Chapter 366.2

Riner cast a contemplative gaze at Kasser, seemingly pondering the depth of the king’s good fortune. The fact that Anika Jin showed no hesitation in mocking the king and even maintained a friendly demeanor with Hwansu made it appear unlikely that there were more Anikas similar to her.

The reason Riner chose to feign ignorance to the pleas of his courtiers urging him to consider a successor was rooted in his aversion to the idea of tiptoeing around a woman who feared him. While he acknowledged the eventual necessity of marriage to secure an heir, he harbored a preference for delaying such arrangements as much as possible.

Sensing the weight of stares, Kasser turned to Riner and tilted his head sharply, triggering an abrupt surge of grumpiness in Riner.

“Fourth King, is it easy to venture into the desert from here?” Riner inquired.

“It is,” replied Kasser.

“Let’s go out. It’s a desert; even if we turn it upside down, it’s still a desert.”

“What nonsense are you suddenly talking about?”

“I brought this all the way here; there should be some decent reward.”

Kasser sighed. “Don’t change the subject. We are in the middle of an important discussion.”

“We can continue the discussion later. Let’s go out.”

“I don’t want to. I have many things to do.”

Undeterred, Riner swiftly grabbed the oil barrel from the table and dashed to the balcony. Opening the balcony window, he glanced back into the reception room and declared, “You have to come to get this.”

As Kasser hurried to catch up, Riner had already leaped over the balcony. Watching Riner’s retreating form, Kasser muttered with a perplexed expression, “That crazy guy…”

Without hesitation, Kasser climbed over the balcony railing, adopting a determined stance as he declared, “I’ll retrieve that.”

Before Eugene could utter a word, Kasser disappeared beyond the balcony. Left suddenly alone, she mumbled to herself, “There’s probably no need to chase after him…”

Certainly, Riner wouldn’t vanish with that oil barrel. Moreover, Krak, much more important than the barrel to Eugene, remained right by her side. However, she couldn’t help but find Kasser’s provoked response and his entertaining attempt to follow Riner amusing. She continued to pet Krak’s head, finding solace in the Hwansu’s presence, whether his owner was present or not.

Fire King Riner is certainly an unusual person. Before revealing Sang-je’s true identity to Riner, careful consideration would be necessary. The moment Riner learned the truth, he would undoubtedly rush to confront Sang-je.

King Richard is expected to arrive soon. At least two kings should be present to prevent Fire King Riner’s impulsive actions.


“Hey, Anika.”

Flora raised her head from the corner where she sat, her body curled, and her head buried between her knees. She glared fiercely at the red-eyed rat.

“Go away, you offspring of evil.”

“Offspring of evil, huh? You should listen to what I have to say to clear up that misunderstanding.”

“What wicked trick are you planning to deceive me again? Dragging me into this burrow!”

“It’s just an ordinary village where people live.”

“Go away, you monster!”

Mara clicked his tongue. It was frustrating when she blocked her ears and continued to refuse. While he anticipated that dealing with Sang-je’s follower wouldn’t be easy, comparing him to the Anika in the kingdom made him realize how articulate the latter was.

Mara sensed someone approaching and quickly slipped out through a crack in the wall. The door opened shortly after. Flora threw something towards where Mara disappeared.

“I told you to leave!”

Adrit deftly avoided what was thrown at him. Flora, surprised by Adrit’s presence, retreated further into the corner.

Aldrit carefully placed the tray at a safe distance from Flora, having learned from past mishaps with spilled meals. The tray, now settled, presented a modest lunch.

“Lunch is served.”

Curiosity and defiance marked Flora’s expression. “What are you planning to do with me?”

“Nothing at all. Just stay here.”

“Why are you keeping me?”

“As I mentioned, this is a hiding place for our tribe. Outsiders shouldn’t know about it.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. You’re all criminals, hiding here. You’re all servants of the devil.”

Aldrit wordlessly retrieved the tray brought in earlier. Observing the untouched food, he sighed.

“If you don’t eat, your body will suffer.”

“Is this all Jin’s doing? She’s going to bring about the world’s destruction with the power of the devil. You who help her will face divine punishment.”

“Don’t speak lightly of her.”

Aldrit’s response was unexpectedly fierce, catching Flora off guard, causing her to assume a defensive stance. She glared at Aldrit, biting her lip. Indifferent to the spilled soup, he only displayed a reaction when Jin’s name was mentioned.

Adrit rose, clutching the breakfast tray. As he turned away, Flora’s voice pierced the air.

“You’re planning to confine me here, giving me nothing but awful food, intending to let me waste away and die!”

He turned back, meeting Flora’s accusation with calm composure.

“Though it may be empty now, it’s a house that’s been consistently maintained. There are many houses in the village much older than this one. And only Anika receives such meals three times a day.”

Flora felt the words “Don’t be ridiculous” rising to her lips but couldn’t speak them. Adrit’s expression remained serious, free of deceit or mockery.

After Adrit departed, Flora resumed her place in the corner, head buried between her knees. However, the scent of food revived her hunger. Unaccustomed to such deprivation, Flora found the sensation unbearable.

Approaching the tray cautiously, she eyed the offerings—baked bread, soup, a few fruits, and some unidentified meat. The wooden spoon, marred with stains and spots, made her queasy just looking at it. Summoning her courage, she scooped some soup and cautiously tasted it. The initial grimace on her face gradually eased, and her spoon movements quickened.

Meanwhile, Adrit left the log cabin and ventured a considerable distance before scanning his surroundings and shouting, “Mara!”



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