Chapter 360.2

“Where have you been?” Aldrit inquired as the lizard revealed itself after a prolonged absence. Though he hadn’t felt concerned enough to seek it out, the disappearance of his talkative companion had sparked a subtle curiosity within him.

“Just out sightseeing,” Mara replied.

Aldrit raised an eyebrow. “What’s there to see outside?”

“Oh, I just felt like it. Sitting here for days gets boring. Conversations with the elderly are more entertaining.”

“You came here to have fun? You agreed to apologize politely to the Queen and His Majesty. Are you making excuses now because you don’t like it?”

“Since we’re on the subject, why should I bow my head? We both have mutual interests, so let’s work together.”

“Mara, if you are like this, how can I trust you?”

“Ah, then let’s talk about it next time. Anyway, I’m going.”


The red glow in the lizard’s eyes intensified briefly and then vanished. Now just an ordinary lizard, it blinked and turned its head in various directions. Aldrit sighed and quickly caught the lizard before it fully regained its senses. Opening the balcony window, he let it out.

This is strange… It was unclear why Mara, who had been concerned about the presence of the knights, suddenly decided to leave. Aldrit was suspicious of Mara’s intentions, but there was no way to guess where he was headed.


Following Eugene’s orders, the warriors hurried into Flora’s room, only to find it already vacant. After cautioning the warriors not to disturb anything and stationing guards to deter unauthorized access, Sven made his way to the castle. In light of the capital’s lockdown, Eugene had instructed General Lester to maintain the blockade.

“Keep the capital locked down until His Majesty returns,” Eugene commanded.

“Yes, Your Highness,” affirmed Lester.

As Lester departed, Sven, now inside, reported, “There was no one there, my Queen. I also checked with Aldrit to see if he had observed anything.”

“Oh, right. Aldrit mentioned residing there,” Eugene recalled.

Having found the coincidence intriguing when she received Sven’s earlier report, Eugene had become aware of the knights’ suspicious movements, enabling Flora to be well-prepared for their encounter. Recalling that Aldrit had sensed the knights’ presence, Eugene asked with a touch of concern, “What did Aldrit say?”

“He mentioned that the knights came and went multiple times, lingering nearby for a while. However, he noted they left in a hurry not long before our arrival,” replied Sven.

Did only the knights depart, or was Flora with them? I need to go to the room and check for traces of magic. But I can’t do that right now… Capturing Flora seems challenging, Eugene mused, gazing beyond the balcony window as the sky darkened. With the setting sun, the advantage shifted to the fugitive, making tracking more difficult.

“Can we apprehend the knights before they leave the capital?” Eugene inquired.

“As soon as you ordered the capital lockdown, I dispatched scouts. If the knights were there until shortly before our arrival, they may still be within the capital. We have several tracking teams in pursuit,” reported Sven.

Eugene nodded, contemplating a method to locate the knights. “Sven, Aldrit has the ability to sense knights. If we enlist Aldrit’s help, we might be able to uncover hidden knights.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Stepping back, Sven waited, and after night had fully fallen, a report arrived indicating that the knights had been found. It wasn’t just one or two; there were a total of eleven knights.

While it remained uncertain if other knights were moving separately, it seemed probable that the ones hiding in the capital comprised the entire group. The fact that they were gathered instead of dispersing to create confusion in pursuit was perplexing. Equally unexpected was the location where they were discovered.

“In front of the secret warehouse?” Eugene questioned, puzzled.

“Yes, Your Highness.”

It was not a location the tracking teams had identified. To reach the secret warehouse from the Golden Key Hotel, one had to venture deeper into the capital. Thus, it was an unlikely direction for a fugitive attempting to leave the capital, leading the tracking teams to disregard it completely.

After the incident involving the teleportation spell, the problematic secret warehouse had been left untouched. Guards were strategically placed to ensure no one could approach. The warehouse, managed according to the king’s decree, came under attack when soldiers guarding it reported invaders. Upon inspection, it was revealed that the intruders were knights.

“They have taken control of the warehouse and are hostile to anyone approaching. We have surrounded the area widely to prevent their escape,” Sven disclosed.

Occupied? Could Flora be inside? How would Flora know about that place…Mara! 

Aldrit had undoubtedly accompanied Mara, who had a history of attempting to kidnap Eugene. Given Mara’s desire for Anika, it was likely he intended to take Flora as well.

“We need to infiltrate the warehouse. Be prepared for a strong response, and even if the knights are injured during the suppression process, we can’t afford to hold back,” Eugene ordered.

By the time the warriors arrived at the warehouse with their new orders, the knights had already abandoned it and begun fleeing. Upon opening the warehouse, they found it empty.

Upon receiving the report, Eugene asked with a troubled expression, “How did the knights break through the encirclement and escape? Wasn’t the number of warriors surrounding them greater than the number of knights?”

Sven, currently overseeing the warriors chasing the knights, was joined by another warrior delivering a report. The latter, wearing a perplexed expression, hesitated before answering Eugene’s question.

“I apologize, Your Highness.”

“Did you let your guard down?” Eugene inquired.

“No, we didn’t. The knights’ strength overwhelmed the warriors.”

“The knights?”

While the knights might have possessed unique abilities, their individual strength couldn’t match that of the warriors. Eleven knights should have been easily capturable by a group of warriors outnumbering them.

Eugene suspected that Sang-je had selectively sent highly skilled individuals. Even so, they should have been captured by the warriors. However, contrary to her expectations, two more days passed without a single knight being captured. Instead, the knights managed to break through the capital’s lockdown and initiate a full-fledged escape.

“Your Highness.”

Eugene looked at the cheerful maid with anticipation and asked, “Is there any news?”

As the tracking teams moved farther from the capital, the intervals at which Sven sent reports had also increased.

“His Majesty has returned.”

It was the most welcome news. Eugene smiled widely and stood up.



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