Chapter 375.1

Richard’s contorted visage vividly portrayed the intensity of his seething anger. Initially, his emotions had been a mix of pain and regret upon discovering the harsh truth. However, as sleepless nights wore on, a growing reservoir of anger welled up within him.

Though currently attempting to restrain it, waves of Praz emanated from him like fiery sparks. The colossal round table, encompassed by six kings and surrounded by murmuring generals, quivered as if shaken by an earthquake.

Under different circumstances, the Sword King’s actions would have constituted a grave provocation, potentially prompting other kings to confront him with their own anger or condemnation. However, they merely furrowed their brows slightly, sensing the underlying pain within the Sword King’s rage.

Amidst this tense atmosphere, Kasser faintly understood the reason behind Richard’s exaggerated reaction. If the Sword King hadn’t taken the initiative to express intense emotions, the situation could have spiraled into chaos instantly. Thanks to the Sword King appropriately releasing tension, the other kings managed to maintain relative composure.

Breaking the momentary silence, Riner erupted into laughter. “So, that was the smell of a lark?” He chuckled to himself, his hearty laughter belying the fierce glint in his red pupils.

“I possess a rather peculiar talent, you know. It lies in this nose of mine.” Riner playfully tapped his nose with his hand. “When I take a whiff of the air, I can miraculously discern the scent of a lark.”

With an air of nonchalance, Riner unveiled his unique ability, a talent he had kept somewhat concealed. Kasser, already privy to this information through Eugene, nodded almost approvingly.

“But when I venture into the Holy City, the sensation is quite… how should I put it? Oppressive? It’s as if there’s a stifling aroma, yet not quite. It’s like my nose is playing tricks on me. Anyway, now I understand the reason.”

Riner emphatically slammed the table with both hands as he rose to his feet. “What else is there to do in this situation? Let’s go, let’s bring that guy down.”

As expected, Kasser clicked his tongue, observing Riner’s reaction that adhered seamlessly to expectations.

“It’s not that simple, Fire King.”

Riner sharply turned his head towards Richard. “Why?”

“He’s holding the Holy City hostage. From what I gather, he hasn’t obtained the information we’ve gathered here. Yet, he’s managed to seal off the Holy City.”

“Is there anything complicated about it? No matter how high he flies or crawls, in the end, he’s a lark. There’s no way he can withstand the attack of six kings. Didn’t the Fourth King also say that? He created the six kingdoms to bring us down.”

“It’s not about capturing him being difficult. We need to think about what happens after we capture him. It might not be flawless, but we should discuss at least some plans. Otherwise, the people of the Holy City might overlook that monster and resent us.”

Had Kasser uttered the same words, it might have sparked a prolonged argument. However, when Richard, displaying the wisdom of his paternal age, spoke calmly with proper etiquette, Riner didn’t counter but instead resumed his seat. Ultimately, Riner’s impulsive initiative had the effect of subtly altering the prevailing atmosphere.

King Akil voiced a crucial point, stating, “One thing is certain: This fight is a race against time. We can’t afford to give him much time.” 

“I think the same,” Kasser concurred. “Once we initiate our movements, he’ll soon catch on. Until then, we remain uncertain about his potential actions. The period preceding that awareness is our opportunity.”

King Nicholas chimed in with agreement, emphasizing, “It would be optimal to conclude everything before the dry season concludes. Dealing with the lark’s rampage during the same period would pose greater complications.”

Amidst the chaos, the usually silent Dark King Pered found his voice. However, as soon as Pered spoke, a hush fell over the room, and all eyes turned towards him.

“I…” Pered closed his eyes momentarily, then reopened them, emitting a light laughter. He seemed content, as if fulfilling a long-cherished desire. “If I can bring an end to that creature with my own hands, I don’t mind anything else.”

Interrupting, Riner asserted, “That’s not happening. I’m the one who’s going to take him down.” 

When Pered turned his gaze toward Riner, the Fire King widened his eyes. In response, Pered intensified his stare. The silent eye confrontation between the two persisted. It was as if they had silently agreed that the first one to avert their gaze would concede defeat, and neither released the tension in their eyes.

Whether voiced or unspoken, Kasser, gazing at the three other kings, declared, “I understand that everyone here has reached a consensus. We will amass our strength to vanquish the world-devouring monster. This strength encompasses not only the individual power of the kings but also, if necessary, the military might of our kingdoms. Does everyone agree?”

“I agree,” affirmed one voice.

Seizing the moment, Richard added, “To eradicate that monster, I’m prepared to utilize everything at my disposal.” His gaze lingered on the two kings still locked in an intense eye confrontation. “So, I cannot yield the end for that creature either.”

Pered and Riner abruptly shifted their gaze. The two kings scrutinized the unexpected new contender with vigilance. However, the competition wasn’t limited to the Sword King. Nicholas’s gaze briefly traversed the two kings before settling on Kasser. With a meaningful smile, he remarked, “My warriors excel in deciphering traps. I’m confident we can expose whatever tricks that creature tries to play. Perhaps the end for that creature might be my share after all.”

“Isn’t it first come, first served?” Akil, ruler of the Delano Kingdom nearest to the Holy City, stepped forward. “The warriors of my kingdom can breach the walls of the Holy City in half a day.”



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