Chapter 6

Chapter 6

“Kasser, the King of the Dead…” Eugene muttered to herself softly as she saw the man that stood before her.

She couldn’t take her eyes off him.

He was like an Adonis on land. His hair was a cobalt blue. 

Where Eugene was from, such hair color was only made possible through dyeing. But in this world, the natural shine his blue locks gave off was different from what would be the effects if it had been artificially colored.

She remembered writing down that most people who had lived in Mahar had naturally brown hair and brown eyes. Only a select few varied from time to time.

Which meant his hair was special-it was a symbol of his identity and ability.

All six kings of Mahar had their own unique set of abilities. This meant each king had a different color of hair, which would signify just what abilities they had exactly.

And in Mahar, he who had the blue head, and blue eyes would be the successor of the king. 

As much as Eugene was thrilled to meet one of the most important characters in the story she had been creating and talk to him, she had to rein it all in because she wasn’t exactly in the best position to be doing so. She currently resided in Jin Anika’s person…

And in the story, Jin Anika was most definitely the villainess. In other words, she was King Kasser’s mortal enemy. The bad to his good. Kasser would also be the one to take Jin Anika’s last breath. She cursed herself for that.

Why did I write it like that?! She thought to herself before she could feel the beads of sweat slid down her back. Is he going to kill me then if I mess up? She wondered worriedly…

Kasser laughed dryly as he watched her. Jin Anika was definitely acting quite strangely than she used to-which meant she was up to no good, and whatever schemes she had, had never boded him well. It was as he had observed in the past after all, without fail. It wasn’t bias on his part, rude as it may be, it was a fact.

“Well here I am,” he said to her as he swept his gaze around her room once more, before returning his eyes to hers. “What do you want me to do now, I wonder,” he said, holding his head up in fierce defiance, not wanting to be swayed to do her bidding.

“Wha-I mean, yes?” She stuttered, and Kasser let out a scowl and paced back and forth like a tiger would before its prey.

“Speak up!” He ordered harshly. “If you have something to say, then say it clearly and with haste!”

He was well aware that the tone of his voice was well above what Marianne had asked him to do, but her actions were beginning to irk him. He never liked the way the queen held herself. Her very demeanor got onto his nerves in every wrong way possible.

Eugene could only blink some more before she shifted her gaze towards the floor. Why the king was so upset with her, she couldn’t fathom. She could barely even remember at which part this part of the story was, or what was happening.

The more she stayed silent, the more Kasser grew irritated…

“Look at me!” He demanded, and her eyes snapped back up to meet him. He was openly sneering at her now, tilting his head as he continued to observe her.

“You’d dare turn away from your king?” he asked her, the venom dripping from his voice. 

This new act rubbed him off in the wrong ways as well. It wasn’t like her at all. Eugene knew she had to do something so as not to incur his wrath-she gave him a soft and gentle smile…

At the pleasantness of the smile, the king was taken aback. It was odd to find her smiles pleasant. Usually, it only brought dread to his very existence. Her unnaturally onyx irises always held a certain coldness in them, that he could never find an ounce of warmth in it. Oftentimes, he could almost mistake her for a human-like doll; real in the flesh but lacking the soul to live with.

She smiled at him awkwardly, looking up at his face with innocence, and Kasser’s eyes widened for a moment. But behind this smile was Eugene screaming in her head-

Leave me alone! 

“News has reached me.” He cleared his throat and began again. “You’ve been skipping meals.”

“I’ve had a lot on my mind lately.” She thought of a random excuse. “But I’m fine now, I won’t forget to eat again.”

Unable to hold his intense gaze, she looked down towards the floor once again, completely missing the change in his expression.

T/N: I can just imagine our MC’s awkward smile. XD 



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