Chapter 364.2

King Pered unfailingly made his way to the capital within a few days of the dry season’s arrival. Detractors often derided him as a king excessively enamored with gambling and revelry, given his brooding countenance.

Contrary to the perception, Pered harbored no genuine fondness for gambling, and the taste of alcohol had never crossed his lips until the point of inebriation. In his youth, he had been a wanderer, freely exploring mountains and fields, akin to the Fire King.

Unperturbed by the wagging fingers, both from within his realm and beyond, Pered paid little attention to the judgments of his people. He firmly believed that his subjects and subordinates should bear any resentment they might feel, recognizing that, indeed, he was neglecting his royal duties, ensnared by a myriad of emotions.

Chief among these emotions was revenge—a pervasive concept that had gripped half of his life. Yet, faced with an overpowering adversary, any arguments he presented against the supposed representative of God fell on deaf ears.

In response, Pered embarked on a clandestine pursuit of information, delving into a realm of rumors that blurred the line between truth and falsehood. He sought out the clandestine exchanges of vile gossip among fraudsters and conspirators, determined to unravel the intricate web that surrounded his enemy.

Pered held a conviction that where there was light, shadows were sure to follow. The representative of God, despite their lofty title, was not infallible, as perfection eluded them. Delving into the depths, he was confident that imperfections would eventually surface.

During his active reign, Pered received updates from his subordinates in the capital, ensuring he remained informed even when physically absent. Recently, a piece of intriguing information had come to his attention—the suspicious disappearance of the impoverished in the slums. Eager to investigate, he hastened to the capital.

However, upon his arrival, the tightly sealed city gates remained unyielding. A knight, positioned atop the city walls, shouted down to him.

“Your Majesty Pered, by decree, the capital is currently under lockdown.”

“Lockdown? I am unaware of such orders.”

“His Holiness issued an urgent decree last night.”

“What could be happening?” Pered questioned.

“I am merely following orders and do not possess the details,” the knight replied.

“If a serious matter has arisen, I should be in consultation with His Holiness. My presence could prove beneficial.”

“I apologize, Your Majesty. We are controlling all entrances and exits to the capital,” the knight explained.

Pered’s eyebrow twitched as the knight responded promptly, omitting any mention of inquiring with His Holiness. It became evident that Sang-je had explicitly instructed a complete lockdown, denying even a king entry into the capital.

Could they be using the pretext of a lockdown to bar a king’s entry? Am I overthinking? Pered wondered. The capital had never closed its gates until now, and if a significant event had occurred within, rumors would surely have circulated. The issue seemed more likely to stem from Sang-je than an internal matter within the capital.

Pered weighed his options, considering the potential risks of temporarily withdrawing and covertly infiltrating the capital. A misstep could unravel all his efforts.

The Fourth King may know something.

Anika Jin’s disappearance around the end of the dry season had already gained notoriety. Although it was later revealed that she had journeyed to the Hashi Kingdom, numerous rumors surrounded the abruptness of her departure from the capital.

“If it aligns with His Holiness’s will, there is little I can do. Please convey that I am willing to meet him at any time if he calls.”

“Yes, Your Majesty. I will relay your message to His Holiness.”

Pered guided his horse, turning its head. Addressing the accompanying warriors, he declared, “We are bound for the Hashi Kingdom.” The warriors, their eyes widening, swiftly followed suit as they watched the king’s retreating figure in the distance.


Upon receiving dispatches from the Slan Kingdom, Kasser set aside his current tasks and promptly delved into the official correspondence. Two days earlier, he had received a concise report from the warriors, outlining their encounter with Dana and the ongoing escort mission. However, the hastily received news lacked the comprehensive details he sought.

This time, a missive directly from the Sword King accompanied the warriors’ report. The message conveyed, “I intend to accompany Lady Arse and join you. It seems exchanging letters from a distance is insufficient.” The crux of the matter lay in the Sword King’s decision to join forces with Dana.

As Kasser delved into the warrior’s detailed report, his expression gradually grew more serious. Sang-je is now revealing his true nature without hesitation, he thought. The blatant display of intentions, rather than the customary manipulation from the shadows, signaled a concerning departure from the norm. It suggested Sang-je harbored no intentions of contemplating the aftermath.

What does this guy want? If, as Mara mentioned, he’s returning to his original world, is there a sudden urgency prompting his actions? Kasser pondered.

Setting down the report, he sighed, contemplating the potential irreversibility of the situation if the warriors had been even a step too late. Dana might have fallen into Sang-je’s clutches, and Eugene could have faced dire threats. Whatever choice Dana made, the torment embedded in her heart would have haunted her for a lifetime.

Fortunately, Dana safely reached the capital of Slan, accompanied by the Sword King, alleviating the need for further concern. The inevitable journey to the Hashi Kingdom was now only a matter of time.

With the delightful news in tow, Kasser hastened to find Eugene, who had been engrossed in researching the magical formula left by Flora in the library.

Despite the closed door, Kasser received no response. Discouraging him from knocking again, the timekeeper, Jing, signaled him. Following the subtle cue, Kasser quietly opened the door. Suppressing a silent laugh, he discovered Eugene sprawled on the couch, documents in hand, attempting to stay awake in a proper seated position.

In an attempt to make her more comfortable, Kasser approached to gently lay her down. As he sat beside her and positioned his arms behind her back, Eugene opened her eyes. Blinking, she stated, “I wasn’t sleeping.”

Kasser chuckled, “Really? You were just closing your eyes?”

“Right,” she insisted.

Smiling softly, Eugene kissed him, buoyed by the happiness from her recent lucid dream. Finally, she had witnessed a clear image of a small snake gracefully swimming in the sea. Though the timid creature sensed her gaze and fled, the sight of it underwater was undeniably adorable.

Upon hearing Kasser’s conveyed news, Eugene’s excitement soared, and she tightly wrapped her arms around his neck. “Soon, Mother is coming. Thank you. If it weren’t for the warriors you sent, it could have been a significant problem.”



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