Chapter 349.1


As Eugene gently murmured the child’s name, her gaze intensified, scrutinizing the baby’s delicate features. Something about this moment felt particularly miraculous to her, especially given her own pregnancy. The idea that this tiny, vulnerable infant would one day grow into a capable adult left her in awe.

Yog… The name has a strangely familiar ring to it, she thought, memories stirring within her.

Suddenly, a vivid scene from the past flashed before her eyes.


“Yes, Your Highness.”

Eugene’s eyes widened as she beheld the child, a subtle shiver racing down her spine.

“Did you choose the child’s name after their birth?” Eugene inquired.

Lima responded, her voice measured, “I’ve been contemplating it ever since I learned about the pregnancy. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, I wanted to bestow this name upon a child born safely.”

“Does the name hold special significance?” Eugene probed further.

After a brief pause, Lima replied, “It’s derived from the old language, meaning ‘defying destiny.'”

Eugene raised her head to meet Lima’s gaze. Unlike many other wanderers who resigned themselves to their tribe’s predetermined fates, Lima appeared to have chosen a path of resistance, a decision perhaps solidified when she became pregnant.

If Eugene had not stepped in, she would have betrayed her clan by actively collaborating with Sang-je, not merely to protect her child. In such a scenario, Sang-je would have gained the upper hand over Mara.

As I saw in the future, did Lima really join forces with Sang-je? If so, Mara must have been in dire straits, Eugene pondered.

Not too long ago, the Mara Eugene had encountered was not a power-hungry demon bent on world domination. If Mara had truly been preparing for an attack to defend himself, as he had claimed, he wouldn’t have recklessly confronted Sang-je unless he believed victory was certain. But in the future Eugene glimpsed, Mara had caused turmoil in the world and attacked Sang-je, only to be defeated. Could it have been a situation where he had no other choice?

Eugene’s gaze returned to the child, a smile gracing her lips.

Perhaps you’ve already altered the fate of this world.

As she contemplated, her resolute commitment to safeguarding the child reached a turning point. Memories of her own lonely childhood flooded back. Even after reuniting with her family late in life and discovering she was a cherished child, the scars from her early years remained.

The most challenging aspect of Eugene’s life in the other world had been the overwhelming loneliness. She had always believed that in times of peril, her family would be the first to turn their backs on her and abandon her.

However, this child had a mother who would sacrifice everything for him. That very fact would empower him to rise above any setbacks. In that regard, Eugene couldn’t help but envy him.

Grow up strong and joyful. And please take good care of my son too.

Eugene had gained insight into why her son’s future relationship with Yog had held a subtle complexity in her visions. Even though Yog wasn’t a warrior, he had willingly ventured into the desert with the prince. There was no hint of him finding the prince difficult to deal with. Yog’s demeanor, as he quietly mumbled by the campfire while the prince lay in front of the fire, indicated he was more than just a mere subordinate.

Be a true friend to that child. The kind of friend with whom one can share concerns that can’t be voiced to family, Eugene hoped silently.

Lately, Eugene’s thoughts had grown intricate when she contemplated her unborn child. Before the child had even arrived in the world, she was already consumed by worries about how to raise him.

This was no ordinary child; he was destined to become a king. The moment he was born, all would bow to him, and he would be the center of attention.

Eugene’s deepest desire was for her son to evolve into a compassionate soul, one who could empathize with the suffering of others rather than an arrogant ruler who looked down from his throne. But she questioned whether her parenting alone could steer him in the right direction given the prevailing environment.

However, if he were to have cherished friends and experience genuine friendship, he would come to appreciate the true value of human relationships. It was a lesson that couldn’t be forced or acquired through the pages of countless books.

Eugene gently handed the child to Lima, a heartfelt sentiment in her voice. “As I’ve formed a profound connection with this child, I will watch over him with a parent’s care,” she conveyed.

Lima cradled the child in her arms, deeply moved, and bowed her head. “You grant me a kindness I can never truly repay…” Her voice quivered, making it difficult for her to finish the sentence.

Perhaps due to the lasting impression of her encounter with Yog, Eugene dreamt of the child again that night, but he had grown into a young man, no longer an infant. The dream unfolded in the same desert she had seen before, yet Yog’s countenance appeared more mature than when she had last glimpsed him.

Yog let out a weary sigh and spoke, “Let’s call it quits after this year. If we continue like this, you’ll be known as the first prince who couldn’t capture a single beast before coming of age.”

Eugene observed in silence as Yog’s gaze shifted toward the person at his side, who remained mute.

“Your Highness! You’ve been pursuing that individual for three years now!”

So, it had been three years since that time. Eugene followed Yog’s line of sight and sighed with regret as she regarded the young man with blue hair. His face was mostly concealed by a cloth, showing only his eyes, making it challenging to discern his appearance.



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