Chapter 359.1

“Congratulations, Jin,” Flora exclaimed.

“Thank you,” Eugene replied, secretly relieved that Flora didn’t betray her biased emotions. 

“I’ve brought a little something as a congratulatory gift,” Flora mentioned, rising as if to personally deliver it.

“No need to trouble yourself. Just give it to the maid,” Eugene insisted.

“It feels a bit awkward if it goes through someone else’s hands.”

In the reception room, three maids patiently waited. One stood behind Eugene, another positioned a step back from Flora, and the remaining two focused intently on Flora from the moment she made her move.

“Flora, hand it to the maid,” Eugene reiterated firmly. Flora shrugged, glanced around, and began mentally measuring the distance.

“Sure, if that’s what you want,” replied Flora. I suppose I should get a bit closer.

Flora subtly lifted her left sleeve, revealing a tightly bound silver cord around her wrist. With a graceful turn, she approached Eugene, tugging at the cord. Simultaneously, the maid positioned behind Eugene moved closer, followed by the distant maids converging. The reflexive response of the protective maids swiftly closed the gap between the four individuals. Then, a glint of light emanated from Flora’s left arm.

A moment of stillness lingered. Adjusting her sleeve casually, as if discussing everyday matters, Flora addressed Eugene, “Jin, you’re accompanying me to the Golden Key Hotel where I stay. The reason… well, you can fabricate something. Whether it’s claiming you left something important there or a kind gesture of escorting me, just comply. Now, do as I say.”

As Eugene prepared to respond, a peculiar gleam flickered in Flora’s eyes. She relished the satisfaction of gaining control, reducing Jin to a mere pawn.

However, her triumph was short-lived.

“I won’t comply, Flora,” Eugene declared.

Flora’s expression contorted grotesquely. Eugene fixed her with an icy stare and continued, “I have no intention of leaving this palace, and neither can you.”

Involuntarily stepping back, Flora touched her exposed left arm and surveyed the room. The palace attendants stood frozen, like lifeless dolls, their eyes vacant and unresponsive.

The spell’s didn’t fail, Flora asserted, observing the evident impact on those affected.

“Why, why…” 

Despite the bewilderment, Jin’s gaze reflected a vivid determination. The success of this divine art had come at the cost of numerous sacrifices—experimentation on individuals of diverse genders, statuses, and ages. Even priestesses had been subjected to the magic to confirm its potency against Ramita.

“Why you!” The frustration stemming from the unforeseen possibility of failure amplified.

“Is it unfair because I didn’t fall under your hypnosis?” Eugene asked, she herself lacking a clear understanding of the situation. The radiant light from Flora’s arm had triggered a realization, prompting her to silently reassess her predicament while feigning full comprehension.

“It’s not hypnosis!” Flora vehemently denied, locking eyes with Eugene and maintaining unwavering belief in the magic.

“I foresaw this scenario before you entered this room. It’s not a novel technique,” Eugene countered, deflecting Flora’s accusations with confidence.

“Don’t try to deceive me with sophistry.”

“Sven!” Eugene called out, and the door creaked open in response. Flora, startled, turned to see several warriors standing outside. Sven, bowing to Eugene, declared, “I will follow your orders, Your Highness, the Queen.”

Eugene held a suspicion that Flora wouldn’t dare to take reckless actions within the palace grounds. The palace was filled with individuals who could aid Eugene, and Flora, on her own, lacked the strength to resist such a collective force. 

Consequently, it seemed probable that Flora’s initial move would involve attempting to separate Eugene from those who could assist her. However, Eugene hadn’t foreseen the utilization of hypnosis. The mention of the Arse family in Flora’s letter led Eugene to consider the possibility of Flora using a threat against her parents.

Eugene wasn’t entirely confident that she wouldn’t falter when her family’s safety was in jeopardy. Despite being aware of the potential trap, she might still walk right into it. In anticipation of this risk, she issued specific instructions. 

Even if measures were taken against her own soldiers, Eugene directed them to enforce royal orders preventing her from leaving the palace under any circumstances. She stressed this command particularly to Sven, trusting that, based on his observations and experiences, he would unwaveringly adhere to her directives.

“There are numerous heretics operating covertly in the kingdom. Recently, several were apprehended for disturbing the kingdom’s order. They employed hypnosis to enchant people and expand their influence, just like what you did,” Eugene explained, causing Flora’s gaze to waver.

“That is an evil form of hypnosis,” Eugene asserted. “If you learned and practiced it as a divine art, you are misled. How can you justify manipulating people’s minds as a divine will?”

“…No.” Flora’s head shook, lacking the conviction it had possessed moments before. “You are the malevolent one. You, harnessing the power of the evil spirit to acquire Ramita!” Flora proclaimed loudly, addressing everyone present. 

Eugene sensed that she grasped the kind of justice Flora was trying to establish and the lengths to which she had gone to achieve it. It appeared to be a more cunning scheme than Eugene had initially perceived, prompting a bitter, ironic laugh. Did Flora genuinely believe that a few words could sway the hearts of these warriors?

Perhaps someone raised in the city, like Flora, may not understand what the king means to the people of the kingdom… Eugene mused. Even if the king were to be declared a heretic, most of the people wouldn’t turn away. To the kingdom’s subjects, the king is God.



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