Chapter 368.1

As the much-anticipated moment of Dana’s arrival drew near, Eugene found the passage of time dragging along at an excruciatingly slow pace. Upon receiving the news that Dana’s carriage had entered the capital, Eugene repeatedly inquired of the maid, “How far has she come now?”

Finally, the grand procession of carriages made its way into the royal palace. Eugene’s eyes welled with tears as she witnessed Dana alighting from the now stationary carriage. Dana, upon meeting Eugene’s gaze, brightened with a warm smile, only to be overcome with emotion as she noticed her daughter holding back tears.

Dana, eager to close the distance with her daughter, opened her arms wide. Despite her heart racing towards Eugene, her aged body did not move as swiftly as she desired. Eventually, in a tender embrace, Dana smiled upon hearing the endearing address of ‘Mom’ echoing in her ears.

The mother and daughter shared a heartfelt moment, their eyes conveying a wealth of unspoken stories they wished to share. However, for the time being, they chose to postpone the exchange, savoring the joy of their reunion.

While Dana engaged in pleasant exchanges with Kasser, Eugene extended her greetings to the Sword King. “Greetings after a long time, Your Majesty. I trust you have been well? My mother holds you in high regard, and she is greatly indebted to you.”

The Sword King responded graciously, “Not at all. Lady Arse is a wise and insightful person, and our conversations have been truly meaningful. I regret losing such a valuable conversational partner. I heard she is soon to become a grandmother. Congratulations.”

“Thank you. I hope you find comfort during your stay,” Eugene replied.

In the hushed ambiance of the king’s study, Kasser and the sovereign engaged in a private conversation. Meanwhile, Dana took the opportunity to express her admiration for Richard.

“Thanks to His Majesty, I arrived here safely. He is truly a courteous and considerate person,” Dana expressed with gratitude.

“Yes, he is a good person,” Eugene concurred.

Dana, however, couldn’t help but reflect on her past prejudices against kings. “I must have been blind not to realize. I thought I had a good eye for people, but it was my arrogance,” she admitted bitterly. In the past, lacking a close relationship with the kings, Dana had formed judgments based on public opinion or her ability to sense people’s energy. Observing the seemingly uncontrollable energy of the kings, she had drawn conclusions about his temperament.

Yet, now, having interacted closely with both Kasser and Richard, she struggled to find any flaws in their personalities. The realization struck Dana, and she couldn’t help but acknowledge her own narrow-mindedness.

Eugene, witnessing Dana’s realization, offered a subtle smile. Had Dana’s first encounter been with Fire King Riner, she might have been inclined to view kings as strange beings. 

“I’ve misjudged Sang-je too. To think someone claiming to be God’s representative would do such things,” Dana continued, her tone taking on a contemplative note. Her previous cautionary stance towards Sang-je revealed a marked boundary in her heart. However, the shock of being attacked by Judges at the buffer zone shattered that perception. Dana blamed herself for her complacency.

While Dana had emerged unharmed, the weight of the lives lost or injured that day weighed heavily on her conscience. The thought of what could have transpired, not only in missing her daughter but potentially inflicting a lasting wound on her heart, haunted Dana. The prospect of her daughter learning of a tragic accident on her journey to reunite with her was a painful scenario she couldn’t bear to contemplate.

As Eugene observed Dana’s troubled expression, a wave of regret washed over her. Initially, upon learning of Dana’s impending visit, a subtle sense of blame crept into Eugene’s thoughts—’Why not stay in the Holy City and spare the trouble?’ Yet, with the passage of time, that initial reluctance transformed into anticipation, eagerly awaiting the day she would reunite with her mother. 

Contemplating Dana’s determination to embark on the journey to care for her pregnant daughter, Eugene was profoundly moved. In those moments, the realization dawned upon her that she was the recipient of a mother’s boundless love, a sentiment she had longed for during her time in the other world.

Eugene acknowledged that she hadn’t entirely shed the perceptions inherited from the other world. The thought surfaced in her mind: ‘Mom is undeniably a resilient person. If she places trust in Sang-je, why shouldn’t others?’ It was a revelation that prompted her to reconsider the deep-seated beliefs that surrounded the figure known as ‘God’s representative.’

In Eugene’s reflections, the issue became apparent—something that required a serious discussion with Kasser.

“Mom, I had no idea how wonderful it would be to see your face like this. Am I too immature?” Eugene playfully posed the question, adopting a cute demeanor that elicited laughter from Dana.

“I was concerned that pregnancy might have taken a toll on your face, but you look good, so I’m relieved,” Dana expressed, her worry dissipating as she observed her daughter’s well-being.

“I’ve passed the most challenging part.” 

“Is the baby growing well? Can you feel the movements?” asked Dana.

“Not yet,” Eugene replied.

“It seems like it’s about time to start feeling it,” Dana mused.

“When the time comes, I will,” Eugene assured.

“You seem remarkably calm. Usually, there are many worries during the first pregnancy.”

Eugene simply smiled, envisioning a small snake swimming in a dreamlike sea. She couldn’t expect the medical conveniences taken for granted in the other world, such as basic tests like ultrasound to monitor the baby’s condition. Despite the limitations, she harbored no worries.

“Slan’s princess recently gave birth,” Dana shared, shifting the conversation.

“Oh, right. It has already happened. Have they seen the heir?” Eugene inquired.

“King Richard seemed eager to boast about it. However, I thought it would be more appropriate to decline, considering the etiquette. The heir is the most precious treasure of the kingdom, and I am an outsider. But Anika insisted, so I went to see,” Dana recounted.

“Anika Gemma?” 

“She adored her son deeply. It was refreshing to witness a different side compared to the other Anikas. Truly remarkable. She even gave her a letter, asking me to convey it,” Dana disclosed.



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