Chapter 79

Chapter 79

“While you’re honest, tell me another thing. Do you think that the current me can do better to the kingdom than the old me?”

Kasser hesitated to reply, he avoided her gaze for a brief moment even.

“That’s right,” he finally said, but something troubled his mind, and he didn’t know what.

Ah, so I was right about that. She held on to her proud heart and reminded herself.

All that matters to the Desert King is his kingdom. So, I have to stop deluding myself and, instead, be grateful to him for agreeing to give me a useful position in the palace.

“This responsibility, will it help you if I take it?”

“It will help me a lot.”

“Then, I’ll do my best.”

He felt a stirring in his heart as he gazed at the queen, smiling so sweetly at him. It bothered him, but he couldn’t put the finger on it. Yet, he was certain that it wasn’t anything unpleasant.

Recently, he had been experiencing a great deal of emotions and symptoms he couldn’t clearly work out. But he didn’t have a moment to sit down and think through these; he was simply too busy.

See here, there was no end to the list of things he had to do today. A pile of papers from Verus was waiting for his final approval. And this was just one of the things. Nonetheless, he put aside his work and unexpectedly proposed to her.

“You said you wanted to go out. Shall we go now?” he asked, with hopeful eyes.

“Now?” She was shocked.

“After the sun is completely down.”

“It’ll still be very disorderl…”

“Everybody will be back to living their lives again. There won’t be Larks for some time now, hence, everyone will be out in the streets.”


“There is a period of peace after Larks invade the kingdom. We just had a huge army of them, so there won’t be any for at most ten days.”

“Wow, that’s excellent news… not that the army is good news. Yes, let’s go out. I want to go out.”

“All right.”

The corner of his lips raised slightly. Eugene felt his eyes that were looking at her were gentle. She turned away, afraid that she may blush any minute.

In the distance, the sun had finally set. Everything had returned to blissful silence.

“Can you jump from here, too?”

They were at the bridge, which was higher off than his study. The depth she saw when she poked her head out of the banisters was frightening. It would take a crazy to leap off from here; she looked at him with worry.

“Shall I try?” Kasser replied as he pushed the chair back with his legs as he stood up.

Absolutely appalled, Eugene quickly shouted. “No!”

Seeing her fierce, bulging orbs, he burst out laughing. She looked back at him, unable to believe he was joking.

His unbridled laughter warmed her heart and pleased her eyes. She wanted to become the only person that shared his jokes and laughter. Was it too much to ask? Instantly aware of the nonsense, she quickly regretted her thoughts.

Eugene intuitively knew she was falling for him. How nice would it be to control your heart, however you please? She was full of mixed feelings.

Eugene was all dressed and ready.

For the trip, she had to hide her inky black hair. She put on a brown wig and, just to be sure, wore a robe with a hood. It was dark enough outside, so she didn’t bother hiding her eyes.

Marianne had dressed Eugene herself.

“It’s all done, Your Grace,” Marianne said with delight. She could read the excitement on the queen’s face. It was a rude thought, but she was cute.

She suspected the king saw the queen no differently than her. It was a true relief he finally recognized her lovely nature.

His Majesty is quite insensible, but at least he started to look at the people around him.

Marianne was deeply touched that they were spending quality time together. She didn’t wish for anything more than them to become closer at this speed. But whatever it is, she was happy about the positive turn of events.

“Have a safe trip, Your Grace.”

“I heard everything is in order in the city.”

“But it’ll still be different from the palace, Your Grace. Be cautious, never leave His Majesty’s side.”

Eugene smiled awkwardly. It was her first time hearing sincere words from someone. Here, everyone was kind to her. It’s probably because she was the queen, but not all kindnesses were mere formal gestures.

I would’ve lived not knowing it if I didn’t experience it…

Eugene knew she wouldn’t be living life the same way she did when she went back to it. She used to think life was a lonely journey. But now, her beliefs were shaken, and her heart stirred. She was ready to hold on to hope, even if just a glimmer.

A page entered and announced.

“His Majesty, Your Grace.”

Eugene went to the living room and was surprised. The attire made the tall man unfamiliar.

Kasser wore civilian clothes and a wig, just like Eugene. But the humble clothing and dull-colored wig failed to hide his handsome face.

He is definitely going to stand out from the crowd with that face. When her eyes met his, he appeared a little cross.

“Are you done getting ready?” he asked.

“Yes, Your Majesty,” Marianne answered politely.

However, to Eugene, it sounded like he was asking if that was all she was going to wear, so she looked down at her attire and wondered if something was wrong.

“Is there a robe with a larger hood? Your face is visible,” said the king.

A bigger hood was going to block her view. Nonetheless, the king’s cold, mandating gaze told her he wasn’t going to tolerate any more refusal.



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