Chapter 369.2

Aldrit, who embarked on a desert journey a few days ago, unexpectedly found himself ensnared in a sudden sandstorm. Making the grave mistake of losing his way, he unintentionally ventured into a perilous region he would have avoided under normal circumstances.

In this treacherous expanse, concealed beneath the sand, lay numerous deep crevices, nearly imperceptible to the eye. A misstep on these hidden chasms could lead to a fatal descent into bottomless pits, buried by cascading sand, resulting in suffocation.

The realization of his mistake struck Aldrit as one of his legs sank deeply into the sandy terrain. Regrettably, it was too late. His body was swiftly drawn downward, like ants descending into an abyss.

Amidst the relentless deluge of sand, a chilling sensation pervaded Aldrit’s entire being as he slid down, his body seemingly submerged. Recognizing an underwater current, he grasped the gravity of his situation. Being an underground water stream, penetrating the thick layer of sand above the water surface seemed an insurmountable task.

Nevertheless, he fought valiantly, thrashing his limbs in a desperate bid for survival. Despite his efforts, his breath was soon extinguished, and the specter of death loomed.

I don’t want to die.

Aldrit, a wanderer accustomed to the proximity of death, had fostered an indomitable will to survive. As consciousness waned, he felt a formidable force seize him, whether from an external influence or the current itself remained uncertain. After an indeterminate span, a sudden jolt coursed through him, as if his entire body had been struck, and water expelled forcefully from his nose and mouth.

After a prolonged bout of coughing, Aldrit’s fit finally subsided. Squinting his blurry eyes, he gradually focused and found himself locking gazes with a pair of intense red eyes.


Startled, Aldrit sat up, discovering a massive turtle, its head nearly the size of his torso, looming nearby. The creature looked oddly familiar.

“Why did you crawl in here to disturb my rest? Huh?”

“You… Abu?”

Hwansu, the turtle, widened its eyes and opened its mouth wide, as if poised to swallow Aldrit whole.

“What? Who told you that name?”

“You did.”


“Or how else would I know?”

The turtle closed its mouth, smacked its lips, and scanned Aldrit from top to bottom before murmuring, “You’re a peculiar one. Most would have fainted by now. Aren’t you scared of me?”

“Even if you weren’t the one who saved my life twice, I wouldn’t be scared of you.”

No longer harboring resentment, Aldrit’s experiences with the mischievous Mara had altered his perspective. Living with the wickedly chattering Mara in the form of a mouse had desensitized him to the once-frightening beings.

“Hmph. Humans who speak so casually disgust me. Get out of my territory quickly.”

Aldrit stood up and bowed his head to the turtle.

“Thank you. I’ll leave in a hurry.”

As he surveyed his surroundings, attempting to discern the direction, his expression darkened. He found himself in the midst of a perilous area, where every step demanded heightened vigilance. Unable to move swiftly, escaping this vicinity would be a protracted endeavor spanning more than a few days.

The turtle, fixing Aldrit with an enigmatic gaze, suddenly broke its silence.

“Where are you heading?”

“To Hashi Kingdom.”

“Oh, come on, how old am I?” The turtle grumbled and then quivered all over. Aldrit, witnessing the astonishing transformation of the massive turtle for the first time, was captivated. After a brief moment, the bulky form of the turtle vanished, giving way to a sleek lizard with a sinuous tail.

“Be careful not to fall again nearby. Hop on quickly,” the lark said.

Aldrit didn’t hesitate and deftly climbed onto the lizard’s body. As he settled in, the lark mumbled to itself, “Indeed, a peculiar one.”

Though riding was manageable, the lizard’s body was adorned with smooth scales, presenting a challenge to find a secure grip. Aldrit fumbled around, uncertain of where to place his hands, and then encountered coarse fur around the neck, reminiscent of the bristles of a wild animal. He grasped the fur with both hands.

“It’s been a while since I carried a human. It’s not a bad feeling.”

The colossal lizard began to traverse the sand as if it were a flat plain.


“Everyone has decided to submit a petition to the Holy Palace together.”

Patrick acknowledged Enoch’s words with a profound nod. 

“Father, trust that Mother will emerge unscathed. By now, she should have safely reached the kingdom,” Enoch assured.

“I sincerely hope so. Truly,” Patrick responded, his worry evident. The blockade of the Holy Palace had deprived him of peaceful rest, and his mind was plagued with distressing thoughts. He found it difficult to articulate his concerns, fearing that voicing them might somehow bring them to fruition.

“My Lord,” a knock interrupted their conversation, and an attendant entered with urgent news. “A decree has emanated from the Holy Palace, summoning all Anikas to enter. However, the approach appears coercive. There are reports of knights forcibly taking those who resist.”



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