Chapter 323.1

“Ah, a novel you say,” Alber chuckled as she reminisced about that day. Jin’s demeanor had been so serious, leaving her unable to react, but the reality of it all was simply preposterous. How fascinating it was that Jin believed this to be her own creation!

In the ancient clan, the gift of seeing the future was a mysterious art, divided into various classifications. The most extraordinary of these abilities was known as the ‘power of intuition.’ Those fortunate enough to possess this gift could peer into the future through dreams or sudden visions that graced their minds. Revered as prophets, they could foretell the impending future with remarkable accuracy.

Throughout the history of the ancient clan, only two individuals had been truly recognized as prophets, making them a rare and revered breed. However, the visions of these prophets were often enigmatic and filled with symbolism. It was only in retrospect, after the events had unfolded, that the true meanings of their visions became clear.

Then there were those like Alber, blessed with the ability of ‘amplification.’ Through their special connection with spells, they too could glimpse into the future. Although their visions were clearer than the prophets’, they were not predestined outcomes.

Instead, Alber’s gift allowed them to perceive potential paths that lay ahead. It was as if among the countless infinite futures, Alber’s visions could only capture a mere fraction of the possibilities. And within this limited scope, there was no certainty as to which of these visions would come to fruition or if they might all be defied by the hands of fate.

Jin possessed a remarkable ability—she had the power to read. Among the members of the ancient clan who possessed the gift of foresight, those blessed with exceptional intuition were a rarity.

Among the ninety-nine individuals with this gift, a mere nine possessed the power of amplification, while the rest held the power to read. Though the power to read on its own seemed inconsequential, when combined with someone who possessed the power of amplification, it sparked a potent synergy.

Whenever Alber invoked the spell to glimpse into the future, a myriad of fragments, each representing a different potential future, scattered in every direction. Among these fragments, one held the power of reading.

The future seen through the lens of this ability was far more precise and lucid. Even if it depicted a future that would never come to pass, it held a wealth of knowledge that could be gleaned through careful examination. It was no wonder that the power to read was held in such high regard in ancient times.

Each time Alber delved into the magic of divination, she fervently prayed. Her hope was that someone within the clan would possess the ability to read the future she beheld—an individual who could uncover the dark secrets lurking in a world plagued by monstrous entities and alter the course of events. But this prayer, seemingly an impossible dream, came to fruition. Anika, a descendant born with the power of reading, emerged to meet her. The miraculous encounter surpassed all belief.

As Alber calculated the timing of events, she realized that she had triggered the divination spell to glimpse the future approximately two years before Jin’s birth. It appeared that at that moment, Jin had read one of the fragments of the future. Considering her tender age at the time, Alber speculated that the knowledge had imprinted itself on her subconscious, gradually surfacing in her conscious mind as she matured.

Could it be because Jin had no prior knowledge of his abilities? Something feels different, Alber speculated.

Unlike others who possessed the power to read the future, Jin seemed to have no prior knowledge of her gift, which set her apart in a unique way.

As Alber delved into the visions Jin had witnessed, she marveled at their astonishing clarity. Each piece of the narrative fit seamlessly, akin to a perfectly woven story. The power of reading, while capable of manifesting glimpses of the future, rarely offered such precise revelations.

Perhaps Jin’s visions were mixed with her imaginations?

Yet, this aspect was a weakness inherent to the power of reading. It required one to discern between what was truly glimpsed from the future and what was a product of their own mind’s creations. That was why individuals gifted with this power underwent rigorous training from a young age, learning to distinguish between reality and the realm of imagination.

However, Jin’s situation was intriguing. Her knowledge about larks primarily stemmed from a novel she claimed she had written, making her ability to perceive the future so extensively and accurately all the more extraordinary.

Alber’s ancestors had always been too rigid in excluding the influence of imagination. Could it be that in suppressing their potential, they had missed out on discovering a new approach? What if the readers embraced their imagination, freely creating their own stories from the visions they beheld?

“Jin has stumbled upon a new way of reading the future,” Alber whispered to herself with a mixture of awe and excitement. She longed to be there for Jin, to guide her and share the vast knowledge she held within. Witnessing Jin’s growth and exploration of this untapped path was something Alber yearned for deeply.

But alas, it was an unattainable wish. She couldn’t walk this path alongside Jin, nor could she impart all her wisdom to her. The constraints of reality left Alber feeling profoundly disappointed.

Intriguingly, the future Jin glimpsed introduced a character named ‘Fourth King’ as the protagonist. However, the power of such abilities had its limitations. Those who possessed them couldn’t see events or people entirely unrelated to their lives. Anything too far into the future or occurring in distant lands, beyond the clan’s sphere of influence, remained beyond their reach.

Had Alber known about Jin’s novel earlier, she would have advised her to meet this enigmatic Fourth King, to realize their intertwined destinies. But as fate would have it, Jin was already married to him, and perhaps that was the force of destiny at play.

Alber found herself lost in a maze of thoughts, seemingly trapped in the prison of time, as each moment slipped away relentlessly. Despite the overwhelming feeling of confinement, she had recently discovered a solace in contemplation that shielded her from these emotions.

A faint knock on the door broke her reverie, and she turned her head in response.

“Do not be alarmed,” came a voice, unfamiliar yet strangely comforting. Alber’s widened eyes searched for the source, barely visible in the dim light. Unlike the prison guards, who spoke with an almost mechanical monotony, this man’s words flowed naturally, like a gentle breeze.

“Who are you?” Alber asked, maintaining her composure despite the surprise.

A sigh of relief escaped the warrior’s lips as he realized Alber’s composed demeanor. He had descended into the depths of the prison, discovering that, aside from the elderly woman, there were no other souls inhabiting this vast, desolate place. It became evident that the old woman had endured a long period of confinement, isolated from any human contact.

Ordinarily, prisoners kept in solitary confinement would grow excited upon encountering another person. Thus, the warrior had silently worried whether the old woman would erupt in a cacophony of shouts or succumb to tears.



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