Chapter 374.1

“The two kings… fell.”

The riveted focus of Myung King and King Akil shattered at the unexpected revelation from Kasser. Pered and Riner, catching the bewildered gaze of Myung King, averted their eyes.

“Now, what I’m about to discuss diverges from my previous statement. Let’s cut to the chase,” Kasser declared, setting the tone with seriousness.

As Kasser delved into the narrative, the remaining five kings wiped emotions from their expressions and turned their undivided attention to him. “First, let’s journey through history, from the emergence of larks in this world,” Kasser began.

The narrative unfolded, recounting events from the distant past when ancient tribes held dominion, detailing their rise and fall, and unraveling the mysterious power of magic that brought the larks into existence. These tales, reminiscent of a fantasy novel, seemingly had no immediate relevance to the unfolding events in the Holy City.

Yet, none of the kings voiced objections. On the contrary, they found the narrative captivating. Even Richard, who had heard it before, listened with rapt attention as if experiencing it anew. Kasser’s story held a crucial link to the very identity of the kings.

The contemplation of ‘Who am I?’ was not unique to Kasser. Anyone, once elevated to the status of a king, would grapple with the complexities of their own identity. Amidst the sea of ordinary humans, the enigmatic force known as Praz manifested only within himself and his father. However, even the paternal figure couldn’t assuage Kasser’s doubts because he, too, was ignorant of the truth.

Kasser’s historical account distinctly outlined that, as a king, he wasn’t a monstrous entity like the larks but rather a human endowed with a unique power. This revelation dispelled the nebulous fears that had lingered deep within the hearts of the kings—the dread that they might transform into lark-like monsters someday or the lingering trauma of maternal abandonment due to perceived monstrosity.

Pausing for a moment, Kasser lifted his teacup and took a sip, signaling a transition to the crux of his narrative—the genuine truth that lay ahead.


Aldrit found himself in a state of bewilderment as he scrutinized each person entering through the stone gate leading to the kingdom. Typically, access was unrestricted unless it was post-sunset. The unusual circumstances raised his concern.

What’s happening?

When it was his turn, Aldrit handed his pass to the soldier, his heart pounding in anticipation. The soldier, after a swift glance at the pass, nonchalantly declared, “Clear, next.” However, the soldier’s attention shifted to the person behind Aldrit, demanding that he remove his hood.

Despite having his own hood pulled so deeply that his face was barely visible, the guard showed no signs of caution, not uttering a word. Experiencing an unexplained sense of reassurance, Aldrit tightened his grip on the pass.

News of Aldrit’s arrival swiftly reached Eugene. The conference room, where the six kings had gathered, was under tight security. Guards had strict instructions not to disturb unless the matter was urgent and severe. Yet, the significance of Aldrit’s high-level pass couldn’t be ignored.

“Aldrit? Did he mention that name?”

“Yes, Your Highness. And he conveyed that he came alone.”

The guard puzzled over why Aldrit emphasized his solitary arrival when the fact was apparent. However, Eugene understood and smiled.

“Bring him when it’s time to meet.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Eugene dismissed everyone, leaving only two silent maids waiting. Despite the tense atmosphere surrounding the queen’s guards, the courtiers followed orders promptly, aware that several Hwansus were safeguarding her.

A little while later, Aldrit entered and bowed respectfully towards Eugene, who occupied the inner sofa.

“Greetings, my queen. I trust you’ve been well?”

“Welcome, Aldrit. Come, join me here.”

Approaching the sofa, he raised his head and was momentarily taken aback. A diverse array of creatures adorned both sides of Eugene on the sofa. With their distinct red eyes and prominent horns, it was evident at first glance that they were Hwansus. However, the presence of eagles and foxes, excluding the black leopard, intrigued Aldrit, as they were the first of their kind he had encountered. Misinterpreting the scene, he mused, ‘So His Majesty keeps such a varied assembly of Hwansus.’

“How did you arrive so swiftly?” asked Eugene. “You may need to explain to His Majesty.”

While Eugene had confidence in Aldrit, there was a concern that others might misinterpret the situation, suspecting the use of teleportation magic near the kingdom.

“I happened to encounter the Hwansu that used to reside in the sanctuary’s lake. It assisted me and brought me here,” replied Aldrit.

“Really? It appears you share a connection with that particular Hwansu. Did it merely accompany you here and depart? I would like to meet it as well.”

Aldrit reminisced about his recent exchange with the Hwansu.

“Do you recall Anika, the one you encountered earlier? She expressed interest in meeting you. Would you be open to meeting her, considering you’ve traveled so far?”


The Hwansu’s response was resolute, leaving Aldrit perplexed. Intrigued by the rejection, he inquired further. 

“Why? What has she done to warrant your refusal?”

“I’ve chosen to refrain from involvement with humans and seek a peaceful existence. However, Anika’s scent is dangerously alluring. It could captivate even less experienced Hwansus one after another.”



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