Chapter 358.2

Eugene learned about the situation from Sarah, who had returned from meeting Flora, and detected something suspicious. Initially surprised and emotionally responsive to Flora’s unexpected arrival, Eugene, once the initial excitement settled, calmly probed around and uncovered something perplexing.

Setting aside the question of how Flora managed to escape to the capital, her actions and words didn’t align. It struck Eugene as odd that, despite expressing fear in a letter, Flora didn’t immediately seek help but rather casually secured a room at the hotel.

Upon Sarah’s further explanation that the Golden Key Hotel was considered a top-notch facility and Flora was staying on the top floor, Eugene couldn’t help but question, You’re staying in a 5-star hotel suite. Who books a room in such a conspicuous place when you might be traced?

Despite these doubts, Eugene acknowledged that Anika, who had always enjoyed the finer things, wouldn’t easily abandon such habits, even in her current fugitive state. ‘She mentioned feeling uneasy when she came earlier,’ Sarah added.

Eugene empathized with ‘Anikas,’ whom she had closely observed in the palace. Proud and sheltered from the world’s hardships, those innocent girls—Flora included—represented a certain type of Anika.

For someone affording a stay in a luxury hotel, attention to dressing appropriately would be paramount, especially if they aimed to avoid looking more destitute than necessary.

As suspicions grew, everything appeared increasingly peculiar. It all began with the news that Sven, having encountered Aldrit, asserted that a covert group of knights had infiltrated the capital. Flora hadn’t arrived alone; the deduction was that she had at least ten knights accompanying her.

If she received assistance from the knights, it’s plausible. Flora, who hadn’t ventured beyond the sanctuary, escaping to this location solo didn’t add up. Interpreting it as the knights having a purpose for visiting the kingdom rather than assuming they all defected from the palace seemed more rational.

Is Sang-je using Flora in some scheme? What is Flora’s motive? Did she summon me to that hotel? Why? If Flora’s plan was to lure Eugene outside the castle, she must be perplexed as her plan got disrupted. Eugene anticipated and waited for Flora’s reaction.

Later in the afternoon, the Commander-in-Chief sought out Eugene. A messenger from the hotel had arrived, reporting that he would be heading there.

“Go ahead. Accommodate any reasonable request from her end,” Eugene instructed.

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Eugene harbored curiosity about why Flora had summoned Sarah and what she might say. However, upon Sarah’s return, the unexpected revelation surfaced.

“Flora… no, Anika has come with you?”

“Yes, Your Highness. Anika understands that you couldn’t come due to unforeseen circumstances and apologizes for forcing her apologies. She mentioned that her mind has settled now and she wishes to see you, so I brought her here.”

Sarah, noting Eugene’s peculiar reaction, spoke while observing her demeanor.

“Did I make a wrong judgment?”

“No, no. You did well.”

‘What is this? Wasn’t it necessary to meet at the hotel?’ Eugene felt bewildered as her predictions failed to align with the situation. Sending Flora away without meeting might raise suspicion, as she could later use it as an excuse for an attack.

Let’s hear what she has to say. Still, be cautious just in case.

“Escort the guest inside. Oh, but before that…” Eugene instructed to prepare an evening meal for the guest and herself since it would soon be dark. She gave a few more instructions and altered the layout of the reception room slightly before Flora’s arrival. Placing the table in the center, she directed chairs to be positioned at both ends.

When Flora entered, Eugene positioned herself in front of the table to greet her, suggesting Flora take a seat on the opposite side rather than approaching directly. Once Flora settled into her seat, they faced each other in silence for a moment. Eugene couldn’t help but feel perplexed; Flora’s expression appeared more melancholic than Sarah had indicated. It conveyed the sense of someone who had weathered prolonged hardships.

“It’s been a while, Flora,” Eugene finally said, breaking the silence.

“Yeah, it’s been a while,” Flora replied, her expression contorting as she gazed at Eugene’s face. Even without details about her wellbeing in the kingdom, Flora could discern from her relaxed expression and radiant skin that Eugene was faring well.

No guilt for abandoning the will of God and joining forces with demons. Shameless, Flora sneered.
“How have you been? You look better than when I last saw you in the sanctuary,” Flora said.

“I’m glad you think so. My physical condition is changing rapidly, but there’s no significant discomfort yet,” Eugene smiled.

“Your physical condition is changing? Why?”

“Ah… Haven’t you heard? I’ll soon be a mother.”

Flora’s gaze wavered.


Even if the mother had committed a crime, what fault could be found in an unborn child? Moreover, if the child belonged to the king. Flora’s emotions weakened, but fear also crept in. People revered the king, but at the same time, they feared him. Flora was no exception. The thought of something going wrong with the king’s child was terrifying.

His Holiness must be aware of Jin’s pregnancy, why didn’t he mention it? Flora pondered. Doubt surfaced, but Flora created her own reasoning.

He must have reasons, she convinced herself. His benevolent Holiness wouldn’t do anything to harm the child.

Flora steadied her wavering heart, reminding herself of her important mission. For the sake of obtaining Jin, Eugene had allied with wicked heretics and sought the power of the evil spirit out of greed. Flora, carrying out the secret decree of Sang-je, had come this far to punish the sinners who disrupted the order of the world.



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