Chapter 362.2

“Are your parents okay? Flora mentioned something about the Arse family, and it’s been bothering me,” Kasser inquired. Eugene sensed an unsettling look in Kasser’s eyes when they met, and his intuition hinted that something was amiss.

“What’s going on? What happened?”

“Well, it’s not exactly a problem, but… your mother is coming to the kingdom.”

“My mom? When?”

“She said she would depart as soon as the dry season begins, so she might have left by now.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about this?” Kasser began to sweat as Eugene’s narrowed eyes bore into him.

“Your mother asked me not to tell you,” he quickly explained. “She said if you knew, you probably wouldn’t let her come.”

Kasser couldn’t resist the sincere wish in Dana’s heart to stay by Eugene’s side until giving birth. Moreover, he worried that Eugene might feel lonely after returning to the kingdom so soon after a brief reunion with her family. Allowing Eugene’s mother to be with her until childbirth would bring him considerable relief.

Kasser silently empathized with Dana’s covert plan to pleasantly surprise Eugene.

“Of course! Considering the potential actions of Sang-je, undertaking such a lengthy journey is risky.”

Avoiding Eugene’s gaze, Kasser subtly wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer. Caught off guard, Eugene pushed him away with both arms.

“Why are you doing this? I’m genuinely upset right now.”

Despite her resistance, Kasser persisted. He tightened his grip with more strength, preventing her from breaking free. Frustrated, Eugene spoke coldly, “This isn’t how you solve problems.”

“Isn’t that what you taught me?”

“What are you talking about?”

Kasser swiftly kissed her, deflecting her sharp gaze.

“Don’t worry. Your mother will arrive safely. I’ve dispatched warriors.”

Eugene, eyes widened in surprise, asked, “When?”

“They’ve likely met your mother by now.”

Only a few days into the dry season, and yet, for the warriors to be in proximity to the Holy City now, they must have set out at least two weeks ago during their peak activity period. Eugene was deeply moved by the commitment of deploying top-tier warriors despite the challenges of diverting them from their active duties. Her recent anger faded, replaced by genuine gratitude as she hugged Kasser, expressing her heartfelt emotions.

“Thank you. Honestly, it feels like receiving an unexpected gift with my mom coming.”

In that fleeting exchange of emotions, Kasser, who had weathered both winter and summer with Eugene, sighed in relief. Considering recent events, Sang-je would undoubtedly reach out to Dana.

Thorough preparation had proven essential, not only in deploying warriors from the kingdom but also seeking support from the Slan kingdom. A contingent of dozens of warriors from both realms would escort Dana. Short of Sang-je personally intervening using larks’ bodies, he lacked the power to withstand dozens of warriors.

Daring to invade my kingdom and attempt to kidnap Eugene. I will definitely shatter your plans.

Even a death that transforms into a tree is a luxury for Sang-je. With the dry season’s arrival, the time for decisive action had come.


Something is definitely wrong.

Sang-je gazed into the air with piercing red eyes, his thoughts swirling. Until recently, his plans had unfolded seamlessly. With the simultaneous birth of two Anikas, he eagerly anticipated the imminent arrival of the long-awaited ‘moment.’

Over the years, he had dispatched intervening kings far away and erected a small fortress known as the “sanctuary,” where all the Anikas were confined. His role as the representative of God had been remarkably successful, with the Anikas willingly entering the sanctuary, contributing their vitality.

However, when he realized that one of the Anikas’ Ramita was entirely absent, he sensed a disturbance. Initially dismissing that intuition, he thought Anika Jin’s quest to retrieve Ramita would end in the greedy woman getting what she desired.

Yet, from the moment Jin escaped the sanctuary, Sang-je felt the gravity of the problem. It marked the first time in a long while that an unforeseen situation had arisen. Complacency was no longer an option.

In the distant ages, Alber had glimpsed the future for the first time. Sang-je knew that if he missed this opportunity, who knew how long he would have to wait again. He foresaw it; just as nothing in the world was eternal, the supposedly infinite lifespan of larks would not truly endure forever. Someday, the end would inevitably arrive.

The concept of larks reaching the end of their lifespan had never naturally occurred to Sang-je, and the prospect of such a future sent a shiver of terror through him. However, there was no turning back; he had to press forward relentlessly. It wasn’t a time for mourning.

Coincidentally, the teleportation magic proved successful. If Sang-je could master this magic, its potential applications would be boundless, allowing him to dominate the world without the limitations of space.

With the influx of numerous test subjects and the arrival of Flora, a potent talent, magical research gained momentum. Flora’s understanding and mastery of magic surpassed any level Sang-je had witnessed before. Then, a sudden idea crossed his mind.

Could Flora serve as a replacement for Alber?



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