Chapter 43

Chapter 43

To level his gaze with hers, he crouched a bit lower. As he reached her, he put his hands next to her th!ghs, leaving her no room for escape. She could hear her heart beating like marching drums, yet she did not avert her gaze from his.

Then, their noses touched.

Eugene closed her eyes, slightly turned her head to the side, evading the man before her.

Yet, before she knew it, she felt his lips meshed with hers. She gasped, and in this opportune moment, his t0ngue intrusively slipped through.

She felt him slowly wrapping his t0ngue around hers. Her brows knitted tightly, receiving his ministrations. He suck2d lightly and then broke their kiss. His arm snaked around her shoulders, while the other found the small of her back.

Surprisingly, he held her in an embrace and skillfully laid her down on the bed, giving her a moment to steal a shallow breath.

Tonight, Kasser seemed to be very careful. His actions and gestures were measured and considerate. Even as he lay atop her, he distributed his weight evenly so as not to hurt her. Then, he sought for her lips and pushed his t0ngue deep into it.

The king was satisfied with the kiss. He no longer felt the resistance from that night. He bit her lips and rubbed her t0ngue with his. Sal!va mixed as their t0ngues entwined. The errant m0an that escaped her throat ar0used him.

His hand slid up from her ankle to the inside of her th!gh, strok!ng her slim legs with his palm. His fingers traced along her skin as he caressed the soft flesh beneath her und3rwear.

When he peeled his lips from hers, her eyes flew open at the fingers that rubbed her below. Looking at her trembling lashes, an urge of mischievousness hit him. He kissed her lips lightly.

“Is this all right?”

“Is what all right?” Eugene twisted her leg and her waist, passively grabbing his hand. But then, his hand remained attached to her heat.

“I was really ar0used that day,” he said in a guttural voice while he stroked her.

With a flushed face, Eugene stared at him.

“The next day, I took a nap… fell asleep early in the evening. It was so difficult to hold back.”

Her eyes relaxed. A faint thought surfaced through the crevices of her mind… Perhaps, he wasn’t indifferent to her after all?!

His fingers dug deeper into her underwear and Eugene was brought back from her brief moment of distraction. She realized… her body was amazed at his touch.

His fingers entered her, gently str0king her insides. She pursed her lips tightly and gulped hard.

“Hng… “

He captured her lips once more and sucked her soft t0ngue. It felt like extracting sweet juice from a fruit. And yet, no other fruit had ever tasted as good.

On his way to the queen’s chambers, he had told himself that this was just something he had to do to get a successor. Tonight, he wouldn’t hold himself back like the first night. By the time he stood outside her door, he was quite resolved.

And yet, at this moment, he could feel all his sense of reasoning begin to falter. The determination dissipated, the rationality long gone.

He was perplexed by his seething des!re. This avarice was devouring him. He didn’t want to ever stop kissing her.

Their lips met narrowly. His patience was almost completely gone. Even her breath smelled sweet.

As he str0ked her, the slippery nectar from her heat soaked his fingers. The sticky texture was delicious. He was unsure if he felt this way from touch, taste, or a mixture of the two.

“Does it hurt?”

“No… I’m fine.”

He raised his finger and pushed it in further. His finger slipped in easily–she was ready for him.

Eugene’s eyes were quivering, the barely suppressed des!re flashed in her eyes.

“Oh… “

Reflexively, Eugene put her arms around his neck. Drowned in a violent kiss, sal!va trickled down her chin.

He bit and swallowed her tongue, sometimes he moved his tongue in and out like he was thrust!ng. At the same time, his fingers rubbed her nub and moved in the same gesture. Faint wet sounds resounded in the silent room.


Eugene let out a quiet scream. Suddenly, he relinquished her lips and captured her bosom. As he sucked with passion, a strange feeling surfaced as the warm and moist lips wrapped around her mound. He nibbled on her peaks, licking, and lapping with his t0ngue.

Muffled moans and short breaths escaped Eugene’s mouth. Little pleasures spread all over her body. His fingers pressed against the vag!nal wall and rubbed, causing a frenzy in her lower abdomen.

Eugene closed her eyes and enjoyed the growing pleasure. She was looking forward to what would come next and wanted to enjoy the fuzzier state of life.

His hands explored her whole body. His touch was soft but got harder when the tension was about to be released.

That feels good.

Right then…

He stopped everything–not even a kiss. She knew what was next.

His hands, as if to punish her for thinking otherwise, quickly rubbed her cl!toris hard. For a moment, her mind went blank.


A short, intense orgasm surged through her nether regions. Eugene raised her chin, through gritted teeth, let out a faint groan. Her back arched as her head rang. The feeling of liquid pouring out was vivid.

Eugene’s whole back touched the bed again. She was nervous when her relaxed body felt his th!ghs. His kisses and caresses were great. However, the pain that she felt when he entered her was still vivid in her mind.

She looked up at him with fright as he opened her thighs. He grinned when their eyes met.

She blinked quickly. It occurred to her that he might ask, ‘Should I stop?’. If he did, she would definitely nod.



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