Chapter 374.2

Aldrit conveyed the Hwansu’s straightforward explanation to Eugene, refining the language for her benefit. Eugene, visibly surprised, turned her gaze towards the Hwansus surrounding her and entered a contemplative silence.

“Where did you come across this particular Hwansu?” she inquired.

Eugene harbored a desire to encounter that Hwansu again, even if not immediately. Numerous questions lingered, fueled by her curiosity about the ancient tales from when the Hwansu served as the king’s companion. She wondered if another opportunity would arise to converse with a Hwansu unhostile towards humans.

Aldrit responded with a troubled expression. “I apologize, Your Highness. Even if I return to the location where I encountered the Hwansu, meeting it again might be beyond our control.”

As Aldrit bid farewell to the Hwansu, it shared its parting words.

“Next time you revisit that region, I won’t be there. I’ll choose a different path. Don’t expect the same stroke of luck. Even if you die, I won’t be aware.”

Eugene, upon hearing Aldrit’s account, felt a profound sense of disappointment.

“If it declared its departure, then it’s likely gone. There’s little we can do.”

While Aldrit might cross paths with the Hwansu again due to their connection, just as he fortuitously encountered it and found salvation, Eugene sensed that their reunion would be unpredictable.

“It seems the Hwansu returned to its refuge and departed once more. Has anything noteworthy occurred?” Eugene inquired.

“I came to inform you that Mara is safely safeguarding Anika Flora, whom he escorted away,” Aldrit said. “I thought you might be curious about the situation.”

“Did you journey here solely for that reason? I was intrigued, but I assumed you could handle it independently. Thank you, Aldrit. It’s no small feat to traverse such a great distance, especially when this incident could have posed significant problems.”

“I am fine.”

“No, I must consider a more efficient approach. As for Flora… How is she faring?”

“We are grappling with the challenge of providing a consciousness that satisfies Anika. Despite our best efforts, the circumstances are challenging.”

Eugene offered a rueful smile. It appeared that Flora was facing considerable hardships in her current situation.

“You handle it yourself. I can’t intervene in that matter.” Even if Eugene had the capability to assist Flora, she harbored an inner reluctance. That was her sentiment, deep down.

“I couldn’t completely block Mara’s approach. I apologize, Your Highness.”

“That’s understandable. How is Flora reacting?”

“So far, she remains very hostile toward Mara.”

Eugene nodded in understanding. Given Flora’s staunch commitment to justice, she wouldn’t easily succumb to Mara’s manipulations.

“His Majesty is currently engaged in an important meeting. Let’s convene after its conclusion. I also have numerous questions about your magic. Oh, but first, take a moment to rest.”

“I am fine. If there’s anything I can assist with…”

“No, let’s address it later. Visit your cousin and nephew. Last time you were here, you didn’t even exchange proper greetings.”

“…Yes, Your Highness. Oh, and there was something noteworthy in my conversation with the lark.”

As Aldrit shared details about the seed, Eugene responded with a surprised expression, covering her mouth with both hands.

“Oh my, Aldrit. This is truly remarkable information. I can’t quantify how many crucial insights I’ve gained from you.”

Eugene quickly summarized the information she had just received and instructed Aldrit to convey it promptly to Kasser.


“The ancient tribes didn’t vanish entirely. They concealed themselves, preserving their lineage while staying hidden from the world. One of these ancient tribes, guardians of magic, came across a lark. This particular lark happened to be a Hwansu who had aged enough to engage in conversations with humans.”

“The Hwansu can talk?” Nicholas couldn’t contain his curiosity. With an incredulous expression, Riner turned his gaze toward Kasser and interjected, “I’ve captured numerous larks and Hwansus, and I’ve never witnessed such a phenomenon.”

“I have,” Kasser asserted.

“What?” Riner sat up abruptly, leaning towards Kasser with an indignant expression. “King, have you genuinely encountered a talking Hwansu?”

“I have, and we had a conversation,” replied Kasser.

Riner voiced his frustration, “Then why can’t my Hwansu, Krak, talk?”

“A talking Hwansu is akin to a human in terms of age. There probably aren’t many like him in this world.”

Nicholas furrowed his brows. “How many of them are there?” he asked, but Kasser simply nodded. There were already three known Hwansus, and the possibility of more was quite high.

“So, what did you do when you encountered the talking Hwansu? Did you capture it?” Riner and Nicholas almost simultaneously fired off questions. Kasser chose to respond to Nicholas’s inquiry.

“It’s different from how humans speak. It doesn’t produce its own voice; instead, the sound resonates in the listener’s mind. The Hwansu has a gender-ambiguous, clear voice. It can convey messages to multiple people simultaneously, and sometimes, it can transmit only to the intended recipient.”

“Fascinating. It’s like…” Nicholas, who had been murmuring, suddenly halted. The brows of Richard and Pered, who had been silently observing, twitched. An abrupt heaviness settled in the air, as if an ominous foreboding had descended upon them.

“We’ll address questions once all the stories are concluded,” Kasser declared, resuming his narrative. As he progressed through the events following Alber’s encounter with the cunning monster and their subsequent contract, an uneasy hush enveloped the hall. No one dared to interrupt with questions, and the silence became so profound that not even the sound of breathing penetrated the air.

Unbeknownst to them, all the kings had clenched their fists around the hands resting on the table. The unbridled Praz emanating from their eyes shimmered like a subdued gleam. The atmosphere crackled with tension, taut enough to feel like it would burst upon the slightest touch.

“The expansive region that became the domain of the monstrous Hwansu remained untouched by other larks and transformed into a blessed land, drawing people to gather.”

When Kasser paused for a moment, Richard spoke up.

“Your Majesty, we may have all realized it, but shall I articulate the astounding fact plainly?”

Kasser nodded, signaling his agreement, and adjusted his chair. Richard stood, firmly placing both hands on the table to make a resonating sound. In his eyes, a subtle vortex of ashes-colored Praz swirled as he gazed around at the kings.

“Not only us, but our fathers, and their fathers before them, for a very long time! We have perpetually believed in creatures like larks as messengers of God and have been exploited all this while.”



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