Chapter 336.2

Eugene let out a soft chuckle.


She called his name and studied him for a while, taking in every detail of his appearance: his blue hair, blue eyes, and each feature of his face. In her mind, she superimposed the face of the boy from her vision onto his. She longed to meet that child as soon as possible.

“I’m going to be a mother,” Eugene confessed, her voice barely above a whisper. A playful smile danced on her lips as she looked at Kasser, wondering if he had grasped the situation yet.

“You’re going to be a father soon,” she continued.

Kasser’s eyebrows slightly furrowed, and Eugene relished the way his eyes sparkled like the moonlight on a tranquil lake. He lowered himself to meet Eugene’s eye level, his posture relaxed, causing her to burst into laughter.

Kasser’s lips parted, but he struggled to find his voice.

“…A child?” he finally managed to utter.

Eugene nodded enthusiastically, confirming the news.

“Inside your belly…?” Kasser repeated, his pupils trembling even more.

Once again, she nodded vigorously. Kasser’s emotions surged, overwhelming him. He didn’t know what having goosebumps felt like, but this uncontrollable laughter seemed akin to it.

Bearing a successor was just one facet of his responsibilities. Kasser couldn’t pinpoint when his perspective had shifted, but one day, he had developed a deep curiosity about the child who would be born from their union, transcending mere duty. Although it was still in the distant future, he had tried not to dwell on it until now.

“Eugene, Eugene,” he whispered, embracing her tenderly. Overwhelmed with emotions, he found himself at a loss for words and settled for repeating her name softly into her ear. But as the realization dawned that he might be holding her too tightly, he quickly released her from his embrace.

“Are you alright? Did I squeeze you too hard? Is your belly uncomfortable? We should see the physician immediately…” he fretted.

“Calm down,” Eugene chuckled, tugging at his arm. “My belly isn’t big enough to be squeezed just yet.”

Kasser’s gaze dropped to Eugene’s midsection. It was hard to fathom that their child was taking shape inside her. The thought of her flat belly rounding with the growth of their child sent shivers down his spine.

His own child, soon to be born, and the woman who would give birth to their child. Despite being the one who should protect them, Kasser felt as though he was the one being shielded. His family, the one that firmly anchored him in this world, was right before his eyes. He couldn’t help but be captivated by her loveliness. He held Eugene gently and showered her face with affectionate kisses, heedless of her playful attempts to dodge them.

“So, that’s why you’ve been feeling so uneasy. I sensed something was amiss. Your physician must be truly gifted. It’s incredible that there’s a medicine that can confirm a pregnancy in one shot,” Kasser remarked. Suddenly, he paused his kisses.

“You suspected the pregnancy?” he asked.

“I had a feeling… but…” Eugene began to explain but then hesitated, her expression growing more subdued than before.

“When did you find out?” Kasser inquired.

Eugene hesitated for a moment before responding, “Well…”

“Did you know even before we departed for the capital?”

“No! I had no idea then, I promise,” Eugene quickly assured him, visibly relieved as she saw his tense expression relax somewhat.

Kasser pressed further, “So, when did you realize?”

“Uh, it was yesterday. I had a sudden realization while we were climbing the mountain,” Eugene explained, slightly shifting the timeframe of her revelation.

“But it’s not confirmed yet, and we’ll see the physician soon… The baby seems to be fine. The physician didn’t mention any particular concerns,” Eugene reassured him.

Kasser sighed and then spoke softly, using one hand to gently cradle her face and tenderly caress her cheek. “You should have told me the moment you had that thought.  What if I might have stumbled while holding you? The doctor explained that there’s no way to get help in the remote mountains, let alone medical care. The baby isn’t the issue; it’s your well-being that’s important.”

Eugene hadn’t even considered the possibility of him stumbling while carrying her, but she remained silent, taking in his concern.

“What if… you had known before we left for the capital?” Eugene asked.

Without hesitation, he replied, “Then you would have stayed in the capital.”

Eugene privately mused on how fortunate it was that she hadn’t known in advance.

“Oh, right. I need to contact my mother. She must be worried,” Eugene remembered.

“I sent word that we crossed the border when we departed earlier,” Kasser informed her.

Grateful for his thoughtfulness, Eugene hugged him tightly and planted a kiss on his cheek.

“I want to send more updates. I want to let my parents know as soon as possible.”


Dana, who had been anxiously awaiting news of her daughter, wiped away her tears as she discreetly received a letter.

However, the following day, the steward brought another letter. This time, it was an official postal item bearing the royal seal of the Hashi Kingdom. Unlike the confidential letter she had received the day before, this one was bound to arouse the curiosity of Sang-je, who kept a keen eye on the developments from this side.

Dana steadied her racing heart and carefully opened the envelope.



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