Chapter 367.2

Sang-je’s command echoed through the air, reaching every knight stationed outside the capital. Those who had ingested relics felt the urgency in his message, a brief yet intense communication that transcended distance. The knights likened it to a “divine revelation,” an ethereal directive that spurred them into immediate action.

Even the judges, scattered throughout the Delano Kingdom, were not immune to Sang-je’s call. They diligently abandoned their posts, converging on the capital. However, among them, a judge voiced a hint of frustration.

“At this pace, who knows when we’ll arrive with that guy.”

Perched atop a horse, the judge not only held the reins but also a rope, the other end tied to a man struggling to keep up. The horse’s swift pace, exceeding that of a human’s walk, forced the bound man into an almost continuous sprint, each breath a struggle.

The middle-aged man wore a sly expression, his face and hands stained with dried blood. Intricate patterns adorned his arms, visible beneath the sleeves that extended up to his forearms.

“Should we just end him and be done with it?” questioned one judge.

His companion responded, “His Holiness expressly ordered the capture of wanderers alive. He values a single wanderer more than a multitude of heretics.”

“Well, that makes sense.”

While the simple solution would have been to ride the wanderer to exhaustion, neither judge entertained such a brutal approach. Instead, they continued to drag the wanderer along at a pace that ensured he wouldn’t collapse from sheer fatigue.

“Wait a moment,” the speaking judge commanded, dismounting and delving into the bushes beneath a nearby tree. A chuckle escaped him as he emerged with something in his hand.

“There’s a rabbit trap here. Seems like there’s a village nearby.”

His companion received the information with a grin, acknowledging the find.

“Well done. I’ve been sleeping outside for two days; my back was killing me.”

What they stumbled upon wasn’t a village but a quaint cottage. One of the judges volunteered to stay behind, keeping a watchful eye on the horse and the captive wanderer, while the other cautiously approached the cottage. Upon his return, the expression on his face spoke volumes.

“There’s a lone woman inside.”

With a shared understanding, they chose a sturdy tree, securely bound the wanderer, and tethered the horse nearby. Eagerly, they advanced toward the cottage.

“Quiet, isn’t it?”

“Take a look there. The woman was hanging laundry not too long ago.”

Clothes swayed on a clothesline, still in the process of drying. They quietly eased open the cottage door, revealing a short hallway. At its end, the corridor split, presumably leading to either the kitchen or the living room.

Navigating the hallway with stealth, they suddenly found themselves at swordpoint. A sharp blade materialized, stopping just shy of the knight’s throat.

“Make a move, and I’ll cut your throat.”

The judge trailing closely behind abruptly turned, but from behind, another door creaked open, and a warrior entered, causing the judge to hesitate.

“Bring them inside,” commanded a voice from within. The warriors swiftly maneuvered, twisting the arms of the two judges behind their backs and ushering them into the room. The judges locked eyes with the green-haired man seated at the table, their expressions flickering.

King Akil regarded them with a cold stare before speaking disdainfully, “Finally caught the tail, huh? The hounds of Sang-je. Three days past, you butchered the villagers. Now, not even a few days later, you attempt to harm my innocent people once again. You may act like humans, but you’re nothing more than a plague.”

The two knights maintained an air of tension, responding with steely eyes and an indifferent posture, “King, we do not understand what you are talking about. It seems there is a misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding? You broke in like thieves and were caught at the scene, yet you dare to speak as if you’re innocent.”

“We only wanted to get a drink of water, that’s all.”

As if deeming further discussion pointless, King Akil rose, emitting a cold chuckle as he looked down at the knights, “I came here today with a purpose. If even one of Sang-je’s dogs catches my eye, I’ll rip their bellies open. I won’t let your filthy blood tarnish my people’s households.”

When Akil signaled to the warriors, they lowered their heads and ushered the knights outside. The once-composed expressions of the knights now bore no trace of ease. At best, they would face Sang-je directly, realizing that their boldness had backfired.

“Your Majesty! King Akil! We are the chosen ones of God!”

“His Holiness won’t just let this slide!”

As the knights were forcibly led away, their protests took on a threatening tone.

“Your Majesty, have mercy!”

“A few days ago, there was a minor incident while capturing wanderers!”

Despite their desperate pleas, Akil remained unmoved. The voices of the knights faded into silence, leaving an air of finality. Startled by the abrupt turn of events, Akil personally consoled the frightened cottage owner before stepping outside. The woman, who had followed him, bowed to the ground as a farewell gesture to the king.

The warriors dispatched to execute the knights soon returned. Following the king’s orders, those who had been scouting the surroundings reported, “We found someone tied to a horse and a tree.”


Shortly after, the king’s retinue reached the location. As the warrior began to untie the wanderer, they remained seated on the ground. The wanderer, blindfolded and gagged, struggled to free themselves, gasping for breath.

Akil, observing the distressed wanderer, muttered to himself, “I don’t know how to handle this.” Although Akil didn’t hold a personal grudge against wanderers, the prevailing societal perception of them as foreboding figures demanded consideration. Yet, due to his resentment towards Sang-je and the judges, sending the wanderer to the capital was a reluctance he harbored.

Lost in contemplation, Akil turned away with a furrowed brow. After a moment, the warriors sensed a shift in the atmosphere, adopting a defensive stance. Akil’s eyes widened as a figure was revealed.

The man standing at the forefront was familiar. Even without a prior meeting, the silver hair of the man was unmistakable.

“Myung King…”

Nicholas responded with a respectful bow. Akil, wearing an annoyed expression, voiced his displeasure, “I have never received news that Myung King crossed the borders of my kingdom.”

“I apologize. We were in such a hurry that we didn’t have the chance to send a messenger.”

“Are you suggesting your sudden appearance here is mere coincidence?”

With composed demeanor, Nicholas explained, “In truth, I spotted King Akil and his warriors from a distance as they were on the move. However, I was concerned it might cause disruption, so I kept my distance. There was no other intention.”

As Nicholas diplomatically clarified, Akil’s expression softened. “I don’t have the luxury to entertain guests at the moment. Please continue on your way. I won’t make an issue out of this.”

“Lord, killing a judge will surely become a problem. I am en route to the Hashi Kingdom. Will you not accompany me?”

“That’s a sudden proposal.”

“I will explain the reason as we travel.” Nicholas shifted his gaze toward the bound wanderer and added, “You can make a decision regarding the wanderer when we reach Hashi Kingdom.”


Upon receiving the news that Dana had entered the capital, Eugene eagerly issued instructions for immediate preparations to ensure a warm reception. The anticipation had been building, with Eugene eagerly awaiting the passing of time and receiving updates on Dana’s progress every two days.



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