides, Sang-je’s announcement had an unforeseen beneficial aspect. While the excitement of the Arse Manor reception was limited to those who qualified to attend, the proclamation of the Celestial Festival sparked enthusiasm throughout the entire Holy City, transcending social status.

With excitement comes opportunities. Eugene recognized the potential of this moment and planned to utilize it effectively. Her plans included integrating the wanderer into Charlotte’s group, ensuring their safe passage out of the Holy City, and enlisting the aid of the warrior she had borrowed from Myung King to rescue Alber. All these tasks had to be accomplished before Eugene’s departure from the Holy City.

With just five days remaining until the Arse Manor reception, Eugene anticipated a busy period ahead.


Lady Alber sat upon a ceremonial platform, emanating a gentle glow. Not long ago, she had been consumed by pessimism regarding her own status, constantly blaming herself for past mistakes and harboring resentment towards the monster. However, now, Alber no longer released heavy sighs or engaged in self-deprecation. She had shed the burden of incessant regret, no longer fixating on the thoughts of what she should have done differently in the past.

Life had returned to her once lifeless eyes. While her physical body remained confined, unable to perceive the passage of time, her heart was liberated. In the depths of despair, she had discovered hope and fought to reclaim it.

“Ramita of the Sea?” Alber repeated the last words she had heard from Jin in her dreams, endlessly contemplating their meaning.

The sea was boundless. Even if Sang-je was a monster surpassing all expectations, he could never engulf the entirety of the sea. Alber felt a sense of tragedy for Anika, who had exhausted Ramita, even though Anika possessed the ability to vanquish Sang-je. But if she were truly Ramita of the Sea, no matter how much power she unleashed, it would never run dry.

“The divine will is vast, bestowing power upon the king and Anika to resist the larks, and now providing the strength to confront that monster, restoring balance,” Alber whispered in awe.

After awakening from the dream, Alber was filled with joy and offered prayers with utmost devotion. However, a realization suddenly struck her.

Oh, I remember now. 

The novel Jin wrote when her soul was exchanged.



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