Chapter 368.2

Eugene, taken aback, received Dana’s letter with a surprised expression. It felt like an unexpected gift, and with an excited heart, she unfolded the letter, eager to discover the words within.

[ Anika Jin. It’s been a while since I greeted you through a letter. 

I heard the news that you are pregnant. Congratulations.

I gave birth not too long ago. In the past, I awaited the day I could return to the Holy City, liberated from the burdensome duty of bearing a child. But now, looking at the sleeping face of my child, I can’t imagine a life without him.

It’s all thanks to Anika Jin. Everything seems to have changed after your visit. It didn’t happen overnight, but from one day, living in the kingdom no longer felt uncomfortable, and I developed affection for the child growing in my belly. It turns out that deciding to live is all about determination.

And there was something strange. It’s a matter that’s difficult to discuss with my husband. It’s about a dream vision.

I had a dream vision almost at the end of my pregnancy, and there was something in the water. I’ve never seen anything like that before. You know that dream visions are supposed to be only about the water, right? I couldn’t see exactly what it was, but when I woke up, I only remembered the color. It was the same color as my husband’s eyes.

Anika Jin, don’t be surprised if you see something strange in your dream vision. I’m telling you this because I’m your senior in becoming a mother.

I hope you give birth to a child safely and healthily. I hope we can meet when the opportunity arises.

― Anika Gemma ]

Eugene’s lips continued to curve in a gentle smile as she immersed herself in the contents of the letter. The sense of relief washed over her, knowing that Gemma was no longer burdened by unhappiness. The thought of the future king growing up under the care of a loving mother kindled warmth in Eugene’s heart.

As she contemplated the message, a curious thought surfaced in Eugene’s mind. Do all Anikas witness the child’s Praz in their dream visions? Or did Gemma start seeing it due to a shift in her mindset? Perhaps the bond between Anika and the king’s child is stronger than anyone else’s, Eugene pondered.

Considering the complementarity of Ramita and Praz in their relationship, Eugene mused that a similar dynamic might apply to the connection between a mother and son. Yet, she acknowledged the potential for strong clashes when Ramita and Praz rejected each other, drawing a parallel to the complexities in relationships.

The dual nature of Ramita, evident in her capacity to both harm and protect larks, intrigued Eugene. She speculated that Anikas harboring resentment toward kings might experience fear when approaching the latter. In this context, the rumor of an Anika giving birth to the king’s child experiencing physical deterioration could find explanation.

While rejecting Praz, isn’t it physically demanding to carry a child with Praz for ten months? Eugene questioned the toll of such a challenging situation. The shrewdness of Sang-je once again sent shivers down her spine. It became apparent that Sang-je, with his keen observations over time, had unraveled the intricate dynamics between the king, Anikas, and the mysterious forces of Praz and Ramita.


“Lockdown? Are you telling me that the Holy City is currently under lockdown?”

“I received the information on the afternoon I left,” Richard confirmed.

Kasser’s countenance stiffened sharply at the revelation, his concern evident. On the other hand, Richard’s demeanor, while not overly serious, conveyed a thoughtful stance.

“I don’t understand what Sang-je is thinking. The dry season has just begun, and what does he expect by locking down the Holy City? The damage to the merchants relying on the Holy City will be severe, so he can’t keep the gates closed for long,” Richard remarked with a hint of perplexity.

“No, that’s not it. Sang-je doesn’t care about such matters at all. In the worst case, Sang-je will use the entire population of the Holy City as hostages,” Kasser explained, his tone carrying a somber weight.

“As hostages?” Richard questioned the absurdity of the situation, but seeing Kasser’s serious expression, his own countenance hardened. “What on earth is happening?”

“What I’m about to say is the unexaggerated truth,” Kasser began, preparing to unravel the intricate narrative of events. Richard’s expressions shifted from skepticism to a spectrum of emotions—pain, regret, sorrow, and anger—surfacing and subsiding as he absorbed the shocking details.

After Kasser concluded his account, a heavy silence lingered in the room. Richard, who had been holding his head with both hands, raised his upper body. Now, his eyes showed not just pain but tightly suppressed anger.

“Who else knows about this?” 

“I’m telling you for the first time.”

“What do you plan to do from now on?” 

“It’s an incredibly heavy truth. If we want to confront that bastard, at least all kings need to unite.”

Richard nodded in understanding. The prospect of individual kings opposing Sang-je might leave them isolated, but the unity of six kings could potentially tip the balance and confront the looming threat.

“Given the complexity of this narrative, direct interaction is necessary, as letters or messengers fall short. I’m increasingly concerned about the fate of the Holy City under lockdown in the meantime.” 

“Fire King Riner has already arrived. Myung King also expressed his intention to visit during this dry season.” 

Richard’s eyes widened in surprise. “Fire King and Myung King too? Why am I hearing this story for the first time if Fire King is already here?”

Kasser sighed, the mention of Riner naturally eliciting a deep exhale. After a tumultuous encounter involving an oil barrel and a rough desert skirmish, Riner had persistently questioned Kasser about the whereabouts of the world’s strongest lark. Kasser, cautious of the potential consequences, delayed providing an answer. Now, he found himself receiving daily reprimands from Riner for not keeping his promise.

“I plan to inform Fire King last,” Kasser explained.

Richard smiled knowingly, remarking, “Fire King Riner is a bit impatient, isn’t he?”

In the midst of their conversation, a cautious chamberlain summoned Kasser from outside. After gaining permission, the chamberlain urgently entered.

Kasser received two urgent reports, and his expression turned peculiar as he opened one of them. “It seems the Dark King has crossed the border.” Reading the second report, Kasser’s eyes revealed a mixture of shock and concern. “Myung King… is on his way with King Akil.”

Richard chuckled, a touch of amusement in his tone. “All six kings will gather here in the capital of the Hashi Kingdom. I never expected to witness such a spectacle in my lifetime.”

For the first time, Kasser felt the subtle orchestration of fate. A new tide was on the brink of sweeping across the kingdoms.



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