Chapter 364.1

“Who dares to force my will?” Dana’s protest resonated loudly as she stepped back, her guards instinctively advancing to form a protective barrier. In their eyes, the directives of the household’s head held more weight than those of Sang-je.

A disgruntled sound escaped the knight as he withdrew a lone remaining seed. Sensing the shifting dynamics, Dana swiftly discerned its ominous nature. Horror flashed across her face as she exclaimed, “Be cautious! It’s a lark seed! Fool, are you not apprehensive of invoking heavenly wrath with such recklessness!”

“The heavens favor us, madam,” the knight retorted with a malicious chuckle, casually discarding the seed. However, in that crucial moment, the screams ceased, replaced by a hopeful voice that permeated the air, signaling an unexpected turn of events.


“She’s over there!”

Unfamiliar figures descended from above, their movements gliding across the ground with an otherworldly grace. It was evident that their demeanor set them apart from ordinary individuals.

Amidst the brief hesitation, the knight swiftly crushed the seed. A warrior’s throwing spear pierced the transformed lark, now a formidable giant boar. The enraged creature immediately targeted its assailant, seeking retribution.

Amidst the fleeting chaos, the knight made a bold attempt to seize Dana. His fellow knights engaged her guards, disrupting the order and creating an opportunity for the assailants to close in on Dana. However, the warriors, steadfast in their mission to protect Dana rather than pursue larks, saw through the ruse. Their unwavering focus on her enabled a swift response, with a well-aimed sword thrown by a warrior severing the arm of the knight on the brink of capturing Dana.

“Aaah!” The injured knight writhed in pain, clutching his severed limb, as the warriors swiftly arrived on the scene. Some formed a protective barrier around Dana, while others subdued the incapacitated knights. The warriors moved with precision, dispatching the knights as if they were hunting larks. Faced with the relentless strength of the warriors, the knights found themselves powerless, resulting in the swift capture of five of them.

Amid the chaotic lark hunt, the warriors, determined to eliminate any chance of escape, ruthlessly cut the tendons of the knights’ ankles. Though a brutal act, Dana couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief in her heart.

The hunt for all three larks took some time, as even seasoned warriors found the green-grade lark to be a challenging adversary. Nevertheless, with the coordinated efforts of nearly thirty warriors, the hunt concluded successfully without further casualties.

Upon the gradual stabilization of the situation, a respectful warrior approached Dana. “Please accept our apologies for the delayed greeting. We have received a royal decree from His Majesty to ensure your safety during your journey to the kingdom. We regret any hardship you may have endured due to our tardiness.”

“No need for apologies. It appears there was a misunderstanding as we took an alternate route. My son-in-law… His Majesty sent you?” Dana inquired.

“Yes, my lady. His Majesty, genuinely concerned for your safety, sought aid from the Slan Kingdom, and the Sword King willingly dispatched us,” the warrior affirmed.

Dana nodded with satisfaction, feeling a sense of pride and reassurance that her son-in-law had taken such proactive measures.

Upon receiving reports of casualties and assessing the grim aftermath, Dana was deeply dismayed. Almost a dozen individuals had either lost their lives or sustained life-threatening injuries. Despite the relatively brief period since the larks appeared, the encounter with a green-grade lark had resulted in a gruesome battle.

“Retrieve the bodies, provide emergency treatment for the injured, and load them onto the carriage. Hurry. We need to depart swiftly and cross the Slan Kingdom’s border,” Dana instructed with urgency.

“Yes, my lady,” responded the warrior promptly.

Following the lady’s directives, a flurry of activity ensued as individuals moved to carry out the necessary tasks.

“What fate awaits them?” inquired the warrior as Dana cast a cold gaze upon the men encircled by the warriors. Bound tightly, blood oozing from their ankles, they lay on the ground, writhing and groaning in agony.

“If the knights meet their end here, Sang-je will surely uncover the truth,” Dana remarked.

The warrior nodded, acknowledging the accuracy of the observation. “Indeed.”

“I’ve heard rumors that he possesses knowledge of their precise demise,” Dana added.

“Yes, that is true,” the warrior confirmed. 

Contemplating the situation, Dana decided, “In that case, we must address this matter before crossing the Slan Kingdom’s border. We cannot afford to create complications for His Majesty, the Sword King, who has dispatched these warriors. While the lives of my people may seem insufficient, we shall utilize them to offer some solace to the departed.”

Even in their restrained state, the knights’ eyes betrayed signs of life. They had not expected Dana to take such drastic measures. When she proclaimed their impending demise, they retorted with shouts fueled by malice.

“His Holiness will not let this pass!”

Dana chuckled dismissively. “How naive. Do you truly trust His Holiness? Sang-je will merely bury the news of your deaths.”

“No, it can’t be!”

The knights desperately shouted in the face of the advancing blades, but there was no mercy forthcoming. The bodies of the five Judges were left in the field, destined to be consumed by the wild. Not even the fragments of their bones would be fully recovered.

Following the execution, Dana and her entourage made their departure. Despite the chilling experience and the enveloping darkness, the faces of the people bore little fear. The reassurance of the dozens of warriors encircling them provided an unexpected sense of security. Some even jestfully reminisced about the earlier lark-hunting exploits of the warriors.

Before the stroke of midnight, Dana successfully crossed the border into the Slan Kingdom.



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