Chapter 376.1

“It’s outrageous, Fire King,” the words of criticism rang out before Kasser could even respond. Richard’s solemn nod set the tone for what followed. “It’s not appropriate to act with such recklessness, is it?” he continued, his tone carrying a weight of disapproval.

“Indeed,” another king chimed in, “while the passion to hunt down larks is understandable, this method is not the way.”

As each king added their opinions, Kasser observed Riner’s grim expression as he retreated into his seat. A sense of unease settled within Kasser as he discerned the impure intentions behind the collective rebuke that swiftly silenced Riner. The heated gazes of the other kings towards the barrel he held were unmistakable, their hunger reminiscent of beasts eyeing their prey.

With a subtle movement, Kasser lowered the barrel beneath his chair, diverting the conversation away from its disposal. “Now is not the time to discuss its fate. Urgent matters demand our immediate attention.”


The following morning, under royal orders, some of the warriors from the five kingdoms who had accompanied the kings on their visit departed for their respective homelands. Upon reaching their kingdoms, all realms would initiate a state of mobilization.

Meanwhile, the kings pressed on with their meetings, mindful of the need to avoid endless deliberations. They set a time limit for adjournment, agreeing that once the wanderers, journeying with the warriors of subordinate and vassal kingdoms, arrived at the capital, the meetings would draw to a close.

Time was scarce, with only two to three days remaining—a meager allowance. Unyielding, the kings remained within the confines of the meeting room, engaging in discussions, partaking of meals, and enduring through the nights.

Numerous points of contention arose, including the selection of a vanguard, the strategy for reclaiming the Holy City, the acceptable level of collateral damage, and the methodology for locating and extricating the lurking monster within the city’s confines. Amidst this discourse, news arrived from the Holy City.

“A holy war? Absurd!”

“Even the progeny of monsters, masquerading as God, have their limits.”

“This scoundrel dares to declare war upon us!”

The revelation that the Holy City had proclaimed a holy war elicited furious reactions from the kings. Should the Holy City fortify itself for this sacred conflict, any assailants would be branded as ‘evil’, deemed to have defied the divine will.

Upon receiving this urgent news, anxiety gripped the hearts of the kings, immediately honing the focus of their meeting. They recognized the need to secure the moral high ground in the impending propaganda war and address the underlying conflict instigated by the lurking monster before it escalated into tragic inter-human warfare.

While the meeting of kings proceeded, Eugene engaged in a discussion on magic with Aldrit. Sensing the pivotal role of magic in the impending conflict, she delved into the topic, aware that the sealed monster within the Holy City posed a formidable threat, relying primarily on magical prowess to confront the kings.

Having encountered difficulties in deciphering portions of the potion left by Flora, Eugene took the opportunity to seek clarification from Aldrit. Yet, to her dismay, Aldrit could only provide answers to about half of her inquiries.

“I apologize, Your Highness. My knowledge is still insufficient…” Aldrit confessed.

“No need for apologies. You’re making remarkable progress for someone with limited experience. While I feel like I’m crawling, it seems you’re already running,” Eugene reassured.

“It’s thanks to the guidance of my mentors,” Aldrit humbly replied.

“If it’s your elders, they might have the answers I seek, wouldn’t they?” Eugene pondered.

“Yes, they had already discerned that the potion you provided was incomplete,” Aldrit confirmed.

“Perhaps if you could convey my questions to them, but I understand it might take time,” Eugene acknowledged.

In her heart, Eugene yearned to visit the hideout of the wanderers to consult with the elders. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to satiate her thirst for magical knowledge. Perhaps she could uncover entirely new information, distinct from what Alber had imparted, or even discover a means to save him. She also harbored a curiosity about the mechanics of the magic that sealed larks while projecting a human facade.

However, the feasibility of such an endeavor in reality seemed bleak. With her pregnancy, embarking on the journey back appeared daunting. Even if magic could pave the way, she couldn’t venture alone, considering Mara’s presence. If she proposed accompanying Kasser, Mara would undoubtedly seize the opportunity.

“Aldrit, I’m really eager to unravel this teleportation magic,” Eugene expressed with a hint of frustration. “His Majesty is preparing to depart for the Holy City soon, but the distance is too vast. It takes over ten days for news to travel back and forth. Yet, I can’t master the magic alone.”

Had she not been pregnant, Eugene would have insisted on accompanying Kasser. With her foresight, she harbored a strong sense that she would play a significant role in the looming conflict. Even if Kasser vehemently objected, she would have found a way to persuade him.

“But…” Eugene’s hand instinctively moved to her belly, where the baby inside seemed to be frolicking. Ever since, the baby’s movements brought her both surprise and joy. Each sudden kick or squirm elicited laughter, a testament to the precious life growing within her.

The safety of her unborn child took precedence above all else for Eugene.

“So, I’ve been pondering,” Eugene continued, shifting her focus. “Could we enhance the magic within the secret warehouse? Perhaps we could transmit small items from the hideout to that location, facilitating the exchange of letters, thus sparing you the arduous journey.”

Aldrit hesitated, wearing a troubled expression before responding, “Your Highness, the magic within the secret storage is of such sophistication that integrating additional enchantments presents a considerable challenge. Without the direct intervention of the elders, it lies beyond my capabilities.”



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