Chapter 360.1

I have faith in your success, Anika Flora.” When Flora reminisced about Sang-je’s encouraging words, a pang of shame washed over her for momentarily doubting herself. Drawing a parallel between her humble existence as Anika and the divine representative was indeed nonsensical.

As she contemplated, Flora couldn’t help but think, Jin, you will undoubtedly regret letting this chance for redemption slip away today. The ominous power she had acquired would inevitably extract a toll, leading her down a path of darkness where she risked losing her true self. Despite the foreboding consequences, Flora mused that witnessing such a transformation might hold a peculiar fascination.

However, a sense of responsibility gnawed at her. “His Holiness will be disappointed. He entrusted me with a significant task,” she murmured to herself. Sang-je’s directive to bring Anika Jin back at any cost echoed in her mind. 

Stepping forward with determination, Flora believed that she, more than anyone else, understood Jin’s personality and tendencies. The realization that the failure stemmed from her own plans intensified her frustration. Recalling Jin’s peculiar reaction only deepened her contemplation.

“It’s strange… She seemed like a stranger,” Flora sighed, rising from her seat. Self-blame had no place now; she had to return to the Holy City, having faltered in her mission.

Upon departing the Holy City, she meticulously crafted three divine spells, etching two onto her body. Crafting the teleportation spell for the return journey demanded precision, leading to a delay of a few days upon reaching the capital.

Despite the setbacks in her plan, witnessing the incredible potency of these divine spells intensified her reverence for God. The instantaneous transportation spell, in particular, left her in awe, deeming it nothing short of a miracle.

As she pondered her next move, Flora couldn’t help but smirk. Departing before anyone noticed seemed prudent, allowing Jin to discover her absence later. Teleportation, an ability Flora had recently acquired, would likely baffle Jin, who hadn’t yet mastered divine spells.

Completing the necessary preparations and ensuring she didn’t leave any belongings behind, Flora opened her shoulder bag. Extracting a small vial from it, she held it in her hand and walked to the center of the teleportation circle.

The vial contained a necessary hallucinogen to be ingested during teleportation. Though it induced a fuzzy-headed feeling and unsettling illusions, it was an unavoidable part of the process. As the spell circle began emanating light, Flora swiftly consumed the potion.

Despite completing all the necessary preparations, the teleportation circle remained unchanged. Flora couldn’t help but express her confusion, wondering, Huh? Why is nothing happening?

Observing Flora’s perplexity with amusement, Mara took pleasure in her bewilderment. He had subtly manipulated the teleportation circle, confident that Flora’s limited knowledge of magic would make the interference difficult to discern.

As Flora frantically tried to make sense of the situation, Mara, concealed in the room, assessed her magical proficiency. It became apparent that this particular Anika wasn’t adept at mastering magical skills, especially given her visible panic.

From his covert vantage point, Mara contemplated the situation. Considering that Anika had been bringing knights one after another, she was likely a follower of someone significant. Most Anikas tended to be. However, the declaration to defeat Sang-je made this instance highly unusual. The notion of thwarting Sang-je’s plan and capturing Anika simultaneously appealed to Mara as a clever strategy.

Breaking the tension, Mara’s voice echoed, “Do you hear my voice?” Startled, Flora looked around, cautiously inquiring, “His Holiness?”

Mara chuckled and clarified, “I am but a messenger. His Holiness foresaw your predicament and sent me to assist you.”

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Flora bowed her head respectfully. “His Holiness,” she began, “for some reason, the divine spell is not activating. Could an evil spirit have intervened?”

An evil spirit? That guy’s still peddling that scam. He’s the true charlatan, Mara chuckled, modulating his voice to a softer, more mild and respectful tone.

“This location is perilous. You should promptly depart with the assistance of the knights positioned outside that door,” he instructed.

Having sensed the knights’ approaching footsteps after Flora and Sara vacated the room earlier, Mara wondered if they intended to enter. Holding his breath, he observed as they merely stationed themselves as guards at the door without making any further movements.

“Are you suggesting I go somewhere? Are you advising me to leave the capital?” Flora, reassured by the mysterious messenger’s awareness of the knights, harbored no suspicions. These knights had served as both guides and protectors during Flora’s travels to the kingdom. Now, their mission was to ensure no interference until she successfully completed the teleportation spell back to the Holy City. Some were stationed outside the room, some near the hotel, and others around the royal castle, vigilantly monitoring the situation.

“No, it’s not about your safety. Escaping unharmed would pose a challenge. A teleportation spell has been arranged nearby,” Mara disclosed.

“Indeed. His Holiness possesses remarkable foresight.”

“While I wish to support you until the end, I can’t linger here any longer. The remainder, you must navigate with your own strength. Pay close attention to my guidance moving forward.”

“Understood.” Flora nodded resolutely, meeting Mara’s gaze with unwavering determination.



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