Chapter 373.1

“It’s a matter of upholding dignity as the queen’s mother. After all, isn’t the queen the highest-ranking noble in the kingdom’s social hierarchy?”

“Mother, if there’s an event that catches your interest, please feel free to attend.”


“No, I’m occupied meeting individuals who come to the palace.”

“Alright then. It’s not my place to venture out alone without you.”

In the past, Eugene might have anticipated her mother declining if uninterested. However, as time passed, she gained insight into the mindset of the upper class by interacting with noblewomen.

Eugene smiled and said, “Don’t worry about me. I don’t have a strong desire for crowded places these days. However, with just the palace, my interactions are limited. Your presence is convenient. Since everyone already knows you’re my mother, no one would object, right? Isn’t that so, Marianne?”

“Yes, Queen. With the Queen being pregnant and the head of the Arse family having no standing in the kingdom, even if you assume some of the Queen’s roles, no one will criticize.”

“…Is that so?” Dana responded with a somewhat reassured expression. Since arriving in the kingdom and seeing her daughter’s face a few days ago, she had been somewhat bored with the idleness in the palace. Even during the extended periods managing the mansion, she never experienced such moments of leisure.

“Mother is poised to become incredibly popular in social circles. I might need to create a schedule and implement a queue just to exchange greetings. Should I go all out and distribute tickets?”

“No need for that level of formality,” Dana replied, gazing at her daughter’s playful remarks with a fond smile.

Observing Dana’s demeanor, Eugene silently admired her mother. Upon hearing the news that the Holy City had been sealed just the day before, she had been concerned that Dana might be deeply distressed. However, there was no trace of worry on Dana’s face now.

How frustrating it must be for her, Eugene thought. Yet, she doesn’t show it. Mom must be waiting until she finds a solution since it’s a situation that even she can’t resolve immediately.

Some might label Dana as cold, but for a leader tasked with guiding people, it is necessary to adhere to cool rationality rather than succumb to emotions. Lately, Eugene had been pondering the ideal mindset for a queen.

I want to resemble Mom.

She felt a sense of pride and security in having a mother she aspired to emulate. Dana mumbled, directing her gaze towards a corner of the reception room, “It’s truly fascinating, no matter how many times I look at it.”

Simultaneously, the other two individuals also shifted their attention. In the spot where their gazes converged, four Hwansus each occupied their unique spaces. Abu lay down, tapping the floor with his long tail and yawning. Krak diligently preened his wing feathers with his beak. The red-furred fox engaged in play with the little one, hopping between its front legs.

Dana found herself in close proximity to the king’s Hwansus for the first time, their majestic presence resembling formidable beasts. ‘Yet, those red eyes… there’s something unsettling about them,’ she reflected privately. A sudden awareness that the Hwansus could comprehend her words prompted her to exercise greater caution in her speech.

“Sorry,” Eugene apologized, breaking the silence. “It’s a bit chaotic, isn’t it?”

“No, it’s fine. What’s the harm in them being there quietly? But it’s intriguing that these Hwansus follow you. I’ve never heard of such an ability in Anika. Have you encountered this before, Baroness?” Dana inquired of Marianne.

“This is also my first encounter,” replied Marianne. “The Queen possesses a rare ability.”

Eugene, sensing an opportunity to lighten the atmosphere, extended an invitation. “Would you like to touch them?”

Dana, taken aback, vehemently declined. Eugene responded with a light-hearted chuckle, disguising it with a fake cough.

Amidst the exchange, a maid discreetly entered, awaiting her moment before approaching with a message. The maid bowed respectfully to Dana before addressing Eugene.

“Queen, Myung King and King Akil have arrived. They have been escorted directly to His Majesty the Fourth King’s office.”

“Alright, I understand,” Eugene acknowledged. As the maid withdrew, Dana muttered to herself, “Six kings. I never expected to see the day when they would gather in one place.”

“Now that the guests have arrived, we should go and greet them,” Eugene suggested.

As Eugene rose from her seat, a faint frown etched across her face as she instinctively embraced her stomach.


“Jin, what’s wrong?” 

Dana and Marianne, both taken aback, rushed to support Eugene. With a lifted head, Eugene spoke with a subtle expression that hovered between a smile and a sigh. “It moved.”

“What? Oh, is it the baby kicking?”


A shared sense of relief and joy graced the faces of Dana and Marianne, who had been harboring concerns.

“Ah… again now. Hmm… it’s strange.”

“Being quiet all this time and suddenly starting to move. Maybe it’s already feeling cramped in your belly,” Dana mused.

Despite the unfamiliar sensation of the baby squirming inside her, Eugene couldn’t help but laugh. An eagerness to share this news with Kasser welled up within her, urging her to convey the delightful development as swiftly as possible.



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