Chapter 361.1

Upon seeing Kasser’s face, the tip of Eugene’s nose felt warm. Surrounded by a multitude of warriors within the grandeur of the palace, an unsettling feeling that had lingered dissipated instantaneously.

Clearing his throat unnecessarily upon spotting Eugene, Kasser uttered, “I have returned, my Queen.” A peculiar sensation enveloped him at the sight of Eugene. The expansive palace seemed to radiate warmth, and he found himself unexpectedly entranced by his surroundings. It felt like a newfound appreciation for a place he had called home his entire life.

“You’ve returned,” she greeted with a smile, prompting an urge within him to touch her. His fingers tingled with anticipation, and without hesitation, Eugene rushed into his embrace. Caught in the breeze of her movements, he held her tightly.

Despite Eugene’s internal musings, “If I act strangely, he’ll worry,” her body betrayed involuntary motions within the familiar embrace. Wrapped securely in his arms, she felt an unexplainable sense of comfort, yet, without reason, she pouted like a stubborn child.

“Why are you so late?”

“You’ve been through a lot.”

As he spoke, his gentle strokes on her back threatened to spill tears. Eugene buried her head deeper into his chest. While the royal couple relished the joy of their reunion, those around them cast uneasy glances, diverting their gazes into the distance.


After Eugene detailed the recent events to Kasser, her words carried a bitter undertone. “I didn’t bring Flora to the palace. Fortunately, nothing happened this time, but if Flora had wielded more dangerous magic, people could have been harmed.”

Kasser gently held Eugene’s hand, tapping the back of it lightly as he reassured her, “It’s not wrong to trust people. And you handled it well enough.” 

Amidst self-blame over the past days, Eugene’s thoughts oscillated between doubt and satisfaction. His words provided a profound comfort, dispelling the overwhelming melancholy that had made her question her own fickleness.

“How was the ceremony?” she inquired.

“As usual,” Kasser replied. “There’s a desert, a lake, the same old. We didn’t have time to check if that lark we encountered last time really isn’t in the lake.”

“It probably wasn’t there. It seemed like it was avoiding people.”

While engaged in conversation, a report from Sven arrived: eleven fugitives, all deceased. The hastily sent brief report offered no context.

“Did they all commit suicide?” Eugene questioned. She couldn’t fathom the idea that the warriors had executed them. If the intention was outright killing, there would have been no need for a prolonged pursuit. The matter would have been resolved much sooner. Furthermore, if the knights had intended to end their lives from the outset, it would have been more logical for them to meet their fate in front of the warehouse a few days ago. The fact that so many knights met their demise within the capital made it a matter easier for the authorities to investigate.

“It’s strange,” Eugene muttered. 

“When Sven returns, we can hear the detailed explanation. But I can’t comprehend why the knights had skills equivalent to the warriors.”

“Maybe Sang-je didn’t only select skilled knights?”

“A knight’s strength is superior to that of ordinary people, but only a warrior can contend with a warrior,” Kasser explained, and Eugene nodded in agreement. It was a truth she had been aware of from her experiences in the other world, where, although not on par with kings, warriors were innate superhumans.

Kasser had instructed the warriors to scrutinize every detail, no matter how trivial, from the moment they confronted the knights in front of the dim warehouse until their hasty retreat.

“You haven’t met Aldrit, right?” he inquired.

“No,” Eugene shook her head. “He’s still at the accommodation Sven arranged.”

In the midst of uncertainty regarding Mara’s presence with Aldrit, Eugene refrained from summoning him to the palace. However, she couldn’t bring herself to visit the hotel either. There were numerous questions she wanted to ask, but she hadn’t had the chance to meet him.

“I’ll go and see.”

Later, Kasser returned with Aldrit. Learning that Mara had abruptly departed, he deemed it prudent to share more details with Eugene. Aldrit had only encountered Sven once when he entered the room, remaining confined to the bedroom. Whenever staff arrived to deliver meals or essentials, Aldrit would conceal himself until they left before emerging.

Aldrit’s knowledge was limited to his encounters with the knights and the events involving Mara. Yet, merely hearing about them provided Eugene with enough insight into the situation.

“Mara…” Eugene was momentarily stunned, a bitter laugh escaping her lips. “Aldrit, through the magic of that dim warehouse, where does it lead?”

“It leads to the tribal cemetery,” Aldrit replied. “It’s near the hideout.”

“It seems Mara took Anika there to meet me.”

Having gleaned the general situation from Eugene, Aldrit’s expression turned contemplative.

“It’s my fault. I brought Mara…”

“You didn’t do anything wrong. Bringing Mara with good intentions doesn’t make it your fault. Besides, Mara didn’t know Flora was coming.”

Eugene cautioned herself to be wary of Mara, ever poised to strike from behind. However, she couldn’t hastily deem Mara an enemy. Issues with the wanderers’ hideout already existed, and adding another formidable lark apart from Sang-je would prove troublesome.

Kasser remarked, “In that brief encounter, Mara probably didn’t manage to convince Anika Flora.”

“I agree. It’s likely Flora was deceived by Mara,” Eugene nodded. Turning to Aldrit, she inquired, “It’s been a few days since Flora went there. Is there a chance she escaped from the hideout?”

“If she emerges from that cemetery, she must pass through the tribal village. If any tribe members spotted her, they would have apprehended the unfamiliar intruder.”



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