Chapter 366.1

Impatient with the prolonged wait, Riner couldn’t help but voice his restlessness. “I hope you’re not having second thoughts now.”

Eugene reassured him with a confident tone, “Of course not. I keep my promises as well. Where’s His Majesty’s Hwansu? I assume you brought him along?”

“Naturally. Hwansus shouldn’t stray far from their owners. Though there might be exceptions, why exactly do you need my Hwansu?” Riner inquired.

“It will aid in clarifying my explanation,” Eugene responded.

Kasser summoned his servant and issued instructions. Moments later, the king’s warrior entered, carrying a sizable cage shrouded by a screen. Following the orders given, the warrior set the cage down and exited the scene. Initially quiet, the cage soon echoed with the sound of flapping wings.

Approaching the cage, Riner muttered, “Why is it making such a fuss?”

As he removed the cover, an eagle hanging on the bars of the cage was unveiled. Eugene marveled once again. Even in a fleeting glimpse, she sensed its perfection, matching the image of the Emperor Eagle flawlessly. Animals truly possessed distinctive appearances, and this was an exceptionally handsome eagle.

But it can’t fly.

Observing the non-flying Hwansu in its beastly form, Eugene couldn’t help but find Riner’s taste rather peculiar.

Riner swung open the cage door and extended his hand inside. Ordinarily, the eagle would have perched on its owner’s arm without hesitation, but the indifferent Riner seemed oblivious. Eugene noticed that the eagle’s intense red eyes remained fixated on her.

Disregarding its owner, the eagle promptly darted out of the cage. Amidst Riner’s brief confusion at the unexpected behavior of the Hwansu, the eagle rapidly advanced toward Eugene, moving gracefully on its two legs.

“Hey, Krak!”

Startled, Riner leaped swiftly, seizing the eagle’s body with both hands. Despite its failure to reach Eugene, the eagle gazed at her with a pitiful expression and fluttered its wings. Despite the difference in size, its reaction mirrored that of Abu when Eugene first encountered him.

Abu is certainly no ordinary Hwansu.

Abu had exhibited cautious behavior upon their first meeting, maintaining a distance and observing Eugene as if seeking permission to approach. Such sensitivity wasn’t a trait found in all Hwansus.

I’m relieved that Abu became the king’s Hwansu. If he had harbored resentment towards humans as he grew older, he might have transformed into a monstrous creature like those two, Sang-je and Mara.

“Your Majesty, it’s safe. Please release him. I need to demonstrate my ability,” Eugene reassured, prompting Riner to release the Hwansu. Observing Kasser’s composed demeanor, it was evident that the king wouldn’t have remained so calm if the situation were truly perilous.

Freed from the confines of the cage, the eagle surged toward Eugene, spreading its wings wide and emitting chirping sounds. As it loomed in front of her, its size proved more substantial than she had anticipated. Cautiously, Eugene extended her hand and lightly tapped the eagle’s beak.

“Nice to meet you, Krak.”

Encouraged by Eugene’s welcoming gesture, Krak drew even closer, resting its chin on her knees. Eugene chuckled and affectionately stroked the eagle’s head.

Riner, wearing an expression of dumbfounded amazement, had his mouth agape. Struggling to articulate his astonishment, he gesticulated and pointed incredulously at Krak, unable to comprehend the scene unfolding before him.

Observing Riner’s reaction, Kasser was reminded of the first time he witnessed Abu’s affectionate behavior toward Eugene. His emotions then likely mirrored Riner’s current state.

“What kind of trick is this… Surely, not all Hwansu behave like this, right?”

As Eugene continued to smile without uttering a word, Riner raised his voice.

“Is everyone really like this?”

“All the Hwansu I’ve encountered so far have been devoted followers,” Eugene replied.


Even when Riner called out, Krak remained fixated on Eugene.

“Hey, Krak!”

Reluctantly, Krak turned its head backward. Riner was taken aback as Krak’s red eyes seemed to betray a hint of rebellion. Ordinarily, Krak was a simple and obedient creature, making this unexpected behavior all the more surprising.

Incredulous, Riner questioned, “Are you perhaps enslaving the Hwansu?”

“No, not at all. I naturally prioritize the owner’s commands. The Hwansu simply has an affinity for me, and, for some reason, I can make an educated guess. My Ramita is somewhat unique.”

As Eugene continued her explanation, Riner’s initially enthusiastic expression gradually shifted to solemnity. Then, with a tone of realization, he spoke, “So, it’s just your unique ability. It’s not something anyone else can learn, and no one else can possess this ability, right?”

“Yes, that’s correct,” nodded Eugene.

“If I can’t learn it, then knowing about the ability is pointless…”

Eugene found Riner’s lukewarm response unexpected. Although she hadn’t explicitly mentioned lucid dreaming and had subtly hinted that her Ramita might be exceptional among Anikas, Riner didn’t seem particularly interested. It was evident he had different interests from ordinary people.

Still, gazing at the Hwansu that remained steadfastly by Eugene’s side, Riner mumbled, “Well, it’s a good thing I don’t have to police him, since everyone is so scared of him.” This revelation shed light on why he carried a large cage with him everywhere.



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