Chapter 357.1

“I will write a letter for Anika; kindly ensure its delivery, especially considering your familiarity with her face,” Eugene directed.

“Yes, Your Highness.”

While Eugene desired a meeting with Flora to understand the situation, she was reluctant to expedite the encounter, wishing to avoid pressuring Flora. There was a concern that the commander-in-chief might perceive Flora as an unwelcome visitor. Knowing the commander-in-chief’s cautious nature, Eugene trusted he would handle the situation appropriately. However, there lingered a possibility that she might inadvertently convey a dismissive tone through a written letter. Aware of Flora’s sensitivity, Eugene included additional instructions for the commander-in-chief to handle the matter with care.

“I am well-acquainted with her. It appears she couldn’t reach out to me beforehand due to urgent circumstances, leading to an unexpected visit. I find it imprudent to engage in immediate discussions in your presence. I implore you to attend to her with genuine concern. If she wishes to alter her accommodations or requires any assistance, please provide your support.”

The commander-in-chief bowed in acknowledgment. “Yes, Your Highness.”

After the departure of the commander-in-chief, Eugene was gripped by an unsettling feeling. How vast was the distance between the Holy City and this kingdom? The journey, unfamiliar to Flora, who had never ventured beyond the Holy City, must have posed considerable challenges.

Reflecting on Flora’s current predicament, Eugene drew parallels to her own experience upon first arriving in this world. Eugene empathized with Flora’s situation, picturing the disorienting sensation of being abruptly thrust into an unfamiliar place. The pervasive loneliness and constant anxiety that lingered in one’s chest throughout the day were undeniably painful. Eugene recognized that the shared understanding of the loneliness inherent in navigating this world alone could become a bridge in their conversation.

I thought that the gap between the fake and Flora would make it difficult to mend our relationship. However, this might be an opportunity to dispel the accumulated misunderstandings,’ Eugene thought. Am I being too sensitive? If I were in Flora’s shoes, I would be hurt.

Eugene awaited the commander-in-chief’s return with a sense of anticipation and anxiety after the meeting with Flora. However, before that could happen, Sven brought unexpected news.

“Aldrit has arrived, Your Majesty.”

Eugene responded with surprise, “Aldrit? Alone?”

“Yes, he arrived unaccompanied.”

Eugene belatedly realized her mistake—her inquiry was intended to discern whether Mara had accompanied Aldrit, a nuance that Sven had inadvertently missed.

Although Sven had encountered a fair share of experiences and observed much, the specifics of the teleportation incident in the clandestine warehouse eluded him. After the event, Kasser sought to elucidate the situation, aiming for mutual comprehension. However, Sven maintained an unwavering stance in response.

“Your Highness, I am but a humble servant carrying out orders. If I have a purpose, it is an honor, so please do not worry.”

Upon hearing Sven’s steadfast words relayed by Kasser, Eugene felt a profound sense of appreciation. She had already regarded Sven as a reliable individual, and this trust deepened.

“I cannot meet Aldrit at this moment. Please arrange for him to stay somewhere until His Majesty’s return,” Eugene instructed Sven without further elaboration.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Sven promptly exited the palace. Near the castle gate, a figure wearing a draped robe, head bowed, stood—Aldrit, patiently awaiting His Majesty’s return.

While Sven had never harbored animosity towards wanderers, he had never sympathized with the harsh treatment they often received. However, having come to know Aldrit, had he developed a certain affinity? The sight of Aldrit, seemingly wary of the gazes surrounding him, evoked pity. Sven, a compassionate and gentle young man, questioned why someone with such a kind nature should be treated like a criminal. Lately, he found himself reconsidering his perspectives on wanderers.

“Sven,” called out Aldrit.

Aldrit slightly raised his head before lowering it once again.

“His Majesty has gone to the sanctuary for a ritual. He’ll be back in a few days. Her Highness mentioned she’d meet you after His Majesty’s return. Is there an urgent need to see Her Majesty immediately?”

Sven’s communication wasn’t merely a unilateral announcement; it signaled an unanticipated shift he hadn’t consciously acknowledged.

“No king? Well, even better!”

Despite the internal voice, Aldrit responded, “No. I will wait.”

“Then, for the next few days…” Sven paused, a realization dawning upon him. There were no instructions to escort Aldrit to the safe house. The decision to utilize the safe house wasn’t within his purview.

“I’ll arrange accommodations for you. The larger inns are well-managed, so as long as you keep to yourself, there shouldn’t be any issues. If you feel uneasy, I can arrange an escort,” Sven reassured.

“It’s okay. I won’t leave the accommodations.”

“What’s this? Staying confined again? It’s frustrating! Won’t you feel suffocated just staying in your room all day?” Mara complained.

In spite of Mara’s escalating annoyance, Aldrit remained unperturbed. Strolling toward the square, the lizard nestled in his pocket continued its incessant rustling. Aldrit’s countenance, now tranquil, suggested that he had grown accustomed to letting the constant murmur flow out of one ear.



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