Chapter 324.2

Gazing down at the quivering woman beneath him, Kasser’s eyes took on a sinister glint. Holding her legs firmly, he hoisted them over his broad shoulders, a gesture that startled her. Their eyes locked, and with an unyielding force, he pushed himself deeper, stirring a symphony of sensations that painted her expression with both grimace and ecst*sy.

In that moment, he was torn between tender affection and an insatiable desire to possess her completely. He yearned to treasure her and, at the same time, to consume her with an unquenchable appetite. Holding her tightly, he hungered for more, as if his longing had no limits.

If she had decided to stay in the castle and forgo their journey to the kingdom, he couldn’t fathom how he would have mustered the strength to return alone. The mere thought of being separated from her, even for a fleeting moment, felt unbearable. The memories of his life before she entered it slipped through his grasp, lost in the fog of a forgotten past.

“Ah! Kasser, slower… Ah!” Eugene gasped. Each forceful thrust he delivered caused her to inwardly scream, “Liar!” Yet, deep down, she knew she would succumb to his seductive deceptions again and again, like a moth drawn to a flame.

With each intense thrust, her eyes fluttered in surrender to the overwhelming pleasure. Her body eagerly responded, edging closer to the anticipated peak of ecst*sy. Despite the strain, her waist trembled involuntarily, yearning for the impending release.

“Uhh!” Pleasure surged through her like a tidal wave, crashing with an electrifying force. She contorted, as if touched by lightning, the sensations of euphoria rippling through her entire being. Her waist arched off the bed, her mo*ns of delight blending seamlessly with their shared desire.

Kasser clenched his teeth, halting his movements. He could feel the walls of her innermost depths convulsing and gripping around him. With unwavering patience, he waited for her clim*x to subside, cherishing the pulsating tightness that gradually eased.

As the intensity waned, he sank his teeth into her waist and swiftly flipped her over. With a firm grip on her plump butt*cks, he surged into her from behind. The walls that had enveloped him moments before now embraced him gently, drawing him deeper within their embrace, swallowing him whole.

“Euuk…” Eugene’s fingers clenched the sheets tightly, her knuckles turning white. Each forceful thrust from behind pushed her face further into the soft fabric, stifling her gasps and muffled protests.

Deeply buried inside her, Kasser hesitated, his own m*an muffled. And then, a rush of warmth flooded her depths, the unmistakable sign of his release. A sense of surrender enveloped her, and all strength seemed to drain from her body.

She lay there, utterly spent and unable to move a muscle. Completely relaxed, she felt his gentle touch as he eased her down onto the bed. The tender caress of his hand and the feathery brush of his lips against her face carried her away into a peaceful slumber.


As Eugene blinked open her eyes, the morning sunlight filtered through the windows, revealing that it was already late in the day. Letting out a sigh, she glanced at the time and summoned her maid. Although she had enjoyed a restful sleep, an internal grumble lingered. It seemed that no matter how often they shared a bed, her husband always approached her with an untamed passion, occasionally causing her to oversleep.

Once she had finished a modest breakfast, the maid approached, carrying a message in hand.

“Your Majesty, His Majesty requests your presence in the study once you awaken.”

Eugene raised an eyebrow. “Why inform me just now?”

The flustered maid stammered, “His Majesty… He requested that I relay the message after you had breakfast…”

Eugene chuckled softly to herself. “Understood.”

He gives me the ailment and then offers the cure. Eugene couldn’t help but find amusement in the situation, unable to harbor any genuine loathing for a face she couldn’t possibly hate. Without delay, she made her way to the study. The butler bowed respectfully and opened the door, allowing her entrance.

With her usual air of confidence, Eugene stepped into the study but faltered upon noticing another person seated beside Kasser on the sofa. She recognized the face of the warrior dispatched to rescue Alber and surveyed the room, yet found no one else in sight.

Taking her place beside Kasser, she inquired, “Where is the elder?”

Kasser merely nodded, offering no words in response. Eugene’s expression darkened, a cloud of concern enveloping her.

“He mentioned that he had something to discuss solely with you. It seems he carries the elder’s testimony,” Kasser finally spoke, breaking the silence.

Eugene turned her gaze towards the warrior, locking eyes with him. In a display of respect, he nodded.

“Does the elder have a message for me?” she questioned, her voice filled with anticipation.

“Yes, Your Majesty. She expressed that she is unable to accompany me. Furthermore, I bring Alber’s message…” The warrior’s voice trailed off abruptly, his gaze distant as his posture grew even more rigid.

The warrior placed his hands on his thighs, his posture rigid and gaze distant as he began to speak. His voice held a weight that resonated in the silence of the room.

“I am unable to go, Jin. Though I couldn’t offer a detailed explanation, the binding spell that holds me is unbreakable. Please, do not hesitate and follow your heart’s desires. I will not interfere with whatever choice you make. However, I have one request. Do everything in your power to prevent this world from descending into chaos.

There is something I forgot to mention that day. The story you’ve unraveled is more than just a story—it is a potential reality. You have glimpsed fragments of the future. You are the descendant of an ancient tribe, carrying my bloodline. Somewhere in the past, our paths diverged, and that is why we missed each other. But the future you have foreseen may yet come to pass.”

As the warrior’s voice filled the air, it bore an uncanny resemblance to Alber’s way of speaking. Unbeknownst to herself, tears welled up in Eugene’s eyes and trickled down her cheeks.

“I cannot disclose everything, and that is a regret I bear. The messenger conveying this message will retain no memory of it, so there is no need for concern regarding secrecy.

Jin, thank you. You are the child of Lesa, and you are also my child. I cannot express the depth of my joy at having met you. Let me share with you the same words I spoke to Lesa. Live for yourself.”

Unable to contain her sobs any longer, Eugene buried her head on Kasser’s shoulder, seeking solace in his embrace. After a while, the warrior regained clarity in his gaze, suddenly sensing the somber atmosphere and feeling taken aback.

Kasser, with a comforting expression, held Eugene with one hand and addressed the warrior, “You have done an outstanding job. You may depart now. Your mission has been executed excellently.”

The warrior bowed his head, responding, “Yes, Your Majesty. I shall take my leave.”

Kasser gently patted Eugene’s trembling back, his eyes filled with sympathy. He had shared with her the story of Alber’s life, and she couldn’t help but feel a mix of anger towards the wretched being disguised as a deity.

In truth, she was torn. She had no desire to involve herself in the affairs—whether happening or not—of the Holy City. However, she remained resolute that she couldn’t leave the creature as it was.



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