Chapter 350.2

Eugene sought to soothe the agitated Mara, saying, “We appreciate your perspective. In any case, our strategy is as follows. The kings will convene to address and resolve this crisis collectively. Only the kings possess the authority to confront Sang-je head-on. Now, please share your plan. How did you intend to confront Sang-je?”

After a moment of hesitation, Mara replied, “To bring my plan to fruition, I require Anika.”

“For my vitality?” Eugene asked.

Mara shook his head. “No, it’s to activate a specific magic that only Anika can serve as an intermediary for.”

“What kind of magic are you talking about?”

“I can summon larks.”

“What?” Eugene was taken aback, recalling a scene from her knowledge of the future where ‘Anika Jin’ had become the embodiment of Mara, controlling larks as an effect of this magic.

“Such a magic exists? Using Anika’s lineage as a medium?” Eugene inquired.

Mara corrected her, saying, “No, not Anika’s lineage.”

Perplexed, Eugene asked for clarification. “I don’t understand. Please explain.”

“How much do you know about the ancient tribes?”

“I have knowledge of most of them.”

“In that case, there’s no need for a separate explanation. In the archives of the seers, I found a forbidden ritual. The creators of that ritual were the tribe of death and resurrection, an ancient tribe that has now vanished. But this forbidden ritual can only be enacted through the lineage of the tribe of death and resurrection.”

Eugene murmured in astonishment, “Anika… has inherited the blood of the tribe of death and resurrection.”

Mara affirmed, “That’s correct.”

Kasser inquired, “Does Sang-je not know about the existence of this magic?”

“He doesn’t,” replied Mara, a hint of smugness in his voice, “He might not even be aware of what’s missing from those archives.”

“So, let me get this straight,” Kasser began, “Were you planning to use this magic to control the larks and have Sang-je fight them? It seems like sending soldiers would be pointless in this situation.”

Mara explained, “Indeed, sending soldiers would be absurd. My goal was to create an opportunity to deceive Sang-je. To confront him, I need to enter his territory, but the moment I trespass, he would sense my presence. To mount an attack, I needed to confound his senses. If a multitude of larks simultaneously entered his domain, it would cause sensory confusion.”

“So, if the larks run wild inside his domain, Sang-je would wake up, right? Was that what you were aiming for?”

Mara nodded, “Exactly.” However, Mara didn’t explicitly mention that this brief moment of vulnerability also posed a risk for him. Sang-je’s weakness became Mara’s vulnerability as well.

Deep in thought, Eugene asked, “The crucial ritual that Rodrigo mentioned to me, is it the process of activating this magic?”

The rat’s red eyes trembled, and Mara clarified, “No, that’s a different ritual.”

“What kind of magic is it?”


Eugene repeated in surprise, “Teleportation?”

Mara affirmed, “Yes, a spell that instantly moves a target to a distant location.”

Eugene was taken aback, “You were trying to use this magic to transport me? To activate that forbidden ritual?”

Kasser fixed a stern gaze on Mara, a faint blue gleam appearing in his eyes. “You were planning to take the Queen from the heart of the capital?”

The mouse, half-hidden behind Aldrit, protested, “It’s not kidnapping. The person involved must agree for it to happen.”

Eugene couldn’t help but feel a twinge of sympathy for Kasser, even though the fake had orchestrated all of this. The more she considered the fake’s actions, the deeper her sighs became. The fake seemed oblivious to their role as a queen, solely focused on their own agenda.

I’m starting to grasp how that future I glimpsed played out, Eugene thought to herself. In that future, the fake failed to summon Eugene’s soul, which meant they didn’t acquire Lamita. This failure likely led to despair or a different plan, possibly aligning with Mara to confront Sang-je.

Turning to Aldrit, she made a request. “Aldrit, I need your help.”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” Aldrit replied.

Eugene asked, “All of Mara’s magical knowledge came from the wanderers, correct?”

Aldrit lowered his head, his expression grave. He had heard many stories from the elder wanderers who preserved the magic, but the full gravity of the situation only dawned on him today. It was now clear that his people had once again committed a significant transgression in this world.

“I don’t have the right words to explain,” he admitted.

Eugene continued, “The wanderers may not have made the right choices, but I understand they may have felt they had no other option.” She placed a scroll on the table, a reproduction of the forbidden magic she had discovered in the Ars family.

“I’m more concerned about the Holy City’s fate after Sang-je’s departure than defeating Sang-je himself. Sang-je’s protection from the larks has allowed the Holy City to enjoy peace. If Sang-je vanishes without a plan, the Holy City will face immense turmoil. I believe the only solution lies in magic. But aside from the city’s priests, only the wanderers know this magic. I need your assistance in finding a solution.”



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