Chapter 324.1

“What’s wrong?” Kasser inquired.

“I just had a strange dream,” Eugene replied. “Did I wake you up because of it?” A soft chuckle escaped her lips as she gently brushed his cheek with her hand. “You’re like a restless creature. Do you ever get a proper sleep?”

“I can’t even remember the last time I had a good night’s rest, so I suppose I sleep well,” Kasser admitted.

“Even if you manage to sleep for a brief period… I envy you.”

Kasser released her hand, which had been shielding his face, and pressed a tender kiss onto her palm. His lips grazed her skin and then retreated, leaving a trail of affection that ascended her wrist and arm.

Startled, Eugene recoiled. His hand, which had been nestled in her pajamas, had suddenly found its way to her bre*st. With delicate caresses, his fingertips toyed with the sensitive tip, gently twisting it and heightening her arous*l.


The sudden surge of heat in the air was disorienting. Eugene’s lingering drowsiness dissipated in an instant, as if swept away by an unseen force. The room, now brighter than before, hinted at the approaching dawn.

Caught off guard by the situation that had unfolded early in the morning, Eugene twisted her body and pushed him away, a flush of embarrassment coloring her cheeks.

“Don’t do that. Hmph…” she protested.

Undeterred, he continued his amorous assault, his lips planting fervent kisses on her neck, while his tongue tantalizingly traced her earlobe before giving it a gentle nip.

Startled by the unexpected sensation, Eugene recoiled, but she found herself overpowered as he swiftly climbed on top of her. Her nightgown rode up, baring her chest, and his hands eagerly seized her bre*sts. Focusing his attention solely on her lips and the corners of her eyes, he whispered, “I’ll lull you to sleep.”

“It’s nearly morning,” she protested again.

“You’re restless in your sleep. You need more rest,” he persisted.

“If you truly want me to rest, this isn’t the way,” she retorted.

“Why not?”

“I don’t want to exhaust myself from the start of the day. I’ll be tired all day long.”

“I won’t prolong it. Just enough to help you drift off,” he reassured her.

Eugene sighed, her gaze fixed upon her husband who sought her permission. Desperation flickered in his eyes, but he feigned a pitiful expression. She could see his desire, capable of consuming her entirely, lurking behind his gaze.

In the confines of their bedroom, he resembled a primal beast driven solely by the carnal instincts pulsating through his mind. He seized any opportunity to intrude and impose his will. A stark contrast emerged between his usual self and his present demeanor.

“…Promise me you’ll be careful,” Eugene pleaded, her reluctance thinly veiled as she allowed herself to be drawn further into his embrace. The moment his large hand firmly grasped her bre*st, teasing it with a delicate touch, a surge of sensitivity coursed through her lower abdomen.

In truth, she couldn’t deny the subtle pleasure that stirred within her. The knowledge that she was playing coy while secretly indulging in his desires ignited a mischievous spark deep within her.

Curiosity compelled her to steal a fleeting glance at his expression, hoping to discern whether he sensed her inner conflict. But before she could decipher his thoughts, his lips seized hers in a fierce kiss, leaving her breathless and trembling.

His insistent tongue plunged into the depths of her mouth, entangling with her own. Involuntarily, she shut her eyes, succumbing to the dizzying sensation of her tongue being sucked into the vortex of his mouth. It felt like an electrifying surge coursing through her fingertips.

“Uh…” A sound escaped her, its origin lost between her throat and her nose. It wasn’t the sound she intended to make.

After a whirlwind of fervent kisses, she gasped for air, her chest rising and falling rapidly. The slick warmth of his saliva enveloping her bre*sts sent delicious shivers coursing through her entire body.

Today, his passion burned hotter than ever, his caresses more urgent than usual. The vitality of dawn stirred his primal instincts, his taut form pulsating with unrestrained desire.

He eagerly tasted the softness of her bre*sts, nibbling and kissing them with an insatiable desire. His hand ventured beneath her abdomen, tracing the curves of her intimate area. The slickness of her arous*l coated his fingers, enticing him to explore further, evoking mo*ns of pleasure from her lips.

The taste of his own fingers, mingled with the warm moisture that enveloped them, lingered on his tongue. He savored the essence, licking his lips with a hungry anticipation. Wrapping one of her legs around his waist, he lifted her hips, positioning himself at the apex of her slickness.

His throbbing member, engorged and ready, breached the depths of her core, forging a connection that sent electric currents surging through their intertwined bodies.

“Ah!” A sharp exclamation escaped Eugene’s lips as the forceful pressure from below overwhelmed her. She tilted her chin upwards, releasing a short-lived cry that merged ecstasy with a hint of pain. The initial penetration always held its challenges.

“Haah… It’s so tight,” he uttered in between breaths.

With a deliberate pull of his hips, he withdrew before thrusting back into her depths with an intensity that left them both gasping for air.


“You’re so tight,” he murmured, his voice husky with pleasure and the strain of their connection.

Relentlessly, he repeated his rhythmic thrusts, his thick shaft penetrating her tight opening, teasing the precipice of withdrawal before plunging back in, drowning them both in waves of pleasure.

The cascade of water, flowing from the juncture of their groins, traced rivulets down her trembling thighs, and each collision of their flesh resonated with an unabashedly lewd squelching sound.

“Ah! Heuk!” A cry erupted from her lips, escaping in a raw, guttural sound. Her body convulsed uncontrollably, and her vision blurred. The stretching of the delicate walls within her evoked a tumultuous mix of pleasure and potential pain.

But as his member delved deep, filling every crevice and completing her in a way that left her breathless, her world spun. It was more than mere physical gratification; it was a profound sense of fulfillment that coursed through her being. Strange, eerie shivers cascaded down her trembling form.



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