Chapter 369.1

Eugene, walking leisurely, had an eagle trailing behind her on foot. When Eugene slowed down, the accompanying lark matched her pace, and as she quickened her steps, the lark fluttered its wings to keep up. Halting, Eugene glanced back, and the lark, too, came to a standstill, tilting its head curiously.

A smile played on Eugene’s lips as she observed the eagle. Despite its imposing size, it wore a gentle expression that contradicted its appearance. Traditionally, larks were known for their unwavering attachment to their owners, never wanting to be apart from them for even a moment. When someone approached Riner, his lark would draw near, displaying a watchful and vigilant demeanor, intimidating others and necessitating its confinement in a cage.

Since Riner’s lark stuck close to Eugene and behaved, Riner saw no need to control it. Strangely, both the owner and the eagle seemed indifferent to this apparent neglect. Eugene raised her gaze, noticing maids in the distance who appeared frightened, despite the considerable distance between them. She wished to assure them they need not follow due to their fear but, being pregnant, found comfort in having someone by her side.


Abruptly, a black leopard emerged from the tall grass, attacking the eagle. Despite the eagle being only half the size of the leopard, it found itself crouched on the ground, helpless. Abu, successful in the surprise attack, emitted a joyful cry.

“Abu, be gentle. What if he gets hurt?” Eugene chided, considering her words might be unnecessary. There seemed little chance of the eagle sustaining serious injury from such an attack.

Riner’s lark stood upright, shaking its head and then unfurled its wings, shaking them in a display of dissatisfaction directed at Abu. Despite being subjected to multiple attacks, the lark’s response remained consistently indifferent. Observing this, Eugene realized anew that the eagle possessed its own inherent personality.

During Abu’s initial encounters with larks, he exhibited a sense of caution. While not displaying overt aggression, Abu grumbled discontentedly. According to Eugene’s understanding, royal Hwansus typically remained indifferent to one another. It appeared that Abu’s displeasure stemmed from the larks being in proximity to Eugene rather than harboring a general animosity toward larks.

Even when Abu assumed a hostile stance, Riner’s Hwansu remained uninterested. Despite Abu’s attempts to incite conflict, the eagle merely expressed annoyance without escalating to a physical confrontation. Abu seemed to derive enjoyment from bothering the lark, despite the eagle’s nonchalant reactions. Now, Abu found amusement in provoking it.

As Abu once again poised for an attack and lunged, the lark skillfully maneuvered its body to the side, evading the assault.

“Oh,” Eugene remarked, acknowledging the lark’s swift reaction. Undeterred, Abu continued to playfully tease the eagle. Eugene observed the antics of the two familiar creatures with delight, finding amusement in their interactions. However, to the maids standing at a distance, the scene appeared more frightening than entertaining.

As they strolled, they unexpectedly found themselves beneath the king’s office. Looking up, the balcony window connected to the office caught their attention, sparking Eugene’s curiosity about Kasser’s activities.

“You two wait here. Don’t go anywhere else,” Eugene instructed the two Hwansus before entering the palace. Glancing back before turning inside, she saw the two Hwansus sitting quietly. She smiled and opened the door.

As it was an unplanned visit, Eugene first sought out the attendant.

“Is His Majesty busy with official duties?”

“A little while ago, His Majesty received a report.”

“Ah…” Eugene uttered, taking a step back. “There’s no urgent matter, so there’s no need to disturb His Majesty. I’ll come for a visit next time.”

“Yes, Queen,” replied the attendant.

She swiftly turned away, feeling the need to leave the vicinity of the king’s office promptly. Unintentionally, her pace quickened. Recently, Riner had persistently sought information about Kasserand, irritatingly inquiring about the whereabouts of the strongest lark.

Sorry, Kasser.

Despite being the one who exchanged information with Riner, Kasser was now being harassed without cause. Eugene speculated that if she weren’t pregnant, Riner would likely have persistently pursued her instead.

“You possess a fascinating ability, Anika Jin. How did you manage to befriend these Hwansus?” inquired Richard.

“I didn’t befriend them, Your Majesty,” replied Eugene.

Upon hearing Eugene’s explanation, Richard pondered for a moment before asking, “If any Hwansu would follow Anika Jin, may I call my Hwansu too?”

“Oh, certainly. That’s fine,” Eugene responded.

Richard’s gaze drifted into the distance, and after a while, his Hwansu responded to the king’s call—a fox with vibrant red fur from head to tail. Eugene admired the creature, seemingly leaping out of a storybook, as it stood still, fixated on her. However, before the fox could reach her, it was intercepted by a black leopard and an eagle. Abu roared at the fox, and Riner’s lark spread its wings, turning a friendly coexistence into a sudden duel with a common rival.

Witnessing this, Eugene couldn’t shake off a foreboding feeling.

The other three kings are on their way…

She had a premonition that she would soon become a caretaker for the Hwansus of the six kings. Surrounded by the playful creatures, she found little time to focus on the teleportation spell research left by Flora.

Even if I had the time, I can’t do it alone. I wish someone would teach me.

If Aldrit were present, she could ask numerous questions.

When will Aldrit visit again? Probably not soon. It’s quite a distance from the hideout to here.



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