Chapter 363.1

Alber was a competent magician, but contending with the constant internal struggle she faced could be wearisome at times. It was crucial to understand that being a magician and a prophet were not synonymous; Flora had the potential to excel in magic, and the foresight element could be introduced through the Muen family.

There was no aspiration for Alber’s prowess to overshadow Flora’s own abilities. Armed with a wealth of magical knowledge, Flora gained independence, accomplishing numerous feats without relying on Alber’s assistance.

Recognizing Flora’s potential, Sang-je resolved to foster her growth. Her progress was nothing short of dazzling, meeting and even surpassing expectations. Despite her recent formal introduction to magic within the sanctuary, she could already wield low-level magic independently.

What set Flora apart was her possession of something Alber lacked – an intense desire, ambition, and greed. Fulfilling these desires could make Flora a more loyal puppet than anyone else.

Initially considering Jin, Sang-je identified Flora as the hidden gem and initiated a plan to integrate her into his inner circle. The initial step involved bringing Anika Jin into the fold.

Coincidentally, teleportation magic had reached a level of refinement suitable for practical application, and the method of inscribing spells into the body had been gleaned from nomadic tribes. Sang-je, recognizing the significance of the breakthrough, entrusted Flora with a mission critical to the fate of the world – the abduction of Anika Jin.

He harbored unwavering confidence in the plan’s success. Teleportation magic was an awe-inspiring spell, regarded even by seasoned magic practitioners as a divine miracle. Creating a scenario where Flora and Jin were isolated, Flora could utilize teleportation magic, leaving the rest of the kingdom clueless about the unfolding events.

Sang-je carefully painted the arrival spell in the secluded backyard of the prison where Alber was confined, a covert location conducive to imprisoning someone discreetly. Throughout the planning stages, he dedicated his entire day to guarding the spell, making only once or twice daily visits to the palace. A contingent of individuals surrounded the spell to ensure swift subjugation of Jin upon her arrival.

As the dry season commenced, Sang-je anticipated that the king would undertake a desert ritual, surmising that the expectant Jin would not accompany him. Therefore, he calculated that within two or three days of the dry season’s onset, the culmination of the plan would be realized.

During the wait, he keenly sensed the moment when the special seeds provided to the knights accompanying Flora were consumed.

“It’s a special relic. Once Anika Flora completes the task, it will bestow upon you formidable strength for your escape from the kingdom—enough to face a seasoned warrior,” Sang-je had assured. He was not lying. However, he did not speak the whole truth.

Despite the knights having ingested the seeds, indicating the imminent return of Flora and Jin, the spell exhibited no response. About two days later, as Sang-je sensed the moment the knights’ lives were extinguished, he faced the stark realization: He had failed.

Flora should have returned by now. Staring at the silent spell, Sang-je felt a surge of rage not experienced in a long time, reminiscent of the emotion he felt upon failing to capture the elusive Mara and losing the ancient tribe’s archives.

The notion of Flora being captured seemed unlikely. Even if one assumed all teleportation spells had failed, that particular spell was flawless. Yet, the immediate situation remained shrouded in uncertainty, prompting Sang-je to pin his hopes on an alternative plan.

“At all costs, I must secure the head of the Arse Manor,” he resolved, acknowledging the urgency of the new objective.


Dana’s departure experienced a slight delay compared to the planned schedule. Despite her meticulous packing for her daughter and soon-to-be-born grandson, she soon realized she had overlooked a few items, leading to an unexpected need for more luggage. Laden with an abundance of carefully chosen gifts, the procession’s load of presents surpassed that of essential travel items. Onlookers even questioned whether the distinguished Lord of the Arse family himself was personally involved in the affair.

Despite the tardy start, the journey progressed smoothly, and Dana remained in high spirits. She had entertained fears of potential interference from Sang-je, but no hindrances occurred until she set off from the city. The prospect of embarking on a solo long-distance journey, after a considerable hiatus, filled Dana with delight. She couldn’t help but chuckle at the anticipated surprise on her daughter’s face when she arrived.

Accompanied by an ample number of escorts due to the numerous gifts on the baggage carriage, Dana’s entourage consisted of nearly a hundred people, including attendants and guards. With such a formidable assembly, concerns about threats from wildlife or bandits were alleviated. However, an unforeseen complication arose in the form of adverse weather.

Approximately half a day after leaving the city, heavy rain descended upon them. In response, they navigated a detour to avoid the muddy terrain caused by the downpour. Remarkably, none in the party complained, recognizing that this level of variability was within the expected range for a long-distance journey. What went unnoticed by all, however, was the discreet pursuit unfolding behind them.

As evening descended, the rain subsided, but a persistent drizzle hinted at lingering precipitation throughout the night. Spotting a shallow hill, Dana, though it was a tad early, selected a suitable spot and ordered preparations for an overnight stay.

Observing the bustling activity from a distance, five men contemplated their next move. “Now seems like the perfect time,” one of them remarked. 

“Shall we start when it gets a bit darker?” 

Nodding in agreement, the men retrieved a glass bottle from a pouch. This bottle contained a transparent liquid with a certain viscosity, halfway filled, and at the bottom, green seeds were submerged.



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