Chapter 60

Chapter 60

Despite the yearning eyes gazing intently at her mound and her own rising sensuous appetite, Eugene steeled herself and covered the front of her pajamas with trembling hands– the message was loud and clear.

A dejected Kasser then laid down on his stomach, leaning slightly on his side, so he didn’t completely crush Eugene who was underneath him. He burrowed his face in the crook of her neck as he laboriously breathed.

“How much longer do I have to wait?”

“A few days… more…” Eugene mumbled, trying to rein in her desire but his teasing breath on her neck wasn’t helping.

However, Kasser was barely able to decipher it. It was hard as it is for him to regain his normal composure–his arousal from their previous heated encounter was left unsated. And now, he could only hold her in his arms to calm his urges and that was not helping.

It took him great determination to bring down the excitement even after moving his large frame a little farther from her to cover only half her body. But even then, he didn’t let go of her.

As time went by, amidst the silence of the night, their breathing gradually grew calmer. The hot air also cooled down significantly and the ambiguity faded.

“Your Majesty. You’ll fall asleep at this rate.”

He hadn’t even changed his clothes, unlike Eugene, who was already dressed to go to bed. Besides, she wasn’t sure what he was up to.

“I can’t get up yet.” He murmured, helplessness evident in tone.

“Ah…” She reckoned that his member was still swollen stiff inside the confines of his trousers. She couldn’t help chuckle, thinking as to how he was having to battle it out with his nether region that seemed to have grown a mind of its own.

Hearing the unmistakable sound, Kasser raised his head.

“Who are you laughing at?”

“No one. Are you all right?” She tried to steer the topic. However, the amusement on her face betrayed her feelings.

He let out a small sigh. He couldn’t believe he was in such a helpless state–having a hard time controlling his seething passion. He felt like a foolish child. Even so, he was not embarrassed for it was not entirely his fault. But he was unsettled when his ‘partner in crime’ was drawing pleasure from his pitiful plight.

After much thought, Eugene suggested a solution that dumbfounded this monarch.

“Ummm… They say men know a way to make it die down quickly. Like… singing a somber song.”

There is one thing that hasn’t changed after she lost her memories. She has no problem with her confidence! Kasser mused.

Jin Anika had always been confident and bold, even in the presence of her husband, the king. It was entirely understandable for she was an Anika and had the Sang-je’s support. However, after losing her memory, she no longer sounded as arrogant as she used to. Moreover, she didn’t lose composure over the informal manner in which he talked to her. He knew she genuinely didn’t mind, for she was allowing everyone to address her by her title.

“You know such random things. How come you remember things like that?”

His words had hardly fallen when he regretted saying them. Marianne nagging him to speak softly to the queen flashed in his head.

Eugene shook her head; it was a silly knowledge she’d gleaned in her previous world. She veered the topic and said, “I need to hurry and get my memory back. There is still no sign of progress. I’ll try harder.”



He regretted it even more. He vowed never to bring up any words related to her memory again.

When a gnawing silence drowned the chambers, Eugene couldn’t help but shatter it.

“Your Majesty.”




“Say it.”

“Would you like to sleep here?”

No sooner than the words left her lips than Eugene realized how misleading they were–she only meant to ask if he would like to keep lying next to her and leave at the first rays of dawn like what he usually did.

In her current situation, she had no intention of seducing him. But she’d spewed out such an invitation while in an intimate position. Hence, it was bound to carry the wrong impression…

“What I meant–”

“The bed is wide enough for two.” Kasser finished it for her.

“…. yes.”

Unbidden, a smile began to form on her lips. She liked his mirthful retort. She didn’t know him that well, but at least he wasn’t someone who made others feel uncomfortable. All the initial awkwardness, it seems, had begun melting away. And neither seemed to mind.

Pressed between his taut torso and strong arms, his rhythmic, lax breathing sounded like a lullaby. It soothed and warmed her. Gingerly, her fingertips found her lips… the feel of his soft lips still lingered. A glimmer flashed through her serene eyes.

Whether it was a way to bear a child or to satiate his lust, it was amply clear he could get whatever he wanted. Even so, it didn’t stop her from enjoying everything she did with him. Most of all, she found comfort in basking in his body heat and to be nestled in his arms.

This was all well within the purview of the contract.

But why… why does her heart beat like crazy by his mere presence?

Eugene couldn’t quite say it was just physical attraction on her part. She gulped hard, realizing her heart could be led astray by a small gust of wind.

Quite some time had passed by, and yet sleep eluded her. In fact, her mind refused to let her. The more she tried to rein in her errant thoughts, the more they ran amuck. At last, Eugene resorted to staring at the black ceiling and willing herself to sleep.

It feels just like that day.

She recalled the first day of this month when she had shared the same bed with him. Just like tonight, they had laid side by side that day. The nights that followed were wreathed in intense carnal activities. She would fall asleep exhausted, their bare bodies entwined with one another. It’d happened so often now that it already felt awkward to lie down apart from each other.

“Are you asleep?” Eugene asked, very softly.

A clear answer came right away.


“If you aren’t sleepy, there is something I’m curious about. It could take longer. Should we discuss it tomorrow?”

“It’s all right.”

However, right then, for reasons unknown, her thoughts traversed in a different direction. She had a deep urge to know the man, to see what was behind the stoic facade.

I hear your mother is still alive?

Why is that person living in the Holy City? Why does nobody talk about the former queen?

Is his mom someone he longs for or a scar he wants to forget?

A string of questions they were, sitting on the tip of her tongue, and yet she couldn’t bring herself to ask one. A faint line existed between the two, crossing it was perilous. Not that she lacked the courage to ask. It was only that, she was afraid a cold refusal would be the answer.



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