Chapter 44

Chapter 44

“Does it hurt?”

“II don’t know…” Eugene said, holding her breath.

The pain was subtle, but the feeling of being penetratedit was almost unbearable.

Gradually, Kasser entered her, mindful of her expressions as he did. He wanted to be as gentle as possiblehe reined in his urges. His back muscles tensed as he slowly trudged forth, fighting the impulse to push in all at once.

Gritting his teeth, he buried himself inside her fullyfor the first time, he went all the way in. Last time, it had hurt her so much that he hadn’t inserted himself completely.

The feeling of her tight inner walls enveloping him was fantastic. He had yet to reach his peak, even so, his whole body had already tingled. He was glad that he hadn’t known this pleasure until now. Who knew, if he had tasted it at a young age, he may have thrown away everything for it.

He gently pulled out and pushed back in slowly. Feeling swept away, he let out a guttural moan.

His back, a golden hue, glistened with sweat as his muscles rippled with his every move. He stepped back a bit and dug in again, allowing her to get used to this sensual rhythm.

“Ah… Ah…”

Eugene was shocked every time she felt a stirring inside. When he pulled out, it was a little easier to breathe, but when he pushed back in again, she always lost her breath.

In the next instant, he’d pulled out almost entirely, suddenly making her feel empty. But then again, she would shriek at the intense feeling of him rushing back in, pounding at her ravenously.

His eyes flashed as his pace picked up…


He pushed in, stretching her, piercing deep. Her walls convulsively throbbed, inevitable spasms she couldn’t control. His rhythmic thrusts and the ensuing feelings… Unable to withstand these, Eugene let out a cry.

“Ah! Ahhh!”

Her whole body trembled every time he drove in. The tips of her fingers tingled; eyes felt numb. No resistance, she had succumbed to him.

Looking down at the woman in disarray, Kasser’s eyes burned with heat. Someday… one day, he wanted to do this with the lights on. He wished to see her fair skin turning crimson. He wanted to watch her every expressionpain, pleasure, exhilaration… He wanted to miss nothing. His grip on her hips tightened as a creeping sensation reeled in him.

Just a little more…

Eugene’s moans filled the chamber.

When pleasure racked her, Eugene’s eyes flew open. She couldn’t breatheher body in a tight race. She threw her head backward, and her waist naturally arched upwards, making it look like she was offering her mounds to the king. She was thrilled by the pleasure coursing from her head through her toes…

Her moans made his blood boil with desire. With the tide of overwhelming sensation that hit her at once, she closed her eyes tightly. Tears spontaneously flowed down while her body trembled with chills. Her walls spasmed for a long time. Over time, the trembling gradually subsided.

Then her body slowly drooped, his manhood, which was deeply embedded inside her, was gently pulled out.

Eugene caught her breath; her chest heaving up and down repeatedly. Her head was hazy; her whole body exhausted.

Then, she felt soft lips touch her forehead, her lidded eyes, and finally, her lips.

Her brows furrowed. Looking at Kasser’s eyes filled with vivid energy, she had a feeling…

… This would be a long night.

Eugene opened her eyes, greeted by an onslaught of light. As always, the place beside her was cold, the warmth left with the person. Face deeply buried in the pillow; she blinked slowly. Her body sank heavily.

One, two, three…

Eugene counted the days in her head.

Oh my god! Three weeks…

It had been exactly three weeks since her transmigration…Three weeks since she found herself lying in the middle of the desert. The first few days were agonizingly slow but the days thereafter, passed in a blink of an eye.

With her daily routine being monotonous and dull, she couldn’t even recall the things she did. Almost every day, she woke up near noon, washed, ate, took a nap, and ate again. Then, before she knew it, the evening would have arrived.

Today, she was exhausted beyond words. She just sat in the library, mindlessly flipping through a few books. She still hadn’t gotten close to finding Jin Anika’s secret lair. No matter how many books she had gone through, the numerous angles she had considered and conjectured, it was all for nothing.

Sigh. It’s all because of him!

For nearly two weeks after their second night, he’d visited her chambers every night without fail.

Since the beginning of the active period, there had been no day without a single yellow flare. He would run to the wall every time.

She heard that he fought monsters every day, presided over state affairs, and went out to patrol once or twice a day. And yet, at night, he would use the remainder of his energy on Eugene.

Hence, it was only her, who couldn’t keep up with his physical strength, suffered. She understood his desire to have a successor. A king needed someone to pass the crown to. But at this rate, she’d die before she could even get pregnant, let alone give him a baby!

Not like this. I can’t do anything!

Eugene sat up gently.

Today, I don’t want to see anyone.

There were more than a few times when her heart considered staying in bed and hiding under the covers, hoping she would get the much-needed respite. But her rational mind knew, this was her wishful thinking, for there was no place that could conceal her from the king. It seemed like she was destined for sleepless nights and exhaustion.

The king and queen’s sleeping quarters were separate, but off late, Kasser seldom used his.

Her cheeks turned crimson just by thinking of how his visits must appear in the eyes of the people in the palace. Maids had to clean up messy sheets every day, see his traces all over her body every time they attended to her in the bath.

The maids would naturally gossip. Argh… It’s really mortifying!

Needless to say, there was obviously a lot to talk about with the royal couple, who hardly used the bed once a month, now meeting every night. It was, inadvertently, a much-publicized event, with everyone privy to the sovereigns’ private matters.

No matter how hard one tries, one just cannot prevent the whispers.



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