Chapter 59

Chapter 59

Eugene poured the tea into his cup and Kasser picked it up without a word. Watching him drink, she felt confused.

Why would he leave his work for just a cup of tea? She could hardly tell what he was thinking. Did he want to see her and just couldn’t admit it?

Neither of them said anything. There was a subtle air between them, but nothing could bring them to speak. Nothing they thought of was worth the conversation. They just remained at a proper distance, stealing glances at the other.

“Thank you for the tea.”

Kasser laid down his empty cup. Instead of immediately standing, he took a moment to sort through the complication in his mind. He wanted to spend more time with her but couldn’t think of what to say.

What came to mind instead was a job that needed to be done as quickly as possible. He sprang to his feet in spite of himself, and Eugene quickly followed suit to see him off.

He started to walk away but stopped. His dithering manner was palpable. Looking at his back, Eugene felt her heart beat faster.

She reached for him but fell short. Regretfully, she lowered her hand again the moment Kasser looked back. Their eyes met.

Eugene embarrassedly dropped her hand and took a step back. But Kasser quickly took the initiative and stepped forward to close the distance himself. She took another hesitant step back, but he strode up and wound her waist with one arm.

He lowered his head. Unable to fight the energy, his lips lightly met hers.

Eugene could turn his head or push him away. But inwardly, she hesitated. What do I want to do?

While she hesitated, Kasser carefully bit Eugene’s lower lip as if asking if he could go on.

Eugene smiled. She’d already spent countless nights with him and even formed a deep physical relationship. The kiss that came with a fresh feeling was embarrassing albeit enjoyable.

He showered her smiling lips with several kisses, passionate yet gentle. Eugene let out a laugh.

“You’re such a complicated person.”

Kasser’s blue eyes sank and shook.

 “… that’s what I want to say.”

Not allowing her the time to retort, Kasser swallowed her lips completely. His tongue sank deep into her mouth, sauntering around her tender flesh.

Eugene closed her eyes. His lips reeked of the tea he had just had. As she let go of herself, the tips of her fingers flinched on his shoulder.


Her waist was crushed against his and her body clung closely to him. One of his hands held her under her chin. The two overlapping lips interlocked with a slight gap.

By now, the two were well-acquainted with each other’s bodies and remembered the pleasure that stemmed from meeting their end of the contract. It started with a willow kiss and quickly escalated into a dense one.

He wanted to bite her small, fluffy tongue. Its sweet taste had remained on his lips and had not disappeared even after several days had gone by. He curled Eugene’s tongue and sucked it hard.

In an instant, a tingling sensation climbed up her back. Her knees buckled as her legs lost their strength. Thanks to his arms, which held her tightly around her waist, Eugene was now leaning completely on his chest instead of falling to the ground. She could well feel the bulge stabbing her stomach. But she was still on her period.

Her eyes were spinning. Kasser held Eugene in his arms and laid her on the bed. Eugene gasped for breath while his lips fell away.

“I can’t do it yet.”

“I know. I won’t go all the way.”

On the bed, Kasser held her hands. He intertwined their fingers together and kissed her knuckles, then her fingertips. After swallowing one of her fingers completely, he tickled it with his tongue.

A tingling sensation climbed up her arms, leaving trails of goosebumps on its way. Her body flinched on its own and her eyes flew open. She was greeted with the sight of his blue hair. And underneath that vividly colored mane was a pair of intense blue eyes, reminiscent of a clear, cold winter sky that seemed to pull her.

She suddenly felt his body temperature rise sharply while he gently pushed on her shoulder until she laid down.

Before she knew it, his hand slid into her pajamas and clasped her breast. He held it hard and gently pressed it with his fingertips. The tip rose solidly as his thumb rubbed back and forth over her nipple.

He kissed her on the cheek, on her ear, and put his lips deep under her chin.

“Yo–Your Majesty. Stop…”

Her body began to heat up. Her lower abdomen was pulled, and her vagina tightened. Eugene was likely to commit an indecent act of putting her vagina on his thigh and rubbing.

“Just a little more.” His deep voice seemed to come from somewhere below.

One-piece pajamas with buttons could not be taken off the top alone. As he unbuttoned, only one of her breasts was revealed. He groped her right breast, still concealed in her pajamas, and sucked the exposed one.

Eugene quivered. His hot, damp mouth enveloped her breast and sucked with vigor. Blood rushed up to her back. He licked the aroused nipple and bit it softly. The other breast was firmly held by his strong hand.

Eugene’s arm hugged his head. The constant stimulus curved her waist. Her whole body chilled with pleasure in her lower abdomen. It was nearly the end of her menstrual period and she couldn’t let herself be ravaged just yet.

“Stop… stop,” Eugene cried out desperately.

After a final suck and persistent bite, his lips reluctantly relinquished her breast. But he still kept gazing at it, longingly.



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