Chapter 370.2

“The Holy City is a blessed sanctuary, a fortress of the divine. Our primary mission is to protect this sacred ground. Now, go forth, announce the divine trust publicly, and rally the faithful. While equality prevailed until now, to wage war, a hierarchy is necessary. Priests, such as yourself, will play a paramount role at the forefront. I shall confer the esteemed position of bishop upon those priests who have devoted themselves to the divine with unwavering hearts.”

A fleeting desire flickered in the eyes of the priest, who had initially tensed at the mention of the Holy War. Priests, perennially in a position inferior to knights, lacked a distinct hierarchy and were merely referred to as priests. Despite concealing it, they often harbored internal lamentations about their modest status.

“From this moment onward, no one shall be permitted to leave the Holy City until the conclusion of the Holy War, and entry shall be equally restricted. A formidable barrier, sanctioned by the divine, shall shield this Holy City.”

The expansive reach of the barrier encompassed the entirety of the Holy City. When activated, the enchantment rendered it impervious, even to a king attempting to breach it. Sang-je stumbled upon the knowledge of this barrier magic in the ancient tribe’s archive, sparking a relentless pursuit to comprehend its intricacies. His exhaustive research into various levels of magic, coupled with dedicated time and resources, culminated in the recent activation of this potent magical shield.

The completion of the enchantment coincided with the births of Jin and Flora, a time when Sang-je anticipated that everything would unfold smoothly through the influence of the two Anikas. Consequently, he sealed the enchantment, believing it unnecessary at that juncture.

While the barrier enchantment wasn’t overly complex, it demanded exceptionally potent mediums and vessels, which could be substituted with human lives. Sang-je had refrained from attempting it earlier, fearing the commotion it would create, asserting that the enchantment was not absolutely essential.

However, circumstances had now changed. Sang-je was prepared to sacrifice not just a few hundred but half of the residents of the Holy Capital to secure the safety of both the Holy Capital and Anikas. His strategy was to seal off the Holy Capital and exercise patience, as time was a crucial ally. Human lives spanned at most a few decades, and within a shorter timeframe, they would inevitably forget.


Dark King Pered made his arrival, and as per prior instructions, the soldiers silently swung open the city gates the moment Pered revealed his identity. Puzzled by the seemingly lax security in the capital, Pered couldn’t help but contemplate, Even if they knew I was coming, isn’t the security of the capital too lax for some reason? 

Hearing rumors about the Fourth King’s diligent governance, the situation struck him as odd. Following his guide, Pered strolled through the capital’s courtyard, abruptly halting as doubt clouded his eyes.

Under the expansive shade of a tree in the courtyard, a tea table was arranged. A middle-aged man with ashen hair sat leisurely, sipping tea. Upon noticing Pered’s gaze, the man smiled and, with teacup in hand, raised it in greeting. Pered respectfully acknowledged the gesture, inwardly questioning, Why is the Sword King here? Although highly improbable, Pered couldn’t shake the thought that he had arrived in the Slan Kingdom.

Climbing the palace stairs, Pered was further amazed as he stopped in his tracks. Descending from the stairs, a red-haired man, wearing an unimpressed expression, passed by Pered, barely acknowledging his presence.

This time, unable to contain his curiosity, Pered turned to the guide. “Just now… Was that the Fire King?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Why is the Fire King…?”

“He always stops by His Majesty the Death King’s office around this time.”

While the explanation seemed to barely explain the situation, he opted not to delve deeper and continued walking.

Just before Pered’s arrival, Kasser abruptly released the pen he had been holding, almost as if discarding it in frustration. It marked a rare instance where Kasser allowed his displeasure to surface without directing it at an inanimate object. The courtier stationed discreetly in the corner sensed the shift in his master’s mood, glancing up to gauge the tension.

Kasser found himself grappling with the persistent annoyance posed by Riner. While Riner’s purported goal was to uncover the whereabouts of the “strongest lark,” Kasser had unequivocally stated that he would divulge everything once the other kings arrived. Despite this, Riner persisted in his daily visits, inundating Kasser with nonsensical ramblings. Although Kasser desired to dismiss him, the diplomatic status Riner held as a king prevented such a brusque action.

Kasser, guided by the principles of kingly patience and exemplary conduct, was baffled by Riner’s impulsive and emotionally charged behavior. The time spent with Riner left him with an inexplicable sense of unease. Adding to the frustration was the fact that Kasser couldn’t genuinely harbor dislike for the seemingly insane king.

“Your Majesty, I have brought King Pered,” announced an attendant.

Managing his expression with a subtle sigh, Kasser responded, “Escort him in.”

The door swung open, and Pered strode confidently into the room. Rising to greet his guest, Kasser offered a brief greeting before suggesting Pered take a seat on the sofa. Dismissing the attendants, he was left alone with Pered, a situation that, despite its delicacy, courtiers seemed increasingly comfortable leaving the two kings alone.

Pered, sensing an undercurrent, inquired, “Is something going on?”

Kasser confirmed, “That’s correct. In a few days, Myung King and Concord King are also expected to arrive.”

Pered’s eyes betrayed a momentary flicker. “The Holy Capital has been sealed off.”

“Yes, I heard.”

“Is the gathering of all the kings related to this issue?”


“Is this about Sang-je?”


A brief twist in Pered’s brow and a twitch of his lips preceded an eruption of laughter. Yet, beneath the surface, his eyes betrayed a cold gleam, radiating a sharp and icy light.



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