Chapter 352.2

Startled, Eugene clutched Kasser’s arm, who stood beside her. The floor below them started to radiate light in intricate geometric patterns, almost like an ethereal drawing taking form across the entire warehouse floor.

“Ah…” Eugene exclaimed in astonishment, marveling at the intricate lines of light unfolding beneath her feet. Gazing upward, she realized that the entire warehouse floor was aglow in this mesmerizing geometric display.

In the realm of magic, the complexity and size of a spell determine its classification as high-level magic.

As expected, the manipulation of space is a formidable high-level spell. Mara’s mastery of magic clearly surpasses Sang-je’s, mused Eugene.

Although the wanderers had forsaken the tribe’s magical knowledge, they retained a unique ability to inscribe a single spell on their own bodies. This choice showcased their profound comprehension of magic, setting them apart. Hence, Mara, in collaboration with the wanderers who excelled in acquiring high-level magic, could utilize priests who lacked magical knowledge, rather than depending on Sang-je’s interpretations.


The towering figure that seems to reach for the heavens…

Sang-je couldn’t help but feel uneasy each time he revisited the future Alber had foreseen.

“A tree?” he questioned in disbelief. Becoming a tree was never a future he had envisioned for himself.

Nevertheless, he had compelled Alber to swiftly uncover such a vision through magic because he understood that all humans possess the innate capability to “shape their future as they desire.” This wasn’t a unique privilege granted only to Alber due to her lineage as a descendant of an ancient clan. It’s a power inherent in every human being. This power allows individuals to manifest their long-held dreams and meticulously plan their future in alignment with the visions they’ve harbored since childhood.

If one were to divulge this insight to a human, they might dismiss it as unremarkable. However, Sang-je, who had observed humanity throughout countless ages, had come to realize that humans could, either consciously or subconsciously, shape the course of their lives. This extraordinary ability set them apart from larks in a way that was truly remarkable.

Sang-je muttered with a touch of sarcasm, “It’s not a matter of luck, but rather Alber’s own wishes that led her to me.”

Alber held a fervent desire to alter the fate of their tribe. It was this very desire that had brought about their fateful encounter. So, when Alber regarded him with a cold stare, Sang-je found it amusing, almost as if it had all been his own doing.

What set Alber apart wasn’t just her extraordinary abilities, but her unparalleled mental fortitude. There were few, if any, humans who could match her in this regard. At times, Sang-je would playfully tease her, suggesting that they could easily find a replacement, but it was never a genuine sentiment.

Sang-je’s true desire was to find a potent Anika with a strong Lamita. If he were to admit that he needed Anika for the sake of acquiring life force, Alber would likely resist cooperation. Hence, he crafted a false pretext, claiming to be “in search of a formidable Anika capable of bringing death,” leading Alber to initiate the magic to explore such a future.

In any case, obtaining an Anika with the power to eliminate threats was Sang-je’s primary objective. He had firm confidence in his ability to extract vitality from an Anika. The effort he had invested in securing the unwavering trust of Anikas had been substantial.

Alber had been shaping the future she fervently desired, rather than merely foreseeing a predetermined one, from that point until the present. She would be unaware of this fact, as Sang-je had no intention of ever revealing it.

“Your Holiness, there’s something I must report,” came the voice of Joel, a key figure within the sanctuary. Each time she requested an audience, Sang-je made it a priority to meet her.

“Please, enter,” Sang-je welcomed her.

Joel greeted him with an air of excitement and quickly got to the point. “Your Holiness, we have achieved success in the grand divine art of object manipulation.”

Sang-je genuinely celebrated this accomplishment. “That’s truly excellent news. Congratulations. Your dedication has borne fruit.”

“Could it have been accomplished by my efforts alone? It’s thanks to the collective work of everyone, Your Holiness,” she replied, her expression radiating joy and a sense of pride as they inched closer to Sang-je.

“Have you attempted to transport people as well?” Sang-je inquired.

“We’ve achieved successful object transportation so far. Our plan is to gradually expand the scope,” Joel replied.

“Joel, I’ve recently received a divine message. Regrettably, its contents are unclear and carry ominous implications, so I’ve refrained from sharing it publicly. Now that your progress with this divine art aligns with the message, it seems there may be a connection. Please expedite the completion of this magic.”

Joel’s expression stiffened. The divine art she had been diligently developing was a marvel that enabled instant transportation of objects to distant places. However, it came with risks. When the art was activated, objects occasionally vanished without a trace, rendering their whereabouts unknown, or completely destroyed items emerged at the destination. The initial success of transporting intact objects was a reason for celebration.

The ramifications of attempting to transport a living being with an art that wasn’t perfected were too terrifying to fathom.

“Your Holiness, then…” Joel’s voice trailed off.

“For the sake of God’s will, certain sacrifices are unavoidable. If one becomes a vessel for interpreting the word of God and journeys to the divine realm a bit earlier, could that not be deemed a blessing? I won’t hold you accountable,” Sang-je assured her.

Joel hesitated but ultimately agreed and swiftly departed. She had already become ensnared by the art, with morality and justice overshadowed by her obsession. Sang-je had encountered many individuals like her, driven by the madness of rationalizing their actions as God’s will. Scholars imbued with this madness were valuable in various ways.

At last… Sang-je’s expression bore a smile tinged with profound contemplation. Upon the completion of this magic, his reach, formerly confined to the Holy City, would expand immeasurably. It would enable the swift dispatch of knights to distant kingdoms for covert information-gathering, without alerting the ruling kings, or conversely, facilitate their arrival.

And a sudden opportunity to employ this magic had presented itself.

Now, there’s no turning back. I must press forward, Sang-je resolved.

With unwavering patience, he had waited for an extended duration. The plan had occasionally encountered setbacks, but it had endured, making steady progress along the main path.

No one can stop me, not even the order of this world!

Sang-je widened their crimson eyes, gazing into the empty expanse before him.



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