Chapter 358.1

The tiny lizard, captivated by the opulence of the room, darted about energetically. After thoroughly investigating every nook and cranny, it quickly grew weary and shot a glance at Aldrit, who lounged on the sofa with an air of disinterest. Regardless of any insistence to depart, he remained impervious, even to a shout in his ears.

Disgusting guy. A disrespectful brat who knows nothing about respecting adults. I’ve lived longer than your filthy ancestors! Despite appreciating Aldrit’s lack of fear and the fact that he didn’t treat the lizard like a monstrous creature, Mara felt irritated. The lizard muttered curses and made its way toward the entrance.

“Where are you off to?” Aldrit inquired. The lizard, nearly reaching the door, paused for a moment. Turning slightly, it replied, “Just going outside for a stroll.” Aldrit frowned and clicked his tongue. Annoyed by the pitiful, childlike expression, Mara snapped, “I’m not leaving!”

Aldrit, seemingly indifferent, responded lazily, “Don’t wander too far. Besides, you can’t venture too distant. Just be cautious not to attract the attention of people. To the manager of this high-end establishment, creatures like you are considered pests that need exterminating.” Mara snorted and chuckled, then slipped out through a small crack under the door.

Bold as he emerged, Aldrit’s counsel proved sound. Currently, Mara couldn’t venture far from the proximity of Aldrit. If, by unfortunate chance, a lizard were to be captured by human hands and meet its demise, the enchantment would shatter.

Nevertheless, driven by a sense of adventure, Mara began to explore along the perimeter of the floor. The top level, reserved exclusively for guests, had controlled access to prevent unauthorized entry. Consequently, the quiet corridor saw no human traffic. Despite the absence of anything particularly intriguing compared to the rooms, Mara continued to traverse the corridor.

Hmm? Mara detected an unsettling sensation—the aura of a knight, more precisely, a feeling not directly sensed by Mara but shared with Aldrit. As the knight drew near, Mara swiftly ascended to the ceiling. Clinging to a shadowy corner, Mara peered down at two men passing below.

Was the knight outside the building? The knight passed by Aldrit’s room and ventured further inside. Mara adhered to the ceiling, cautiously tailing them.

Seems like you’re up to something, Sang-je. Unexpectedly, Mara gained a lead, and excitement permeated the air. The two knights halted in front of a room, knocked on the door, and after a brief pause, entered. Mara scrutinized the hand that opened the door from within.

There’s someone else inside, doesn’t appear to be a knight. Mara kept a vigilant eye on the closed door. Soon, the two knights who had entered earlier emerged. As they moved away, they completely vanished from Mara’s detection range.

Mara clung to the ceiling, unmoving. Although curiosity about the occupant of the room lingered, Mara resisted the urge to act hastily. Meanwhile, a hotel staff member knocked on the door and entered. After a while, a woman arrived.

Had Aldrit witnessed Mara, motionless for hours, he might have found it unexpected. The Mara he knew was spontaneous and unpredictable, but that was just one facet. Over the centuries, Mara had become a patient possessor of endurance, sealed away and waiting for the opportune moment.

Earlier, General Sarah, having met Flora and delivered Eugene’s letter, had urged the hotel staff. She requested immediate notification if any guest in a specific room on the top floor asked for her. Upon receiving word that Flora had called, Sarah hurriedly arrived. She knocked on the door and spoke politely.

“I’ve come to meet you, as you requested.” The door opened promptly. “Come in.”

Having shifted to a better vantage point to peer into the room, Mara caught a glimpse of the person through the crack—a familiar figure with characteristic short hair and eyes: Flora.

Anika. The lizard’s eyes glowed red. After a while, the two individuals emerged from the room. Mara surmised that the robed figure beside the woman who had knocked on the door and entered was indeed Anika. Observing them vanish down the corridor, the lizard leaped to the floor when they were entirely out of sight. Through the gap beneath the door, Mara entered the room.

Cautiously ensuring no one else occupied the space, Mara freely began to explore. The layout mirrored Aldrit’s room. After a cursory examination of the living area, Mara slithered under the bedroom door.

Ho. Unconsciously, Mara felt a surge of excitement. They’ve established a magical array. Let’s see where it leads. The lizard scaled the wall, chuckling while surveying the entire floor.

Teleportation magic. So, this guy has acquired teleportation magic. Mara seemed privy to the destination of this teleportation spell. Without a doubt, it would fall within that individual’s sphere of influence. Predicting this was a simple task for Mara, who had executed something similar before.

Their magic is rather crude compared to what I’m familiar with. With this, they can only teleport about two people at a time. Mara’s teleportation array, crafted in the secret warehouse, was significantly more substantial, capable of transporting dozens at once. Initially devised by Mara for the potential evacuation of disciples in a time of need, the array in the room fell far short. Mara couldn’t help but feel a surge of pride, thinking, I’ve surpassed them.

Shall I observe what they’re up to? Mara concealed itself in a strategic corner.



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