Chapter 365.1

Eugene delighted in showering kisses upon Kasser, caressing his eyes, nose, and mouth. The playful sensations sent shivers through his body, though Kasser, initially amused and silent, eventually averted his gaze during Eugene’s continuous cascade of affection.

Perplexed and discreetly offended, Eugene wondered, “Is he avoiding me?” She firmly held his face in her hands, immobilizing him. Catching his eyes, Kasser gruffly interrupted, “Stop it.”

“Why?” Eugene inquired innocently.

“I’m in trouble,” Kasser admitted.

“Trouble with what?” she pressed.

“I have a plethora of reports to read today, and I can’t concentrate.”

Puzzled, Eugene stared at him momentarily, then shook her head with a subtle expression. She slid one hand down his abdomen, but the moment the firm front of his pants met her fingertips, Eugene pulled away, startled.

Amused by the narrowing of his eyes as their gazes locked, Eugene couldn’t help but feel a twinge of guilt. The recent kiss had held no erotic intent, making it both amusing and poignant that he responded to her touch like a tentacled creature.

Beyond kisses and hugs, he refrained from any sexual contact since she discovered her pregnancy, yet she sensed he was merely holding back. Occasionally, she glimpsed a yearning in his eyes as he looked at her, but she feigned ignorance, forced to play along. Coping with the bodily transformations, compounded by sleep deprivation and morning sickness, left her with no alternative but to pretend.

Now, at four and a half months into her pregnancy, she had grown accustomed to the unfamiliar changes. The sensation of her expanding belly overwhelmed her at times, but the promise of a growing child made it all worthwhile. Fortunately, her morning sickness had nearly subsided, and her appetite had returned. Yet, a few days ago, she began experiencing cravings that had been absent for a while.

Before the pregnancy, they had shared intimate moments almost daily, except when Kasser was unavoidably away. Their lovemaking had been fervent and intense, the tingling electricity on her peripheral nerves addictive. Yet, during the initial trimester, her sex drive had surprisingly waned, leaving her feeling asexual. Lately, however, she found herself yearning for it.

“Kasser,” Eugene said with a meaningful smile. “I think the child is completely settled now.”

“What did the doctor say?” Kasser asked, realizing he hadn’t received any updates from the doctor.

“It’s just a feeling, and sometimes a mother’s instincts prove more accurate than any competent doctor,” Eugene asserted, recalling the image of a little snake lazily swimming in the water.

“I’m relieved to hear you trust your instincts,” Kasser responded.

“The doctor mentioned that once I’m stabilized, I’ll be able to… though I’ll need to exercise caution,” Eugene added.

“Caution about what?” Kasser inquired.

Eugene regarded him with a perplexed expression, her gaze momentarily sliding down his abdomen before meeting his eyes again. For a moment, Kasser’s eyes wavered and he cleared his throat. Eugene couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Why would a doctor say that?” Kasser questioned, clearly bewildered.

Without a straightforward answer, Eugene replied in a low, embarrassed voice, “Because I asked.”

Just half a year ago, Eugene would never have imagined a doctor entertaining such a question. It seemed experience brought about a certain boldness with age.

“You asked…?” Kasser’s eyes gleamed with an unusual curiosity. 

“Even today?” he pressed.

Sensing the change in proximity, Eugene pushed away his suddenly close shoulder.

“He mentioned that five months would be sufficient for stabilization.”

“Five months…”

His eyes betrayed a mix of elation and frustration, emotions that Eugene hadn’t anticipated, considering Kasser’s usual reserve.

“And there are a few caveats…”

“What?” Eugene’s expression turned slightly mischievous, sensing his heightened concentration. “I can’t tell you here, and… I’ll inform you tonight.”

“Why can’t you tell me here? We’re the only ones present.”

Just as Kasser voiced his question, a knock on the door interrupted them, and a servant called out to Kasser, “Your Majesty.” He released a small sigh, annoyance evident on his face, while Eugene stifled a laugh.

Kasser, frowning, pressed his upper body against hers, seemingly intending to shield her. Eugene adjusted her disheveled posture, half-lying down as well, and Kasser turned to answer the servant who had entered, calling out.

“Your Majesty, the Fire King of the Lava Kingdom is here. He mentioned a prior appointment, but we received no notice, so we’re directing him to the outer parlor first.”

Kasser’s expression tightened, and he responded, “Yes… I forgot to mention, we have important matters to discuss. Take him inside and ensure no one approaches.”

“At your service, Your Majesty,” the servant acknowledged before leaving.

Once the servant had departed, Eugene remarked with a smile, “The seed has finally arrived at our doorstep.”

When Eugene had initially pilfered Sang-je seeds from the Holy City, it had been a simple act of curiosity. However, witnessing the unfolding events, the seeds created by the larks now seemed to hold greater significance.

“A visitor awaits, Kasser. Shall we proceed?” Eugene asked Kasser, who remained seated without any apparent intention of rising.

“You stay here. I’ll meet him first and ensure he doesn’t catch you off guard.”

While the words conveyed a sense of caution, in Kasser’s mind, they resonated as a clear warning.



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