Chapter 38

Chapter 38

“Everybody back off!”

The soldiers bowed in unison and obeyed their sovereign’s express command. Kasser was ready with his bow and aimed at his target. In a split second, the arrow swiftly bolted and struck the Lark’s torso. With one blow, the shield surrounding it broke, creating a sickening shattering sound.

In retaliation, the beast, sensing a crisis, turned aggressive. Opening its mouth wide, it maneuvered its tail in the direction of the source of its undoing, Kasser.

The blue energy swirled in Kasser’s eyes. As he stared at the Lark, his pupils stretched out, like a feline’s, making him look inhumane. With the incoming blow, the Praz in his body revealed its presence. Blue energy rolled up from the king’s flesh and a majestic Praz, in its serpentine form, materialized.

Now transformed, the Praz devoured the Lark’s head. It made for a grotesque sight. Sticky fluid mixed with chunks of flesh splashed all over.

Nimble on his feet, Kasser then severed the snake’s head with his Praz infused sword. This would arrest the regeneration of the snake. One could not kill these monsters by only beheading and stabbing them in the heart. Rather, the king’s attack would only paralyze it for a moment.

To kill a Lark, one ought to find its Achilles’ heel. Its nucleus.

However, since the nucleus was too small, the odds of destroying it were slim. Fortunately, Kasser was able to spot the nucleus, for only a king could. He raised his sword, right above the dimly shining spot in the center of the snake’s torso, then decisively struck it.

The snake wriggled and went limp. Heaving its final breath, it disintegrated into a fine dust that scattered in the wind… Its remains–head and the bodily fluids that were smeared all over Kasser’s body, also turned into powder.

It simply vanished without a trace. A vain end.

Even after defeating the Lark, Kasser was given no room to breathe. A squad of soldiers on a different part of the wall was doing its best to hold off another Lark just yet. It was precisely in moments like this, that he wished he could duplicate himself into multiple copies and tackle several matters of priority simultaneously. Without losing a moment, he mounted Abu’s back and made a dash to the other wall immediately.

Eugene walked out of the study in sheer astonishment. The explosion was so loud, it had penetrated the thick walls of the study. But the sight of the guards rooted in their post, displaying a serene facade, calmed her down. It didn’t seem like a big deal at all.

As she made the turn to exit the corridor leading to the study, what greeted her was Zanne, casually standing by a corner. It seemed like she had been waiting, despite being told to leave earlier.

Sensing the queen’s presence, Zanne straightened herself and bowed her head.

“Have you been standing here waiting for me?”

“Yes, my queen.”

Eugene frowned. The words she wished to say, I told you I will just call you if necessary. You don’t have to torment yourself by waiting here, died in her throat… afraid that poor Zanne might interpret her words differently.

No matter if Zanne just misinterpreted her or was just afraid that she would offend the queen by leaving her unattended, Eugene understood the predicament of her subordinates. Jin Anika ruled with an iron fist, discipline was drilled in their bones; this explained why they were wary of Eugene.

“I took a rough look at the study. Let’s go.”

“Very well, my queen.” Zanne meekly followed Eugene.

Walking towards her chamber, Eugene couldn’t help but notice that the corridors lacked the usual manpower. In fact, there was no one else but the two of them in the corridor.

“I heard an explosion. What’s going on?” she asked in a low voice.

“It’s a sign that a Lark has appeared.”

At the mention of the hideous creature, Eugene’s calm went haywire, her heart raced. The conclusive difference between Eugene’s world and Mahar was the existence of this very Lark. These monsters were a formidable foe of mankind living in Mahar.

When asked if the human race’s ultimate goal was the absolute extermination of Larks, few would say, “Yes”.

When the active period had elapsed and Lark was out of sight, the “seed” left behind by it was collected and used by humans during the dry season. Seeds had become essential resources that enriched human life. The dry season was the time for humans, and the active period Larks. In this way, Mahar was a world where humans and monsters coexisted.

“Are you all right?”

“Yes, my queen. A yellow flare appeared, so there is no need to worry too much. Larks have yet to breach the wall.”

There must be a signal system based on the risk rating.

Eugene thought she should ask Marianne for more details. If there was anyone whom she could confide in, it would be Marianne, the woman who raised the king and expected nothing in return.

Besides, it wasn’t appropriate for a queen to rely on her subordinates. If she were to appear vulnerable and in need before a servant, the latter might soon defy her authority–and abuse her kindness.

It was what people did to her in her other world.

Eugene put on a tight smile. She felt bitter in her own heart, that she saw malice in almost everyone. Even in the timid mouse, Zanne.

This was because she had received more ill-will than goodwill in her original world. Before crossing over to Mahar, Eugene’s life was the embodiment of the jungle’s survival of the fittest.

And here, she had fallen into a strange world and allowed only a short time to recover from the shock. The strong urge to survive never left her, even after her unforeseen transmigration.



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