Chapter 375.2

Amidst the chorus of everyone staking their claim against the monster, Kasser harbored no intentions of conceding. He had already resolved to shatter that creature’s core.

In any event, the formation of the alliance among the six kingdoms proceeded smoothly without any disruptions. The overarching objective was the annihilation of the monstrous entity donning the guise of a sovereign and the safeguarding of the Holy City. To expedite this mission, each kingdom committed to mobilize all available resources.

While pledging their names as kings carried significant weight, the evidentiary power of documents could prove influential in times of uncertainty. Therefore, beneath the document solidifying the alliance of the six kingdoms, all six kings affixed their signatures using a special oil.

This unique oil, crafted from the seeds of a lark, held the signer’s blood, enabling a swift refutation of any later claims of false signing. By dropping their blood on the signature, signers could authenticate their commitment. Additionally, kings had the option to use their own Praz instead of blood, serving as a substitute for the national seal.

“We should dispatch urgent messages to our kingdoms immediately. I need to hasten, being the farthest away,” Nicholas declared.

Upon his words, the other kings pondered their respective tasks. Akil, who had been deep in thought, turned to Kasser and inquired, “Fourth King, all this information seems to have originated from a person claiming to be a descendant of that ancient tribe. Is there no way for us to meet this person?”

Nicholas, recalling Kasser’s earlier narrative, subtly suspected that the benefactor revealing the cure for his mother’s illness was Alber. Thus, he awaited Kasser’s response to Akil’s question.

“As of now, there is no way,” Kasser replied.

“There’s something I don’t understand. While I don’t doubt the truth or exaggeration in your story, Fourth King, the descendant of that ancient tribe is essentially the same as the monster’s weakness. They must have concealed it meticulously and will be monitoring it closely. How did you come across this descendant?” Akil and the other kings fixed their gaze on Kasser, seeking an answer.

Kasser had kept certain details concealed from the kings, anticipating someone to notice the omission. With a composed demeanor, he surveyed the assembly of kings, his subtle smile hinting at an unfolding revelation.

“I never said that my story had concluded,” he declared.

Laughter and whispers rippled through the gathering. The usually reserved Fourth King revealed an unexpected facet, prompting surprised gazes from those present.

“Please, don’t misconstrue. Sharing all truths in a forum of collective deliberation is a formidable task. However, now that the six kingdoms stand united, there should be no room for secrets.”

Kasser began unraveling the facts he had previously discussed and agreed to disclose. He spoke of Eugene’s encounter with Alber, clarifying that it wasn’t himself who met Alber, and detailed her inheritance of the ancient tribe’s blood. He further revealed Anika’s recognition as a descendant of the ancient tribe, along with the existence of the Muen family, who lived conscious of their lineage.

Most of the narratives he knew were laid bare, for harboring secrets in a desire for informational superiority could jeopardize the integrity of the alliance. However, Kasser deliberately omitted the incident involving Eugene’s soul swap. That, he concluded, would remain an eternal secret.

As Kasser delved into the topic of the wanderers and Mara, Riner’s excitement surged.

“Another monster?!” Riner exclaimed, his enthusiasm palpable.

“Fire King, refrain from engaging with Mara for now. It might prove beneficial in confronting the creature in the Holy City,” Kasser advised.

“Beneficial? What a disgraceful notion, relying on a monster’s aid to tackle another monster. Surely, you don’t intend to let the first one off the hook after dealing with the Holy City creature?” Riner retorted, a touch of disdain in his tone.

“I have no such intention,” Kasser responded without hesitation. The grudge he harbored against Mara, who had attempted to kidnap Eugene, lingered momentarily but was not forgotten. Furthermore, placing the monster near the kingdom would pose a significant risk once Sang-je disappeared.

Akil shot a peculiar glance at Nicholas. There had been a disagreement between Nicholas and Akil regarding bringing the wanderers to the Lava Kingdom. Due to the logistical challenges of transporting them over a long distance, Akil preferred to confine the wanderers within the kingdom. However, Nicholas insisted vehemently, and eventually, they undertook the journey together.

“I rescued a wanderer who was being captured by a knight in the Delano Kingdom. It’s absurd to think that he used the darkness of the world as an excuse to capture wanderers,” Nicholas revealed. His gaze met Akil’s, who was urging him to share the rest.

Nicholas continued, “I brought that wanderer. Since we hastily departed for our kingdoms, I left him in the care of the warriors, so he should arrive within the next two or three days.”

Kasser absorbed this information. “Good job. The creature in the Holy City wields an unknown force called magic, so understanding that power is crucial. Currently, the only ones who truly comprehend magic are the wanderers.”

At that moment, a knock resounded on the door from outside. Shortly after, the door creaked open quietly, and a courtier stepped into the room. Kasser regarded the approaching courtier with an impassive expression; evidently, this individual was not one to heed the prior warning against interruptions.

Bowing respectfully before the assembly of kings, the courtier presented a letter. Kasser, while perusing the contents, betrayed a flicker of surprise.

“Well done. You may leave.”

Silently, the departing courtier turned around, exhaling deeply when he reached the door. Just garnering the attention of the six kings was burdensome enough, and his back was damp with cold sweat after a mere few steps back and forth.

Once the courtier had left and the door closed, Kasser retrieved the oil container he had discreetly placed under his chair and brought it onto the table. He had intended to discuss the seeds contained within this container, and thanks to Eugene’s letter, essential information had been added.

“What’s inside this is a condensed form of the creature’s generated energy,” Kasser explained, revealing that Sang-je fed these seeds to the knights, bestowing upon them unique abilities. “And if a king consumes this seed, they will learn his weaknesses.”

As Kasser finished speaking, Riner, with alarming speed, lunged at the table, reaching for the oil container.

“Then I..!” Riner declared.

Riner’s hands met empty air as Kasser adeptly lifted the oil container out of reach, casting a cold stare at the audacious thief with whom he had a history.



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