Chapter 371.1

Kasser, unfazed, observed the passionate expression on Pered’s face without a hint of surprise. When they first met in the Holy City, Kasser didn’t detect the weary gaze typical of a long-time gambling addict in Pered. From the discomfort experienced during their journey through the Dark King’s kingdom with Eugene to the unexpected activities beyond the Dark King’s borders, Kasser sensed an underlying significance, although he couldn’t quite grasp it. Separated, these events seemed disconnected, but when considered together, they hinted at undisclosed matters involving the Dark King.

Pered, breaking the silence, asked, “When will Myung King and King Akil come?”

“In three days,” Kasser responded.

“Then we’ll hear the details when everyone is assembled,” Pered concluded.

Kasser was impressed by Pered’s ability to manage things, in stark contrast to the daily mental exhaustion from dueling with Riner. Pered, displaying a rare touch of emotion, prompted Kasser to change his initial plan of deferring the discussion until everyone was present.

“Since there’s no urgent matter right now, I’ll make time. It seems like it will be a rather long story,” Kasser remarked.

Pered, however, hesitated and shook his head. “No, I don’t think I can bear it if I hear it now.” Cutting off any lingering attachment, Pered stood up. After briefly turning away, he faced Kasser again.

“I’ve known for a very long time about the hypocrisy of Sang-je, who has turned the Holy Palace upside down and taken control.” As Pered spoke, his initially composed demeanor gave way to intense hatred, revealing the depth of his emotions.

“But the nauseating stench emanating from him, only I could endure.”

Through relentless investigation, Pered unearthed the extent of corruption among the Judges and Sang-je’s not just tolerance but encouragement of their misconduct. The Judges, acting as covert agents, were utilized to eliminate those opposing Sang-je’s will. Suspicious deaths of priests within the Holy Palace and the discreet entrance and exit of orphans and impoverished laborers, only to leave as lifeless bodies, raised concerns. However, taking down Sang-je required substantial evidence and witnesses, a challenging task given the divided public opinion that would inevitably arise.

“I possess a wealth of information, but I couldn’t take action. Is the story I’ll hear in a few days worth the wait?” Pered questioned.

Kasser nodded approvingly. “It reveals a truth beyond anyone’s imagination. Despite the Dark King’s patience, he will finally receive the deserved reward.”

With a mixed expression of emotions, Pered bowed slightly and turned away. An attendant guided him to a room, and soon after, the warriors accompanying Pered approached the king.

“Where are you staying?” Pered inquired.

“There’s a separate guesthouse for the warriors of the Hashi Kingdom. We were directed there, but since it’s a bit far from where Your Majesty stays, we’ve decided to take turns standing guard.”

“The only threat here is the king. Besides me, there are three other kings staying. Even if you all attack together, can you handle one king? If an external attack occurs that even the four of us combined can’t stop, you won’t be able to either. Rest without worries; don’t bother me.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Alone, Pered loosened a pouch from his waist, and from it emerged a small creature with fur standing on end and a long tail. Its unique body movements made it challenging to identify, but its small size was evident. 

Swiftly leaping out, the creature climbed up Pered’s body and landed on his palm, its long tail dangling upside down. It was a tiny monkey, not even the size of a child’s fist.

Pered spoke, “Dita,” and the creature turned around on his hand, settling down. “The day may finally come when we have to repay Corin’s debt.” 

In response, Dita made a chuckling sound. Pered smiled, gently stroking the monkey’s head with a careful and affectionate touch. Even Pered’s closest attendants, who had been with him for a long time, found it hard to believe their eyes. The Dark King, displaying affectionate gestures toward his Hwansu.

The Dark King was typically reserved and indifferent to everything, including his Hwansu. He was known to carry it around in his pocket, seemingly uninterested. Some speculated that the Dark King kept his Hwansu hidden from public view out of embarrassment. Unlike other princes who chose strong creatures for their first Hwansu, the Dark King’s Hwansu was weak and small.

Pered gazed into the void, his expression vacant and emotionless, conveying a profound sense of emptiness. The sudden disappearance of tasks had left him in a state of motionless waiting for days.

As the sound of knocking echoed through the room, Pered turned his head. The second round of knocks carried a distinctive aura, allowing him to identify the visitor. “What’s the matter, Fire King?” he inquired.

Riner entered as Pered opened the door, wearing a puzzled expression. “I looked around, and there was no one…”

“I told the warriors to step back and rest,” Pered explained.

Feeling a sense of boredom, Riner asked, “Did you bring anything with you, like cards or something?”

Pered replied curtly, “No,” but Riner continued the conversation undeterred. 

“Are you busy?” he asked.

“Not really,” Pered admitted, questioning in his mind why he was engaging in such a conversation with Riner. The camaraderie between the Fire King and himself was limited to a single game played at the Arse family banquet in the Holy City. It was an impolite display at someone else’s gathering, deliberately showcasing his ‘madness for gambling’ to those around him.

“If you have nothing else to do, how about a round?” Riner suggested.

Pered frowned. 

“Whether it’s with a weapon or just pure martial arts, I don’t mind. But fighting with martial arts is the best.”



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